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MTV "Teen Mom" Assaulted By Her Own Mom

6a00d8341c5d9653ef0120a7051046970b-100wi Farrah Abraham, one of the cast members of the MTV reality show "Teen Mom," was assaulted by her mother, Debra Danielson.  Debra allegedly hit and choked her daughter over, get this, issues related to the baby's childcare.  Good plan, because Debra is now in jail.  I'm sure she has a huge say in the issue now.

Ironically, Debra allegedly threw an MTV shirt at Farrah, which landed in close proximity to Farrah's 10 month old daughter, Sophia, and the baby began to cry.  Farrah started yelling at her mother about the shirt and that is when the hitting and choking occurred.  Farrah alleges her mother struck her on the right side of her head and mouth. 


The police report indicated officers observed multiple cuts to the right side of Farrah's lips.  Debra was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse-serious assault.  

I've never seen this show but for those of you that watch it, does this surprise you?  Was Farrah's mom ever on the show?  Is the show still on?  Taping?  Will they cover this?

You can even follow Farah on twitter if you are so inclined.

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oy. these two have had a tumultuous relationship to say the least. Debra is very strict with Farrah, though I've been trying to consider the fact that life before reality TV might have been different (ie, perhaps Farrah *was* very out of control, necessitating a huge shift in how Debra parents her). When Farrah was featured on 16 & Pregnant, there was an incident when Debra sort of backhanded Farrah on the arm during an argument. It was upsetting, but this sounds like something else entirely. I sincerely hope they resolve things soon and get into counseling.


I've never watched Teen Mom, but I remember her from 16 and Pregnant. Farrah def seems like a spoiled brat, obviously no excuse for her mother to abuse her, but she didn't seem to take her motherly duties very seriously. She was the one who had full make-up and hair done to a T when she gave birth. Her and her mom seemed to fight alot on that show too, but it was mostly due to the fact that her mom was trying to set her straight with reality.
Maybe she just lost her patience with her? Either way, doing that in front of your grandchild is uncalled for.


sadly, the only episode I watched had Farrah in it. Farrah wanted to go out and party and her parents said No. I think she went out anyway. No excuse to hit your daughter, but it did seem as though Farrah was not taking any responsibility for her baby. So sad. Maybe this will teach her to take care of her child, if her mom is in jail. We can only hope.


Farrah's a brat, but I'd be messed up, too, if I had her mom. Her mom is crazy and I'm pretty sure her mom hit her in the car on an earlier episode.


I've only seen a couple episodes of this show, but if I was Farrah's mother I would have kicked her ass (or at least kicked her skank ass out of my house) long ago.

JessieGinAZ (aka j2tyco)

I happened to catch a couple episodes last night while doing laundry..and by catch I mean it was on in the background late at night when everyone else was asleep. Farrah has def come off as spoiled and selfish on the parts I have seen, but her mom also came off as ditzy and attempting to be controlling but totally inept at asserting any type of authority what so ever...so yeah I am actually surprised.

Amy H

Her mom is nuts. When Farrah started dating a guy (Sophia was around 10 months old at the time), her mom made him come meet her and then talked to him about their family "values" and that they believed in abstinence. Clearly. As baby Sophia is proof of that.


Oh that’s horrible. I figured this would have been about Catelynn and her mom. I’ve seen all of these shows thanks to Kdiddy sucking me in with her interviews. Farrah and her mom are a mess, both of them. I hope they get into some counseling; especially considering Farrah is completely reliant on her parents for everything, I can’t imagine how she could support herself.


The show is in the middle of it's season rightnow. I'm not sure if they are still taping or just finished. Farrah actually lives in my hometown and it is weird to see her at all of our restaurants and grocery stores on the show. A friend of mine who knows Farrah personally said that she is nothing in real life like she is on the show, and that her relationship with her parents (on the show) is scripted and totally for ratings. Buuut I'm questioning that now that her mom is actually in JAIL!! That can't be just for ratings, can it?

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

I'm shamelessly addicted to this show, and I totally saw this coming. Her mom sort of seemed like a lose canon. I'm so grateful for my mother.

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

*loose cannon. I can't believe I typed 'lose' instead of 'loose'. shit.


I watch the show and it's not at all surprising. Her mother has several screws loose. I wouldn't be surprised if she's been abusive to Farrah for years.

Baby Sophia is a cutie!


Since the show has been airing for several weeks now, I'd assume that filming is over.

It's really upsetting that Farrah's mom struck her, especially since the baby was around. As other commenters mentioned, I remember an incident on 16 & Pregnant where Farrah's mom struck her. I think it was in the car and filmed by a camera mounted in the dash. (This made me wonder if Farah's mom was unaware they were on camera at the time.)

I know Farrah appears to be a spoiled brat on the show, but I think she gets attacked an unfair amount (not necessarily here, people on other sites are BRUTAL). She's a product of the parents who raised her and if she's spoiled they've had something to do with that. Also editing makes it appear that she is going out every night when that's not likely the case, but makes for a better storyline for the show.


That mother was so odd. She wouldn't let the doctor answer Farrah's questions about birth because she was squeamish and also said she couldn't be with her during there delivery (but was there in the end)


I watched them on 16 and pregnant and the Mom(Debra) is way too overbearing and a pain in the butt. If Farrah is spoiled she(Debra) has only herself to blame.
But who knows what is scripted and what is not scripted? and yes the mom(Debra) did hit Farrah in the car on 16 and pregnant.


I was so not surprised to hear about this. Mom's not all there and Farrah's a spoiled brat who insists on continuing to try and be a "normal teen" when she's not and has a baby at home that needs her attention. Hopefully she'll grow up now and stop leaving her child with her mother, who probably shouldn't be entrusted with the care of an infant


I shamelessly watch Teen Mom. I remember seeing a clip where Farrah's mom hit her on 16 & Pregnant, but SINCE then she's only seemed to be very involved in her granddaughter's care. Farrah does come off as very immature but the way her parents try to get her to stay home is terribly unaffective. They would say, "You need to be a mom now," as if that's an easy role for a 17 year old to step into. Anyway, I hate to hear this, and I'm sure that Farrah is definitely staying home more now that her main babysitter is in JAIL.

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