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Brittany Murphy's Widower Goes on "Today Show": Now I Have Even More Questions

_monjack-murphy- Brittany Murphy's mother and her widower, director Simon Monjack, were on The Today Show this morning  discussing the death of the young actress and the rumors about her demise. Monjack (who I keep wanted to call Montag and that is making me very uncomfortable) told Matt Lauer that rumors had ruined his wife's career.

That is the normal part.

I watched this clip expecting to find out which rumors ruined Murphy's career, and possibly some answers about the cause of her death.

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Instead of answers I have some observations and several brand new questions.

1) Her mother says that Brittany Murphy had been acting normal and she never did any drugs. Sharon Murphy also said that Brittany would never do drugs, she didn't even drink caffeine because she was so scared of (wait for it) dying.


How can you say that a person who wouldn't drink a cup of coffee for fear of death is acting normal?

2) No official cause of death after an entire month? Doesn't that seem like a long time?

3) If someone that thin orders and eats four plates of food at a restaurant I think it is safe to assume that, no she was not anorexic. We call that bulimic. I don't mean to besmirch the deceased, but dude, I am familiar with that particular disease and if you eat four dinners on a regular basis and you look like this:


I have no reservations saying that I suspect bulimia.

4) Did he just call him "Matty" Damon?

5) I've watched this video four times and I still can't figure out what the rumor about the Puero Rico movie was or why you would be a terrible person for taking a role away from a person who obviously can no longer work on the film especially if it was a mutual break-up.

6) What kind of creative differences could you have doing a voice over? Did the director want her to be too nasal? It is the voice of a penguin.

7) The voice over guy said she occasionally took anti-seizure medicine, but her husband said that the anti-seizure medication belonged to him. 

8) I'm taking Seraphim. My doctor prescribed it for every day. I know it is for PMDD but I was under the impression that you had to build up levels of the medication in your blood stream. It isn't like taking a Xanax or Advil where you can just take it on the days where you are having the symptoms. If Murphy was only taking it five days a months I don't think it would help very much. Of course, I've been wrong before. Maybe I could be saving a bunch of money.

9) I got that Simon Monjack and Sharon Murphy have funded $1.5 million for the Brittany Murphy foundation, but I didn't get what the hell the foundation actually does.

In conclusion, this morning I just wondered what killed Brittany Murphy now my head swimming with questions. I welcome any answers to any of these questions.

[photo: Jean Baptiste LeCroix WireImage]

[photo: Chris Pezzillo]

. . . . .

Goon Squad Sarah has a lot of information on Bulimia for a security guard.

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the video is not there, it looks like it is supposed to be there, but?
based on your questions/observations--boy did they make this whole situation worse. but i think in depth autopsies can take some number of weeks. (having watched the show dr. g medical examiner, on that show various blood work can take weeks, and if nothing by itself is conclusive, then they have to...uh, keep digging)

but still...4 dinners? oh no. rumors? i have never heard any rumors about her.

just sad.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Try it again. I think I fixed the video problem.



i think you bring up a lot of good points, Sarah. i also take Serafem for PMDD and initially my doctor advised i take it on and off every 14 days. i thought she was crazy but who was i to question a medical professional, right? all i know is that SSRIs take time to build up in your system before they are effective. it also takes a while for them to leave your system if you should discontinue use.
i now take it daily bc i felt it did not work effectively in the method that she suggested. but what do i know tho? you may not be the only one wasting money...
until those toxicology reports surface, im not buying a word of what whackjack montag (you started it) has to say.
he is just... ICK.


thanks, the video is now there.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

If I don't take mine every day I get the equivalent of a caffeine headache.


dudes, that is one weird, long interview.

uh, who mentions a foundation but doesn't say what it does?

most inconclusive interview ever.

but it seems reasonable that if she indeed had a heart murmur or some other type of heart condition plus bulemia=boom.


My sister only takes Prozac for about 1 week a month for her PMS/PMDD. I'm not sure if Seraphim works the same way, but there's one more data point in favor of that sort of usage.

I'd never heard of it either, until she got her diagnosis and prescription last fall.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Maybe it is something new.


Googling it brings up this:
"Brittany Murphy Foundation is dedicated to arts education for children, as well as supporting the USO and cancer research."

Which seems like a LOT of disparate things to take on. But the website itself only mentions art education for children.



My brother takes anti-seizure medicine and has to take it every single day, preferably at the same time every day. He had been seizure free for a few years, and ended up stuck out of town without his medicine and BOOM - seizure. Doctors attributed it to the rabid change of not having the medication in his system. All that to say, I think different SSRIs have different requirements. For him, taking the anti-seizure meds a few times a month, or for a few weeks at a time wouldn't work.

Great post. It's such a bizarre situation that keeps getting weirder.


Their sudden PR campaign that Brittany was not on drugs appears to me to be a preemptive strike against a toxicology report that they expect will point to drugs as the cause of death.


wow! they are such liars! Brittney was hooked on caffeine. diet coke, redbull, coffee, expresso, all day long. one of my good friend was her make-up artist for quite some time and she said she never ate, all she did was Caffeine caffeine, caffeine. no wonder her heart couldn't take it anymore. i used to work in a bar in hollywood which Brittney had one of her birthday parties at and at a very underage age she gor plastered WITH HER MOM! the guy.. ugh. WTF? his own heart tried to kill him and didn't succeed. he is a cockroach of the worst kind.


Her mom seems to be under the influence of something - doesn't seem to have clear thought, slurs...and her husband talks over her a lot. I dunno... Odd. Confusing. Will be interesting to see what comes out of those reports, in the end.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I thought the same thing. I was going to make fun of her, but then I thought she might be sedated for the grief.


As far as timing with toxicology - it typically takes 6-8 weeks for results, so no - a month isn't unusual.

Know what I've found odd from the start? The 911 call. What mother finds her daughter passed out, calls 911 and says, "Someone's passed out!" Not, "My daughter..." or "Brittany," but "someone." I'm not sure what I'm assuming from this oddity. It just adds to the puzzlement of it all, I suppose.


So the mom seemed totally sedated. And Brittany Murphy married that guy? She had to be on drugs...

I have a heart murmur and mitral valve prolapse. It's extremely common and people do NOT just drop dead from it.

Sketch sketch and super sketch.


I don't believe them at all. They should have stayed quiet.
It is so obvious she was on drugs and had some kind of eating disorder.
The husband gives me the willies. He just seems like a scumbag.
So what are they going to say when the toxicology report comes back that she was full of drugs? Sad.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

@Heidi I noticed that too and it seemed very odd. "Someone" is passed out? That seems vague.

@Lydia I have a heart murmur too, and although mine is harmless it has led me to do research about it and I am not even remotely worried about accidentally dropping dead.


The ONLY reason I can see her saying "someone" is passed out on the 911 was to avoid triggering a panic of papparazzi and douche bag EMTs who try to extort celebrity type peeps (like the sitch with John Travolta's son). But that's giving the benefit of the doubt.

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