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Golden Globes Fashion

Picture 20 What were the stars REALLY thinking out there on the soggy red carpet? After the jump, some exclusive quotes I completely made the hell up.

Emily Blunt:

Picture 20 

"Yeah. It's pink. And ruffly. My mom made me wear it. I can still cut you."


Picture 21 

"My boobs will fall out if I unclench my teeth."

Lea Michele:

Picture 22

"Am I overdressed? I think I'm overdressed. Shit. Shit! And stop calling me Idina."

Mariah Carey:

Picture 24 

"Yeah, yeah, I got your 'serious acting chops' and 'critically lauded performances' RIGHT HERE. In my bra. In case that wasn't clear."

Sofia Vergara:

Picture 23 

"Am I sitcom star or queen of entire world? I keep them guessing. Ha ha! Seriously though, I am teh gorgeous."

Zoe Saldana:

Picture 25 

"What up, nerds?"

Julia Roberts:

Picture 26 

"Can we get this thing over with? I've got tickets for Wicked. Speaking of which, MAN, Idina's a little overdressed tonight, right? Kids!"

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Poor, poor Idina. I mean Lea.
That just needs to happen already so we can all shut the hell up already. Go Gleeks!!


Lea's dress had so much potential, if only it hadn't been QUITE so poofy.


Love that you finish it off with Julia -- looking classy as always. Amazing ability you have Amy -- you know, to read minds like that!


Haha, well said.
I hate everything!
Mariah's dress looks like Morticia Addams'.

Jen O.

I think we all need to RESPECT Idina/Lea for wearing that dress. I mean, the girl had to STAND for the whole show. No? She didn't? Well, how on earth did she sit down? It defies science.

Snarky Amber

Lea really should have lent some of her skirt to Mariah's chest.

Suzy Q

I agree with Amber. I am SO OVER Mariah Carey's giant fake boobs that she flaunts at every opportunity. Ugh.

I thought the two best-dressed ladies last night were Helen Mirren and Sophia Loren. With age comes wisdom, in all things, including how to dress appropriately and yet still look way more sexy than your younger counterparts.

Fairly Odd Mother

I thought Julia Roberts was WAY underdressed for an awards show. In fact, I tweeted something like, "she looks like a paralegal" which was a direct quote from my sister who was watching the show with me.


I thought Lea's dress looked like it was made for someone much taller. Ya need some height to pull something that poofy off, I think.

And Reese Witherspoon looked awesome as always.

I totally agree with the paralegal comment.


What was with all the wavy, filmy frills and pink?!? (Not totally represented by the pics above. I noticed it in perusing other sites.) Just not loving most of the dresses this year.

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