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Casey Johnson. Sigh.

Casey-johnson-2008 What can I possibly say about this messed-up, tragic and trainwrecky story?

While we've not devoted any column space to the death of socialite and Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson here at Mamapop, I admit I've handed over MASSIVE amounts of brain space, reading every bit of news and update that sludges from the depths of the gossip blogosphere and various C- and D-list celebrity Twitter accounts.

Picture 4 If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I almost don't even know where to start. Casey's been getting a name for herself for all the wrong reasons lately: partying with Hollywood celebutantes, drugs, alcohol, accusations of breaking into ex-girlfriends' homes to steal underwear and leave behind used vibrators, more drugs, losing custody of her three-year-old adopted daughter, getting cut off from her billionaire family in a hope that it would force (another) trip to rehab, hooking up with Tila Fucking Tequila, of all people. They were "engaged!" And "in love!" Tila sported a (totally fake) ring and they sloppily made out on the red carpet while pills fell out of Casey's purse and Tila tweeted and tweeted and Casey's friends (or whatever she had that came close to "real" friends) backed away in horror and disgust and likely waited for her to hit bottom and the world settled in to watch our newest incantation of Downward Spiral Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse.Casey-johnson-hilton-sisters  

But then Casey Johnson was found dead in her home a few days ago, having apparently died there a few days before THAT. She was 30. THIRTY.

The working theory is that she got drunk or high or both and passed out without taking her diabetes medications. (She was Type 1, and had been hospitalized TWICE already after falling into diabetic comas.)

If you've been following along too: I KNOW, RIGHT? How messed up IS all this?

Casey-johnson-2008 All of Casey's celebrity friends rushed to post their condolences on Twitter, all scrambling to suddenly publicly stake their claim over who was closest to her, who was the most affected, and to attack each other and point fingers. Judging from Twitter, where Tila dramatically fell into a depression and Paris Hilton wept over baby photos of Casey and Nicky and herself, poor Casey was the most beloved, cherished human being to ever die alone in their home and not be discovered for days.

Okay, that isn't fair -- it seems like maybe Tila was the only person who had any reasonable access to Casey, and given Casey's behavior over the past year (or longer) it's doubtful that anyone else would immediately know that she wasn't answering her phone because something was wrong and not because she was screening her calls to avoid any talk of rehab or reality. Her family had cut her off financially, but I imagine Casey had cut them out emotionally long before that.

But man. It's sad. And it's creepily, morbidly fascinating, a story we've seen time and again: a lovely girl who had everything she could have ever wanted in life, including an addiction that was bigger than any inheritance or fortune, dying young and alone because she was too impaired to take her medication. Medication that was likely produced and manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.

Picture 2 

My condolences to her family and anyone who tried to help but couldn't.

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I saw Meredith Viera interviewing Dr. Drew this morning on the Today Show. Dr. Drew was stating that America needs to wake up and stop being fascinated and gossipy over these celebs that go on a downward spiral. Directly after the interview, Viera said, "Look for Dr. Drew's new season coming up....."

How can he be outraged and promote it at the same time?

It's just so sad that someone couldn't help her. Lindsay Lohan, Redmond O'Neal, etc. seem to be on that same downward spiral. Let's hope they aren't the next celebrity everyone mourns.

Snarky Amber

Lisa, I get what you're saying about Dr. Drew, but I think Celebrity Rehab takes off the veil of fascination the gossip hounds place on celebrity addiction and reveals the ugliness and grittiness of it. He is definitely doing a show that features celebrity drug use, but I think that show serves more as a cautionary tale rather than feeding the glamorization and promotion of drug use.

I know a lot of the participants are fame whores, but I do think Dr. Drew's intentions with the show are, for the most part, good, though I'm sure the money is also very very good.


This really affected me too. It was like watching a slow motion train wreck. So very sad.

Blue Satin Sashes

Did you read the Vanity Fair piece on her from a few years back? It's on their website. It's fascinating. I don't think Tila's ring was fake - it's identical to the one Casey bought herself for her 26th birthday, when she still had access to billions.


If Tila was "so in love" with her, how is it that days passed before Casey was found dead??

chatty cricket

Blue Satin Sashes, I was JUST going to comment on that Vanity Fair piece. The feud with her Aunt, unbelievable.

I also just read this morning (maybe on E!? I don't remember)(it was that important) that her family had recently tried to have her committed to a mental facility. It obviously didn't happen.

I'm also rather relieved to know that her daughter was being raised by Casey's mother because for the longest time I kept wondering "DAYS? It took them DAYS to discover her body? What about her CHILD!? Who was watching her daughter??" Also, doesn't she have a house staff or at least a maid who comes by? And she was dead in the house all that time? Gross.

I don't mean to sound (more) insensitive (than I already do), but when I hear about something like this- a girl with EVERY ADVANTAGE (SHE WENT TO BROWN! For a year and then dropped out, but STILL!! IVY LEAGUE EDUCATION FOR THE TAKING) turning up dead at 30 and a total mess leading up to it? I just think it's such a pointless waste of life and opportunity.

Sigh, indeed.


A few things.
1) I like how they are calling it a natural death. In my opinion, nothing about dying at the age of 30 is natural.
2) Although not yet linked to causing death, Tila Tequila has been known to be linked to nausea, blindness, burning sensations, etc.etc.etc.
3) I do not feel sad for this girl. Perhaps in the beginning of her troubles, yes. Addiction is a sad and painful disease to go through. But after so many years of torment, and putting your family and friends through hell, it becomes old and selfish. I feel sorry for her loved ones who have to endure all of this pain, thinking that it's their fault, when in reality it's not. Maybe it's being mean, but I can't help feeling that way. I've dated someone with a substance abuse problem, and after finally walking away from after five years of "will he or won't he" I still don't regret leaving.


Blue Satin Sashes - Yes, I did read that VH piece, but one of Casey's ex-girlfriends (Courtenay Semel or however her name is spelling)is claiming that the ring was actually hers and is just costume jewelry. Granted, this was on RadarOnline and not VH, so who knows.

Also, I think I should go read an actual BOOK now, or something.


The whole thing is sad and totally effed up. The detail that is most effed up to me is the number of exclamation points in Tila Tequila's tweets about the situation.


My brother died the same way--in his home, alone, only being found when he didn't show up to work the next day. I only envy the Johnsons because they'll probably figure out the cause of their daughter's death. We still don't know why my brother died at age 30. It's a sad thing when anybody dies that young.

Oh, and Layla--they call it a "natural" death when it is not a result of murder or accident. My brother's death, because it could not be proven that he was murdered or it was an accidental overdose or anything like that, was called a "natural" death. It's coroner-speak for "the body just gave up, no poisons or trauma were found."


Yeah, you forgot to mention one of the most depressing things about this. The home died in (and had been living in before shacking up with Tila) was in squalid condition. As in, very bad squalor. As in rotting food and animal feces. Comparisons to Grey Gardens have be made.

There was no maid or house staff because her parents cut her off from her trust fund. For obvious reasons, I'm sure.

This whole thing is just...JUST. GAH! Headed off to Cute Overload to attempt to wash this out of my brain...


Haven't read any details in the past few days, but I was wondering if she died not from a lack of insulin but because of a bout with hypoglycemia...that's much more urgent and common in Type I diabetics than high blood sugar and can kill you or cause seizues/coma if it's not treated ASAP. If she was high (on drugs) she might not have been able to tell that she had low blood sugar and treat it accordingly (eat sugar). Fatal combination.

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