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Mel Gibson: Back From The Edge Of Darkness?

Edge_of_darknessDiggety.  When I heard the news about the upcoming release of Mel Gibson's new flick Edge Of Darkness, I was overwhelmed with moist anticipation.  Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart... the list of awesome goes on and on.  And those that remember the last healthy dose of righteous justice he delivered in his critically acclaimed and groundbreaking TV drama I Blame The Jews are surely as ecstatic as I am that Mel is poised to reclaim his role as Hollywood's top dog... 


So... do we say things we don't mean when we're drunk?  Or do we say things we don't mean to say?  Hmmmm.  Many believe that alcohol intensifies our emotions.  For example, if you're depressed or angry when you get drunk, you might pick a fight or tell your boss he's a giant jerk-hole and his ideas are stupid  and it's been two years since you got a raise and you hate his stupid face.  Then you might be dragged escorted out of the building by some security guard named "Nelson" as you desperately grab at staplers and complimentary UPS calendars while screaming, "I'll be back! You'll rue the day!" 

Alternatively, if you're happy and get drunk, you'll still annoy the hell out of everyone, but it will be because you love them so much and can't stop telling them about it. 

Mel Gibson blamed his drunken rant on alcohol addiction, and I'm not sure I completely buy it, because alcohol has never once made me hate the Jewish (or any group of people) or claim to own the town in which I live.  If that's a side-effect of drinking, alcohol warning labels should read, This beverage can cause you to hurl Nazi propaganda and claim ownership of small cities.  Please drink responsibly.

I'm writing a letter.

Mel%20Gibson Mel lost control, as many of us do.  It's what we do once control is lost that determines the severity of the consequences.  As evidenced by Edge Of Darkness, all is forgiven.  Or is it?

Losing control is nothing more than being unable to suppress your natural urge to act.  And if your urges are, let's say, hating Jewish people, a heapin' helpin' of alcohol might bring that light to the surface.

Mel did give a lengthy and well-worded apology, which I've linked to hereOf course he did, though he didn't blame a skewed perspective.  He blamed a disease.  Not Jewhateritis, but alcoholism. 

The question is, are we ever going to hold our cultural icons accountable for their actions or continue to allow them to deflect the blame to an addiction?  What if you substituted "Jews" for the word "blacks" in Mel's rant?  "Jews" is not a nice way to refer to Jewish people, either.  Or worse, substitute what Michael Richards said (RIP Kramer).  Would Mel Gibson be working at all?  Or would he also be on the Island of Misfit People Haters?  Where do we draw the line? 

Obviously, it's not for me to decide, but what I'm still learning for myself is this:  When I'm watching a Mel Gibson movie, will I only be able to think about why he hates my family (on my father's side) for inventing his car and starting the French/Indian war?  After all, my people made him King of Malibu.  You'd think he'd show us a little more appreciation.

Edge of Darkness opens January 29th, 2010. The trailer can be seen here.

. . . . .
Clay thinks he's clever but the rest of us know better. You should probably just ignore him.

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Apryl's Antics

In that letter, make sure you include: "Contributes to the illusion that you are excellent at dancing." That should cover it. Also, once you make a movie about Jesus, you can do whatever you want. It's in the Bible.


Honestly, NO. I will never be able to pay money to see anything Mel Gibson is on. I can't allow him to use, well, anything as an excuse. It's very clear the dude is an anti-semite and a giant douche. And that just makes me very sad.


@AprylsAntics I'll do that for sure.

@Ali I'm with you. But you could probably tell.

katie | motherbumper

Oh Mel, Mel, Mel. I used to love you, I too used to feel 'overwhelmed with moist anticipation' for your work. Apocalypto? Amazing. But dude, I just can't look past this stuff regardless of the work. Le Sigh.


More deplorable behavior from Hollywood that gets swept under the rug because of celebrity. Kinda like Polanski - MG blames booze, Roman blamed the girl and time since it happened. Then there's OJ... Sure I could think of more but it's depressing.


I just find myself sad when I see him - I used to love his movies. But now I am completely disinterested in anything he is involved in. I won't see any more of his movies.


As if. I will never watch anything by Mel Gibson again, and neither will my husband. We're done. I can't even look at the dude, frankly.

samantha jo campen

Nopety nope nope nope. No more Mel. Between the Jew hating and the affair he had, he's not welcome in our home. And I sure wouldn't PAY money to see him.


Well said brother. Well said.


If only celebrities were mute outside the soundstage. We were better off not knowing what a douche he was.

I wonder if I'll end up being like my mom. She refuses to pay for anything with Jane Fonda. Everytime the woman has a movie, mom proclaims that she won't see it (even though we know, already) and then she watches it in secret when it comes on cable, which, you know, she's already paying for.

But, no. I won't be putting money toward his particular fame machine anymore.


Ali I'm with you.


So I went to see Book Of Eli and saw a preview for this and the peeps I was with and I was like, "when is the last time you saw Mel Gibson in a movie?" and "dude he's looking SUPER old."


I used to love his movies but now all that I see is the man behind the curtain, and he's an ugly doucheag. I'll pass on this movie and any others that follow.

Come on, Hollywood. There should be plenty of out-of-work actors to choose from since Reality TV took over the airwaves.


@iambellaluna - Ha! That's just what I thought. He's looking old, and not in an old-but-still-hawt kind of way.

I don't *deliberately* avoid Mel Gibson stuff these days. I don't have to. I went off him completely when Patriot came out (I have soldier issues, what can I say). His movies and actions since then have just cemented the disinterest. But I do miss the old days a little, though, back when we didn't know what an asshole he was and could just enjoy his movies.

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