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Kathy Griffin Is F**king Banned From CNN?

Kathygriffinpants  Oh come ON, CNN. Like your virgin ears were soiled. 

So in shocking news such as the sky is blue and the grass is green, Kathy Griffin dropped the F-bomb on CNN's New Year's Eve show. And I have one thing to say to the execs who have allegedly banned Griffin from appearing on CNN again.

Haaaaaaaaaave you met Kathy? 

This is KATHY GRIFFIN we're talking about. She swore LAST year. She's CONSTANTLY trying to egg everyone's Silver Fox Anderson Cooper out of the closet and he loves every. Second. Of. It. Her career is built on saying everything no one wants anyone to say. And you put her on live television (AGAIN) and pitch a hissy about how she swore (AGAIN) and ban her? I don't buy it for a second. 


According to reports, CNN has had enough of Kathy's shenanigans, and, much like she has been banned from The Tonight Show, Regis and Kelly, and The View, Kathy is now banned from CNN. Allegedly Coop said she went too far this time as well. Really, Anderson? Really? You LOVE Kathy. I would expect this kind of thing from execs who want to cover their own asses, but you? You're better than that, Andy. Stand up for your friend. It's not like anyone was watching, anyway.

And that's another thing. Who watches CNN on New Year's Eve? If you're home and not drinking your face off at a party, you're in your jimjams watching the unholy union of Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest, or, if you're me, you're watching MTV in solidarity with my brother, who was working the show. I'm pretty sure my parents and I were the only ones watching that show, too. No one is watching CNN, guys. 

What CNN NEEDS to do is put out a press release that says "Kathy Griffin is out of control! You never know WHAT she's going to say! You're darn TOOTIN' we're having her back next year! Tune in!"

But no, they're doing damage control. Totally lame, guys. We love Kathy Griffin because she LIVES for this stuff. And trust me, we'll hear all the REAL details when Kathy has her next Bravo special. I bet she can't WAIT to talk about this shit.  


. . . . .
Miss Banshee has, shockingly enough, been described as a potty mouth.

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CNN has a new years eve show? really?

who the hell is watching that? i was in a pool hall with approximately 11 million tvs and not one of them was airing CNN.

i do love that she is always trying to get anderson out of the closet.


My partner and I tuned in for a few minutes of this, just because we saw the combo of Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on our cable menu. She was summarizing the letter she got from her lawyer, but couldn't read from it directly because it contained language that was not allowed. There's no way they didn't expect this!


I F**king love Kathy Griffin. She reminds me of that girl in HS who acted like everyone's best friend, but then would turn around and do nothing but talk sh!t about them. It would be mean, but hilarious. And then you'd find out she was talking bad about you, and you'd cry. But seriously, who doesn't expect that.


Shame CNN! I expected better from you! You are lucky enough to get cutting edge comedian Kathy Griffin to do your show and you BAN her for supposed outrageous behavior? Did you have no flippin clue as to who you were hiring? She is the only reason I would even considering flipping over to CNN on New Years Eve! Booooo CNN, Booooo!


Didn't they "ban" her after last year's show too? I thought they did.

I like watching them on NYE because she just loves to get all up in Andy's business.


The only reason I tuned in to CNN on new years was because of Kathy, and even though their sound system sounds like it needs a tune up it's so much fun watching her interact with everyone.
CNN's banning her is a total eyeroll.


I watched CNN on NYE. We were home with two babies and I honestly Could. Not. Wait. until the show came on. The lead in show was full of clips from previous years and I was already laughing hysterically by the time the main show started. I especially appreciate that she worked in a drinking game for those of us at home! She's a riot, and her with Andy is off the rails. Everyone knew what was going to happen - Kathy even had her checkbook in her pocket since she was going to have to pay the money back.

They are crazy - she totally drew me in. And my loss too since we'll likely be home with the kids next year and I do NOT want to see Dick Clark!

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