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Friday Combo Platter: Your One-Stop Shop for the Most Absurd Videos on the Internet Edition

Friday_combo_platter  Well, hello! And apologies for the unexpected hiatus! I had some pretty serious computer problems over the holidays. For the record: I don't recommend being snowed in and internetless. It makes life...kind of suck.

To get back into the swing of things, here's a meandering thread from our email lists that culminates in a bizarre exchange of YouTube videos. Please note that the computer that I am using does not have speakers. So I watched all of these in silence. And I think I need a Valium now.

Sweetney: I really need the internet to stop kicking me in the balls (or trying to), and to construct a refreshing oasis of MamaPop goodness. Anyone got anything? 

Miss Banshee: My darling little friend Jeffrey has begun a blog about "horror movies from the gay perspective" and it is HILARIOUS. I am trying to find a reason to interview him for the site, cause seriously, he is tremendous. Here's the link: http://faggotyasshorror.blogspot.com/ 

[insert some mutterings about BlogHer. YES, WE'RE ALREADY ON THAT SHIT.] 

Out-Numbered: Looking forward to having y'all at my home base... We will light this town on FIRE!

SnarkyAmber: It's very unlikely I'll be going this year. 

TwoBusy: No way am I going to miss this year. That's pretty much my New Year's Resolution. 

Sweetney: WOOT! Dude, I can't wait to hang out with you, for reals. 

MissBanshee: I'm saving my pennies. I'd love to attend the whole shebang, though. PLOT IS IN MOTION. SPARKLE MOTION. 

Jodifur: I'm not going to blogher this year. Boo hiss. 

Karen Sugarpants: I'm not going to BH either kids. Nursing school is spendy. 

SnarkyAmber: Are there, like, scholarships for broke-ass bitches who are having a totally shitty life and really need to get drunk with other bloggers and, between parties, maybe learn shit about blogging? Because if so, point me toward the application I need to fill out. 

Out-Numbered: You can stay at my house... 

kdiddy: Will you still be a student then? Your school might have conference funds and since you're writing/communications/rhetoric it's totally relevant. I'm sure there's a way. 

Sweetney: I'm pretty sure every year BlogHer has scholarships... Maybe look over on blogher.com? 

Karen Sugarpants: Wow. Mind officially blown.

Adam P. Knave: Who doesn't love crazyassed prog rock? 

Palinode: "You know what guys? Fuck the lyrics, I'm gonna yodel my way through this one." 

Karen Sugarpants: that dude defined tweaking. i'm certain. his eyes slay me. 

Out-Numbered: Sorry but I think it's silly. When they have three drummers, come and get me. My roots are here:

Out-Numbered: And the power...

Palinode: I want to see a sensitive folk cover of Battle Hymn. But still with three insane drummers. 

Karen Sugarpants: This will forever be my favorite YouTube video: 

Palinode: Holy mother of Satan. 

Out-Numbered: This guy plays a keg, so he wins I guess... 

Karen Sugarpants: I just blared the whole video & Daren is trying to watch sports. He wants to kill me now and threatened to throw his fork at my laptop. 

Out-Numbered: Fuck! Football is on. Bye. 

Karen Sugarpants: Go Cowboys! (well, at 4 p.m. anyway) 

Palinode: I think this guy would make a great addition to Manowar, if you picture him holding drumsticks:

Karen Sugarpants: hahaha who doesn't love the loris? 

Sweetney: Charlie would like for me to share this with you: 


Out-Numbered: This was obviously before they had Paula Abdul doing their choreography. 

Palinode: I love disco. Everybody was smiling all the time. It was a time when people said, Hey, let's go out in the woods and celebrate our Native American brethren with a camera and a huge bag of cocaine.


Our comment of the week is from diamondcait on SnarkyAmber's fantastic post about Steel Magnolias (*fist bumps Amber*):

One of the bigger regrets of my failed marriage is not having the armadillo cake. Oh, and not marrying a cheating sumbitch. But I regret the cake more.

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That Apache video- is that Doug Henning? Seriously?


NOW I get Jack Black. He was raised on that Focus video.


Sweet! I'm the comment of the week! I may go get myself a celebratory cake to have with my sunny d/moonshine/ red bull cocktail! I'm so excited!

Karen Sugarpants

I want a loris. Buy me one, MamaPop.


On a related note, ever heard the Richard Cheese cover of Slipknot? Hilarious stuff.

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