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I'm Not Making This Up: Jon Gosselin & Michael Lohan Are Going To Box Each Other

Jon-gosselin-michael-lohan Are you goddamn kidding me?

Michael Lohan apparently challenged Jon Gosselin to a boxing match on some morning news show last week. A $120,000 fight, and a contract is being drawn up right now and lo, the epic Battle of the Douchebags is going to happen in May, in Philadelphia, and two of the most hated men in America will duke it out for the ultimate title: Worst Father Worst Person Worst Everything Wrong With America Why They Hate Us I Want Everyone Involved In This Story To Die A Terrible Death, Including Myself For Even Acknowledging It. 

Local celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman will reportedly be involved in the event. Feldman had used Gosselin’s former girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, as a referee at a boxing match.

Glassman also testified against Gosselin in the TLC case.

Currently, TLC won an injunction against Gosselin that bars him from making paid appearances, without its permission, while he is under contract to TLC.

In that December court hearing, TLC disclosed its contract with Gosselin ends in May.

The good news is that someone might get hurt. Anyway. Now you know. Feel free to leave Philly now, if you're there. 

Here's Hailey refereeing that other boxing match, by the way, just to fully ruin your day.



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I think they are right, the world is coming to an end. How else can you explain this?


Shaking my head. There is nothing to say.


That is the worst picture of a woman in her Axl Rose Halloween costume that I have ever seen. Or maybe just the worst. Hmm.

I can't talk about the rest of it because my neurons are still reconfiguring after reading it all so it's kind of like wafawefgafwetfg9023r237%)($#(SFAMOLA in my brain right now.


Lisa V

So, all those people who thought Kate was a mean, controlling bitch? Um, he obviously needs/needed someone to do it.


I enjoy it when douchebags get together and punch each other. As you said, there is good news. It's definitely sad and a perfect reflection on how screwed up we are as a society, but in the end, two people I'd really like to see get punched will get punched. It's hard to not look forward to that.

Fawn Amber

If they sell one ticket to this fiasco, I will be completely shocked. I'd sooner buy a ticket to watch paint dry.


Her outfit needs a post all its own.


Difficulty choosing who to root for on this one. Think I choose stitches.



Sad Fact: Hailey and Jon are perfect for each other. Both are attention whores with no taste in... well, anything really.

Ed hardy + 'do rag + yeti feet = It has fur so we can shoot it in PA, right?


Here I am, innocently scrolling down through the story, sipping my drink...when I get down to those BOOTS!

Poor keyboard.


@Jellybean - GOOOOOO STITCHES!!!! heh



Karen Sugarpants

I totally read this as Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan are going to BOTOX each other, which would be even funnier.

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