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Friday Combo Platter: RRS Edition

Friday_combo_platter Greetings! Our thread of the week was born from a comment that Christian Louboutin (or someone claiming to be him) left saying, "What a great blog! It's a pity that i can't find your rrs address. If you can offer rrs subscription service, i can track your blog easier!" We scratched our heads over the actual comment for about 30 seconds and then something shiny and then, as these things tend to do, the whole thing went off the rails.

Jodifur: I got the exact same comment on my personal blog.  Anyone else?

Sweetney: Okay....So there's a subscription link in our sidebar *AND* one in the top navigation. This putting aside the fact that you can pretty much just click the little feed symbol in the URL on most browsers. Bottomline? I DEEM THIS PERSON TOO STUPID TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG. OFF WITH THEIR HEAD! And... Christian Louboutin? O RLY? phhhbbbtt

Karen Sugarpants: Also, rrs?  He means rss, yes?  whatamoron.

Palinode: Louboutin is a fashion designer, not a web savvy or even necessarily smart person. At this point he's more like a CEO, so there's extra clueless mixed in.

Schmutzie: If it were indeed THE Christian Louboutin, I would still swoon. Especially because I said MENTAL HOSPITAL in relation to his shoes.

Sweetney: Yes, that's right. He designs exquisite, delicate fragrances and stunning gowns. This RRS thing is just BEYOND HIM.

Out-Numbered: Seems Brinty to me.


BHJ: Please remember that, as we begin day 5 tomorrow, that if you have any fitness/nutrition related questions, Kristin and Corey are on hand to address them. They're excited and eager to help. Send this type of stuff to me. Also, Clay commented on my blog one time about wiping his penis after he pees.

Mayopie: It was very liberating.


Kurt: Yeah...Just one! That guy is weird. (*looks around*)

sweatpantsmom: I don't care if Louboutin is dumb as a rock - if it gets me a free pair of his shoes I'll give him an RSS lesson alright.

Out-Numbered: Jon, can you ask Kristin and Cory a question for me. I Love riding my bicycle but it really irritates my grundle. Is there any alternative cardiovascular activities I can engage in, that won't irritate my sandbar? Jon, please do not share this with the other Mamapop writers. Although I feel tremendous kinships beginning to percolate, this is kind of private. Thanks pal.

Palinode: I find I'm getting shpilkes in my genecktagesoink.

Sweetney: Please be sure to use the word 'grundle.' I BEG OF YOU. 

Out-Numbered: Hey friends. Any way you guys can help push my post today? My feeling is, the more it circulates, the more likely it is to happen. God please let it happen. Appreciate the help.


Mayopie: Tweeted. I also told my dentist. 

Karen Sugarpants: retweeted! also, this: http://raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala.com/ wow.  someone has a lot of time on their hands.  yet i can't turn it off.

SnarkyAmber: Great. I am in a quiet coffee shop. Or at least, I was, until I clicked that link. Now all the people quietly reading and doing homework hate my face.

SnarkyAmber: And then I had a seizure.

Karen Sugarpants: I'm sorry Amber - but hahahaha... that was stinkin' funny.

Goon Squad Sarah: That scared the living shit out of me.


Our comment of the week comes from txtingmrdarcy on I'm Not Making This Up: Jon Gosselin & Michael Lohan Are Going to Box Each Other:

GAH. *HATE* Sad Fact: Hailey and Jon are perfect for each other. Both are attention whores with no taste in... well, anything really. Ed hardy + 'do rag + yeti feet = It has fur so we can shoot it in PA, right?

Amy, the post's author, and I both hail from PA and, sadly, txtmrdarcy is SPOT ON.

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I am so thankful someone has too much time on their hands because that Gaga website is a GEM.


I wonder if people have learned to not walk past my office late Friday afternoon when I have time to read these combo posts? The sight of me laughing so hard that I'm crying and trying to cover my mouth-al/nose-al area so that the random snorts don't echo in the hallway has got to be pure awesome in a fail kind of way.

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