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MamaPop Roundtable Video: Plastic Surgery Victims Edition

Axl_Rose Does anyone remember the sick, vertiginous shock of first seeing Axl Rose after his chemical peel and the lift that gave him the look of someone permanently caught in the blast of a jet engine? How about the spike of pity on seeing Lindsay Lohan's boobs simply hovering in front of her chest?  At MamaPop, we remember. We weep.  We cover our faces in tape for your entertainment.

Who's your favourite plastic surgery victim? Tell us in the comments! And as always, don't be afraid to submit a video roundtable question to me at palinode@mamapop.com.

Warning: Language is NSFW, unless you work in a munitions factory that makes F-bombs.  Then you might set off the emergency protocol or something.

MamaPop Video Roundtable: Plastic Surgery Victims Edition from palinode on Vimeo.

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Kenny Rogers. Definitely Kenny Rogers. I used to think he was a handsome older man but now he's got those squinty eyes and I don't think he can close his mouth. He gambled on his plastic surgery and lost. He should have known when to fold 'em....


Priscilla Presley who looks like a ceramic figurine now after injections of low grade silicone into her face b/c she trusted a complete idiot to do it instead of checking out his credentials. She is permanently damaged from it.


This was awesome!!


I mourn for the old, superHAWT Rupert Everett. I was dazzled by the crinkles around his pretty pretty eyes. And then he went and had the beauteous eyes burned up by laser cats or something. *sobs*


Burt Reynolds frigging scares me!! He was hot back in my moms day but he is just sad and TIIGGHHTT faced now along with his ex wife Loni Anderson...Dont know why I am thinking about 70s stars..

A Vapid Blonde

I really have not be here on MamaPop for 7 hours...I just wanted to make sure I watched this when I had the time. I swear...and the worst PS don't hate me...Winona Ryder for having her teeth fixed. I know I know I know so not 2010, more like the ninties...but I still have not gotten over her new teeth.


Jerry Jones. He used to look his age and now he looks like someone you might cast as the creepster devil.


Heidi, the girl from the Hills - in her early 20s & already looks like a trainwreck.

Jennifer Gray - ruined an 80s fave.

Anyone else miss when they had "real" girls on tv/movies? I mean, yeah, they were 10x prettier than your average girl but they still looked human. Now they all have the same nose.


Jennifer Grey, who was cute as hell with, say, her own real face once? When I look at her post-nose job I feel like I'm staring at a drowning pool. I don't know where to focus. Her doctor gave her perhaps the blandest nose possible in the history of noses. It took away everything distinctive about her appearance and made her look like...a person who doesn't have her real nose on.

I appear to have taken this personally.


Jennifer Grey was definitely much more bangable with her old nose.


Can I just say that Kenny Rogers impression was fucking amazing? It was like Neil Diamond sings Kenny Rogers!


Joan Rivers once said something along the lines of "I know I've had too much surgery because when I cross my legs, my jaw drops open!"...


Fox News Entertainment is on the same track as you guys, this week: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/index.html.

In their Special Feature of Plastic Surgery Stars:
Guys with Work Done
Celebrity Implants: Better Before or After?
Plastic Surgery Disasters

(Please note: I do NOT watch Fox News...I was there for entertainment-related stuff, as suggested by a friend. Honest!)

Karina in TO

The comment about Heidi Fleis' meth mouth almost made me spit my tea all over my lap top "because that's what you want in the sex industry!!" Well played!

Snarky Amber

@Out Numbered Dude, seriously, I love a chick with a jewy nose. Lea Michele from Glee is a prime example.

Apryl's Antics

What about Meg Ryan? Now that Heath Ledger's gone, she can play the Joker in the next Batman movie.

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