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Jane Lynch: Obama is "a huge disappointment to me"

Jane-Lynch-001 Sorry, Mr. President. It's time to get on board the Sue Sylvester Express. Destination: AWESOME.

Jane Lynch is openly out and outspoken in this interview with the Guardian, where she talks about That Whole Little Equal Rights Problem we have here in this country:

"Shouldn't there be safeguards against the majority voting on the rights of a minority?" Lynch wonders. "If people voted on civil rights in the 60s, it would have never happened. It took somebody like [President] Lyndon Johnson going, 'F all of you! I'm going to do this.'" She pauses for a moment, then says, "Obama won't do it. He's a huge disappointment to me."

Lynch didn't realize she was gay until later in life (she's now in a committed relationship and planning a family):

"I didn't know what 'gay' was in high school," she says. "We used the word 'queer' when someone was weird – when I finally heard what it really meant, my heart sank, and I thought, 'Oh God, that's me.' "

She claims to "barely think" about what it means to be an openly gay actor, but also understands that it's different for someone like her, playing the roles she plays:

"I think if I were an ingénue – if I were Kate Winslet– it probably would hurt my career, but because I'm Jane Lynch and I'm a character actor, the world isn't projecting their romantic fantasies on me."

She's been nominated for a Golden Globe and deserves to win it, as Sue Sylvester is like, OMFG, the greatest single television character of the decade.

"When you get singled out, you're supposed to say, 'Oh it's all about the ensemble,' but you know?" she deadpans, about to unleash her inner Sue Sylvester, "It's all about ME, dammit! I won this fucking thing!"

Plus her acceptance speech would be awesome. She'd probably thank her track suits and do an impromptu Sue's Corner.


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i didn't know it was possible to love her MORE.


I'm just hoping that with a little more time he'll come through. Hoping...

Fairly Odd Mother

LOVE her. And, yes, disappointed too.


I really hope he does. We have a theory that he'll do a lot of the more "controversial" stuff in his second term (if there is one) like marriage equality and medical marijuana.
i guess we can only wait and see.


Agreed. Sue Sylvester is The Shit, but maybe Jane Lynch is even more The Shit.


Every time I read/ see something about this woman I love her more.
You go, Jane Lynch. It IS all about you.


Love her... and I agree with her completely.


am i the only one projecting my romantic fantasies on her? cause i am. right now.

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