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Grey's Anatomy Finally Returns And How I Became A Dad

Sloan FINALLY. I mean why the hell did Grey's Anatomy take five weeks off? It's a fucking hospital for crying out loud. Hospitals can't just close down for five weeks. Sick people and freak accidents don't break for the holidays. Do other shows do this? Just stop for five weeks? They're worse than fricken teachers.

So the show's return, AFTER 5 WEEKS, was aptly titled Blink. Meredith kicks things off with the whiny blah blah about the nature of change: "We assume the really serious changes in our lives happen slowly. Over time. But it's not true. The big stuff happens in an instant. Becoming an adult. Becoming a parent. Becoming a doctor. One minute you're not. And then the next, you are."

Or in the case of this television program, ONE MINUTE IT'S ON. AND THEN THE NEXT, IT'S GONE FOR FIVE (5) WEEKS.

I'm trying to get beyond this but I feel taken for granted. You know what would've been nice? Maybe a little notice at the end of the show ON DECEMBER 10 that said "Back in 5 weeks" or "See you in 5 weeks" or "We're fat cats and we get 5 weeks off, sucka" or something. Anything. But no. It's like Grey's Anatomy thinks I'm waiting around on the edge of my seat every Thursday night with nothing better to do. Shit, Grey's Anatomy. I'm pretty much the last person in the world who still likes you and this is how you're gonna play me? 

Okay. I think I'm done now. I can't stay mad at you, Grey's Anatomy.

Onward. Meredith keeps babbling "Sometimes you don't even know anything's changed. You think you're still you and your life is still your life. But you wake up one day and you look around and you don't recognize anything. Not anything at all."

So then, in typical Grey's fashion, Meredith's babbling is then illuminated from various perspectives by every single that happens on the show, which makes Meredith an oracle, kind of. When that professional football realized he was a father, he suddenly couldn't play football. Yang did her first major heart surgery, almost botched it, and then saved the day, becoming at that moment... a surgeon. Bailey's divorce has left her life unrecognizable. Sloan, almost like waking up, discovers he's a father and starts acting like one. The Chief shows Meredith an old video of her Mom when "she walked in that OR a resident and left a legend." And the poor Chief. HE WAS THE CHIEF! The boss. Well liked. Respected. He took one drink and now he's an idiot.

And we also see these moments occur on the show. I mean damn. By the end, the show is almost unrecognizable. Sloan decides to invite his daughter and her baby to live with him. WHAM! Lexi leaves him. You know? Meredith's right. That's how life works. You're just going along, thinking it's this, and PRESTO CHANGE-O! Everything's all fucked up. Alex is still trying to recognize his life as a life without Izzy and SLAM! He's drunk and nailing Lexi. And then KERSLAM! Teddy quits Seattle Grace and tries to walk out the door but then BAM! Yang tries to stop her and UNCLE SAM! Teddy screams "I WANT OWEN!" and WHAT THE FUCK! Yang yells "You can have him!"

Why don't they just explode Seattle Grace in a terrorist attack and start over? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


TV-To-Self-Connection. Jenna was pregnant when I met her so, eventually, after she was no longer pregnant, I just acted like I was living with my girlfriend and her kid. You know? Wasn't my kid. I helped take care of him, changed his diapers, fed him, taught him how to be a dude but STILL. Not my kid. So one day he starts popping off at the mouth with all this "Dada. Dada." business, which, I learned later, is basically the first nonsense that all babies, everywhere, start babbling. They don't mean anything. It's just the beginning of their long journeys of making a bunch of racket.

But it meant something to me. I was struck by lightning. I was blessed. I was fucked. I was a Dad. There ARE moments like that. When a blink separates worlds.

(Or maybe all blinks are like that.)

How about you, Reader. Any good stories about waking up new?

. . . . .
BHJ was pretty naive to think he could raise a kid without being his parent.

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Thank you for making my morning. I had to snicker under my breath, as I am supposed to be working. But thank you. I needed that.

One drink, and he's an idiot.

I had an inkling during the last ep, when we went from Thanksgiving to NEW YEAR'S EVE in an hour, that we would perhaps have to wait a bit for a new ep. Sad. This show has gone so far downhill...I keep waiting for the upswing.


I have long ago given up on GA, but I can't promise you that without a doubt, that little tidbit at the end, better than the whole freakin' episode.


Your "teacher" is showing with the *TV-to-Self-Connection* comment. Damn teachers. All they do is piss and moan about their lack of pay and not getting MLKJr day off. (at least that's what we do here in West Michigan!)

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