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Hot or Not? Meryl Streep in Balenciaga at the SAG Awards.

Meryl-streep-sag-awards  My mind's made up on this one, but I have to ask you, what do you think of Meryl's SAG Awards dress?

I was surprised to read that Tom and Lorenzo at Project Rungay—with whom I normally FIERCELY agree—thought this was a great look. I thought it looked like it was made from a bedspread from the 80s, and the styling with the belt and sunglasses was fugtastic:

Who's right, me or Tom and Lo? Discuss.

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An abomination. She looks ready to lunch with the ladies on Dynasty. Shoulder pads? Really?


I loved it actually. It looks classic and crazy at the same time. She's the one to be able to pull it off. On someone younger, less confident it would look like Grandma's bedspread

Fawn Amber

I like it...but then again, I usually disagree with the MamaPop faithful about fashion. :)


Totally agree about the sunglasses, but not about the belt. Without the belt it would have been horrible. the belt breaks it up and sort of makes it work.


Like. If it were short? No. But it elongates her, thins her with the deep V neck. And I should know, as I am wearing a touristy "ALASKA" tshirt and sweatpants right now. I am fashion.


Sandra Bullock was worse. Of all things to come back in style, did it have to be shoulder pads, seriously?


The dress works on her. I agree that the sunglasses should go. The print is not horrid, and if the sleeves were removed it would be an appropriate dress for someone younger.


The cut of the dress is flattering- but I agree on the fabric. Hideous. So hideous, actually, that I barely noticed the belt & sunglasses.


Viva la Reyna, bitches. You know she's fabulous.


I actually love it. I could do without the shoulder pads, but whatever. Mostly it's fabulous.


As someone of the same age, figure and coloring of dear Meryl, I say goodness gracious woman, what were you thinking???????

Fairly Odd Mother

I love it but I swear that woman can do no wrong by me.


Hot? I think that's somewhat relative. But she's very middle aged and looks it. So what? It's refreshing to find women in that business who aren't desperately trying to attain the make-believe beauty standards created by CGI and photoshop.

The style of the dress works. The pattern is "meh". The accessories are what older women seem to do, a DNA thing I hope I didn't get.


Not. & Meryl, you disappointed me.

Momma Sunshine

LOVE the glasses, hate the dress.


I love Meryl so much I can't say a bad thing about her. She's just perfection. The fact that she could care less about fashion or walking down a red carpet makes me love her that much more.


Hot. On 99.9% of the population it would be hideous. But she is looking fierce.




I'm on the fence. I like the outfit, just not sure it is red carpet worthy. But it is certainly riskier than her usual "go-to" black. Congrats on taking a risk Meryl!

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