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Heidi Montag's Mommy Make-Over

Heidi_montag Spencer Pratt might want to think twice before curling up by the fire with his newly-buxom wife, Heidi Montag. Girlfriend is so full of plastic, she might just melt.

The 23-year old famewhore star of The Hills unveiled her new face chin lips boobs body in People magazine earlier this month, and has since insisted, for the record, that she’s not addicted to plastic surgery, but “beyond obsessed” instead. Initially, Heidi’s mother, Darlene, was said to have been completely horrified (to the point of breaking down) by her daughter’s escapades, but during a recent interview with Nightline, Heidi talked about what she’s getting her mother for that special day in May – and it ain’t flowers.

“Actually, she was excited for me and she’s asking me … for her surgery next,” Heidi said. “So for Mother’s Day, I have to ask Dr. Frank Ryan if he’ll do the mommy makeover.”

(Psssst...Mommy? If the end result of your makeover has you looking anything like your daughter (who, as much as it pains me to say this, used to be a very attractive, natural looking young lady), you might want to ask for a refund. Just sayin’.) 


Darlene has not fallen to pieces over the fact that she probably can’t recognize her own daughter anymore, says Heidi. On the contrary – Darlene wants her daughter to do whatever makes her happy. Also? She thinks Heidi's boobs would look incredible if they were bigger.

*coughchokecough SAY WHAAA? coughchokecough*

Methinks Heidi’s mother is a bit, um, delusional. And what’s that old saying about the apple not falling far from the tree? I think it applies here, don’t you?


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katie (aka motherbumper) sometimes appears on her own blog but not as often as she should.

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As much as I'd love to be snarky and judgemental, this story just makes me sad. Like you said, Heidi was an attractive young lady before all of the procedures.

Even Hugh Hefner thinks she's taken it too far. UM?! That's saying something.


uh, wait --her MOTHER thinks her boobs should be bigger? she really said that? oh lord, help us all.

cindy w

I'm just wondering. Isn't she like 23 years old? Exactly how much work will she have had done by the time she's 40? Is she going to end up looking like that scary cat lady?


I'm sorry, but all this magical My Mother Supports And Even Envies Me a Bit business begs the question: Did mom actually say these things, as in, she's being quoted? Or is this what Heidi SAYS her mom said?


She looks so much OLDER now. Not to mention...I have a male friend that looks kind-of like this when he's performing. Oy.


@DianaCLT She does look older! Not good, not good at all. It's sad because she is so young and was pretty. 

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@Emily Well this is all according to Heidi so we will just have to take it at plastic face value. 

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@Cindy If she doesn't turn into a plastic cat woman, she should consider herself very lucky. I cannot imagine doing this at 23!

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@mouthy_broad I know! My mother was speechless over that quip. Then she asked me who Heidi Montag was and did I go th school with her. *shakes head*

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@txtingmrdarcy (btw love your handle) I know, when the Hef tells you you've gone too far, one really needs to do some self reflection. Sad indeed. 

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Amy H

I seriously doubt Heidi's mom is supportive of this. I think Heidi is making some shit up. Or else there was some kind of malfunction in her Stepford Wife Robot Make-Over. Because from everything we have seen of her mom on the show (God help me I used to watch it. I have repented and do not anymore), she is DEFINITELY unhappy about a lot of the choice Heidi has made in her life. Starting with Spencer.


@Amy H "I have repented..." I'm am totally boring that next time I'm describing why I no longer watch any of these shows. And her mother appears to be right about Spencer, I wonder if she will make a statement to correct this? I'll keep an eye out for that update. 

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Yeah, I doubt that Heidi's mom changed her tune so quickly. And Heidi was totally pretty before she hacked into her face. Sads.


@Zakary Agreed. It is sad that she cut up her natural beauty. I'm keeping an eye out for more on what her mom says because I agree; it sounds like wishful thinking on Heidi's part. 

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Methinks Heidi is putting words in her mom's mouth. I haven't seen any direct quotes from her mom come out yet about this change of tune.


Dear Heidi,

Please stop frankenstein-ing your face. Mmmkaythanks!

Snarky Amber

I was looking at the run-down of everything she had done, and apparently among them was Botox. While that's probably the least invasive of the procedures (hello, CHIN REDUCTION? That requires gringing down your fucking JAW, people), I ask you, what 23-year-old woman needs Botox? I'm almost 30 and I don't have enough lines on my face to justify Botox.

Snarky Amber

er, gringing=grinding.


Does she look like a transvestite to anyone else? Not hating on trannys but is that really the goal of plastic surgery for a woman - to end up looking more like a man dressed as a lady? Just sayin.


Maybe it's just me (frequently it is), but I think she looks like Janelle from Big Brother a few years ago. Not bad, just not like herself.


I would be incredibly sad if my daughters did something like this at 23 and would seriously call into question my own mothering skills. I want my girls to feel strong and beautiful from the inside out not the need to look beautiful on the outside in order to wield power.

Sarah Lena

I'm almost too embarrassed to admit this, but I watch enough of "The Hills" to know that Heidi's mom would totally NOT say these things, much less get in line to have her assets managed.

I think Heidi's lipo extended a bit too far into her cranium.

Accidental Housewife

Seriously, I thought this was Nicolette Sheridan the first time I saw this picture. Congrats, Heidi. You now look like a second-rate copy of a 46 year old. I'm sure that was the goal, right?


I think Heidi's PR people (and the fact that she has any amazes me) changed her mother's tune.

At the rate she's going I don't think she's worried about how she'll look when she's old.

Karina in TO

Congrats Heidi, you've turned yourself from a long faced 23 year old to a swollen faced 45 year old Orange County Housewife! Niiiice!

I'm guessing women who have an abundance of fillers, plastic surgery and modifications just don't realize it makes them look OLDER? And not in a gracefull, good way.....in a desperate plastic way.

She's an idiot, and the more times she goes under the knife the higher her rate of complications and possibly dying under anesthetic become. Good luck with that.


Personally, I am getting sick of her bringing God and Jesus into all of this. Granted I am not a very religious person, but it aggravates me when people like her use God as a scapegoat for her actions. Saying that God accepts her changes and all that jazz. If she is so religious, why didn't she donate all of that money she used to pay for those surgeries to put towards her Church, or to Haiti. Wouldn't God approve more of her helping out her fellow man?
And I'm sorry, but there is nop way her mother approves of all of that surgery. Not only because of the money it cost to make her look atrocious, but just the idea that her own daughter did that to her body AND didn't even bother to tell her family and friends until she was healed? ( or plastered all over magazines...)
I read that she wants to upgrade her ladies to an F cup now, and her doctor says no. She has lost it. Someone needs to get her help.


She looks like a blonde Cher.

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