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Dear Kate Moss: Consider Pants

Kate-moss-thumbnail  If I can see the part of your leg where your thigh becomes a butt cheek? You might want to consider whether your dress is not, in fact, a long shirt.

The thing that's so unfortunate about the fact that her ass is outside her dress, is that if the hem were just a couple inches longer, this would be a fierce outfit. I love the jacket and heels. But, call me old-fashioned, I have strict criteria for what constitutes a dress, and one of those criterion are that said dress cover the entire ass. I wonder if Ping from Project Runway had a hand in this?


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What's happening to her face? Too much botox? I wouldn't have known it was her, if you hadn't said so.


"What's happening to her face?"


To be honest, I've seen other recent pictures of her, and she doesn't look botoxed. I think we're so used to seeing starts with so much plastic surgery (Heidi) we forget what a 35-year-old (or 45 or 55) face should look like.


No. I don't think she looks OLD at all. In fact, I'd welcome a nicely aging Kate Moss. That's precisely my point: she doesn't look older. She looks like a different person.


so, a practical question about these dresses. When you sit down...are you basically sitting bare-assed or thonged-assed or pantie-assed on a chair? Cuz there is no way that dress (and so many I see stars wear) covers your netherlands when you bend at the waist.


She looks weathered.


Is Victoria Beckham's face contagious? I think Kate caught it.

I agree - no sitting or moving in this dress or else it would be a full fanny view.

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