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Nancy Kerrigan's Father is Dead and Her Brother is Arrested

Nancy-kerrigan-b Nancy Kerrigan's 70 year old father, Daniel Kerrigan, was found "in need of medical attention" by her brother in his home.  He was taken to Winchester Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to a statement from Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone.  Nancy's brother, Mark Kerrigan, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on an elderly person and causing serious bodily injury.  He was not charged with murder.   Mark pleaded not guilty and his bail was set at $10,000.  

According to the police report: "he [Mark Kerrigan] stated that he wanted to use the phone, and his father would not let him.  He said that he struggled with his father and put his hands around his father's neck, and his father fell to the floor. He said that his father was faking it.  Officer Mahone grabbed his [Mark's] arm when Kerrigan became belligerent and combative. We were finally able to handcuff him. While handcuffed, I used pepper spray to help control the situation."  


The Kerrigan family is standing behind Daniel.  Nancy's mother Brenda believes Daniel died of a heart attack.  "I'll tell you something, it's a shock. It was a massive heart attack. That's how he died, that's it," said Brenda Kerrigan.  A cause of death has not been determined.  

Mark's defense attorney Denise Moore said her client, an Army veteran who had served overseas, was on medication for post-traumatic stress syndrome and was seeing a psychiatrist. 

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I have a friend who lives across the street from that house (door to door = less than 100 feet), and she was SHOCKED to wake up the next day, not having heard any of the noise.

It's sad, but hard to not rubberneck at it a bit. I can't believe he wasn't charged with manslaughter or something though.

Washington "Axe" Cube

A few years ago, in Washington, a young man named Samuel Sheinbein, killed his friend in the family garage, chopped his body up with a chain saw, and set the pieces on fire. He was convicted. His parents, dual citizenship Israeli, sent their son to Israel where Israel refused to extradite him back to the U.S. to face the charges against him.

The deceased was a poor Hispanic boy from a single parent family. His mother still mourns. The Sheinbeins pulled their full weight and wealth into helping their son escape.

He's still there. Israel did put him into some minimum security prison. I only mention this to show you the extent family, facing the facts of a crime, will go to protect their own.

He died of a heart attack?

Well...sure...after your unemployed, deadbeat, basement living son throttled him and choked him. And there's the dead husband's wife saying her son didn't do anything wrong? Circle the wagons, folks.

If it were me? I'd change the locks, put the house on the market and move far away. No more basement dwelling for YOU, sonnyboy. He's got jail time and a rap sheet out the door already for assaults, including against his ex-wife who got a restraining order on him.

Why not get the son out of the slammer for the funeral this week so he can deliver the eulogy?

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