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Flashback Friday - Bread And Jam For Frances

Bread_and_jam_for_frances  Parents, do any of you still read this one to your kids? It was and still is one of my favorite children's books

Bread and Jam for Frances was one of the first books I ever read on my own. There was a whole series of books about Frances, but this was my favorite.  While it may not be one of the more popular children's books, Bread and Jam for Frances is a fantastic resource for parents with picky eaters.

Frances is a badger, and she only wants to eat bread and jam, for breakfast lunch and dinner. She makes up silly rhymes about the foods she hates to eat, like soft-boiled eggs, and then asks for bread and jam. Her parents try to encourage her to eat different foods, but finally they decide to give her exactly what she wants. Predictably, Frances eventually gets sick of jam. The clincher is when a kid at school unveils all this awesome food in his lunch box, and when she sees the variety there, Frances realize eating the same thing all the time is kind of boring.

This book is ADORABLE, and I know at least a couple adult foodies (myself and Miss Banshee) who site Bread and Jam for Frances as the book that made them appreciate all the amazing foods the world has to offer. And now we're big fatties losing weight with the rest of the tubby MamaPop crew. Hmm—maybe it works a little too well. 

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I love Frances! We just bought Best Friends for Frances for a Christmas present!


Yes! I loved this book as a child and plan on reading it to my own some day. Some day far from today.


I love Frances; such a great series for boys AND girls. Plus, no pink princesses!


I love Frances! Chompo bars!


This was my favorite book as a child. By far the best of the Frances series. I just bought it for my niece for Christmas too. I hope she loves it as much as I did!


I remember.


Wow - haven't heard about these books in eons! Yes, I read them as a child, and even have one or two in a box in my storage closet. I saved all of my favourite books from when I was a kid, but haven't looked in that box in a long time. I'll definitely be pulling those out to read to my kids, if I end up having them some day.


I loved Frances too, when I was a girl! I borrowed all of them from the library to read to my little boy. He liked them ok, I guess. May try again in a few months to see if I get a stronger reaction.


I just took Michael to the library and saw all the Frances books. I loved those books.


@Erin: Remember when she would squeeze the Chompo bars in the middle?? Don't know why, that just always stuck with me!
I had this book on record, and the person who read it would sing the little rhymes she made up about the food. Her voice is what I hear when I read those books to my son now!


I do totally remember Bread and Jam for Frances. I've read the series to my girls when they were little and they loved it as much as I did. The publisher did a re-issue and the newer books have better color...not so washed out. I have a blog with other books that i loved as a child plus new ones at http://pragmaticmom.com

thanks for reminding me of this book!


Remember it? This is one of those books where I made the mistake of making up little tunes to go with the songs Frances sings about food as well as voices, then had to say/sing EXACTLY THE SAME WAY every time thereafter, and by the time kid one outgrew it kid two was demanding it ... and by kid three that's the only way I knew how to tell it.

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