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"Big Love" Giveaway! Autographed Copies of A Juniper Creek Christmas!

AJuniperCreekChristmas Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about the Big Love Christmas album, A Juniper Creek Christmas, and how we would be giving away autographed copies of the vinyl version? 

Dudes! The time is now! We have four copies A Juniper Creek Christmas on vinyl and they are all autographed by Harry Dean Stanton, better known 'round these parts as Roman Grant! And we're going to be giving them to four lucky readers.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment here giving us your predictions for the new season of Big Love, which premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO. Or, if you're not a Big Love viewer, but really like collecting vinyl and/or things autographed by Harry Dean Stanton, just leave a comment saying that this would fill a void in your life.

We will choose the winners using random.org next Thursday, January 14th.

Just to get you pumped up, here, once again, is the trailer for the upcoming season of Big Love:

And if you're interested in giving A Juniper Creek Christmas a listen:

Free MP3s on Last.fm

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I just want to say I am officially bummed out that I can't enter this particular giveaway. SNIFF.


While I personally don't "get" this show, my husband loves it (hmmm...wonder why). So I will enter with the hopes of winning something for him. But sadly that leaves me without any predictions for this season.


Ohh!! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

Predictions: Bill will be called to be the prophet by Ghost Roman. Roman will haunt everyone and give Juniper Creek an even bigger heebie jeebie factor. Albie will be fighting for his position as prophet. Margene will turn successful career woman and demand more control/independence. Barb will wring her hands a lot. Nikki will finally become more…um…oral *wink* to win back Bill’s affection. Rhonda will be back to cause havoc wherever she can.

Stacy P

Wow...that is awesome! I am hoping that this season Margie will continue to be awesome...she is by far my favorite and I hope her business goes well.

Bobbi B.

I predict Sara becomes a polygamist too... but she gets three husbands and isn't a sister wife!


Sadly, due to the stupid ECONOMY, I no longer have HBO but would still love to win!


This show constantly surprises me, so I really have no idea what to expect in season 4. But I do know that I would love to add one of those records to my vinyl collection!


I have no freakin' clue what's going to happen this season, but I can't wait to watch!

Miss W

Hmm... Nikki's mom + Bill's dad = EPIC evil hookup OF DOOM!
Bill's dad will be declared the new prophet... else it will be Joey, Bill's brother.

Or, you know, it will be something TOTALLY different than anything I would predict would happen.


This is the most awesome giveaway ever!

I predict that Sarah will discover the joys of living independently of the whole polygamist mess, and tempt Barb into leaving the family and joining her, and that Alby will continue to get creepier and creepier until no one but Nicki and his creepy wife can stand to be around him.


I predict that Barb's cancer will come out of remission. : (

But more Big Love...yeah!


I predict that Bill will undermine the very values he professes and threaten his family's existence for a shady business deal or to get back at a) Roman, b) Ted, or c) Nikki. Oh, wait. He does something like that EVERY season.

Still... love big love.


This would fill a void in my life.


LOOOOOOVE Harry Dean Stanton! Most because he was in Alien. Also Pretty in Pink.

Suzy Q

I SO loved listening to the downloads of this while I was wrapping my Christmas gift. Really put me in the mood!

Can't wait for next season.


this would definitely fill a void in my life.


I have no predictions for the show because I love going in as a blank slate. For myself, though, I predict an increase in conversations around my house about the benefits of getting a sister wife for the husband and myself. I could really use a go-getter like Margene in the household, so I could feel content siting back and watching Big Love i my pajamas.

So yeah, this would fill a void in my life too.


I predict that Sara runs off to join a Satanic cult (or continue her movie career IRL), the Polish girl will get back in the picture and the oldest son (forgot his name) will marry - twice.

I LOVE this show!


Predictions: Niki will continue to be extremely shady and everyone will keep forgiving her. Happens every season!

plus my mom will be really covetous (is that really a word?) if I when this.


Oh, I love Harry Dean Stanton! I sorta wish he was my uncle.

Predictions...I never know what's going to happen on this show, so I hadn't put much thought into it. I'm going to guess that the casino will have some problems- I don't know if it will be Mormon/ Blackfoot relations, the FBI, or what. I just can't picture that whole thing going smoothly. And, not so much a prediction as a wish, I'd love to see Rhonda again. I've been worried about her ever since she drove off into the night with that truck driver.

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