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NBC Cancels Jay Leno's Show and I Know There's Someone Out There Who's Sad

Jay-leno-show-cancelled So it's official: NBC has pulled the plug on Jay Leno's primetime show. I can't really give you an informed opinion on his 10pm variety hour because I've never seen it. In fact, here's the strange thing - I don't know anyone, not a single soul, who has actually seen his show.  I know, weird!

If you're with a group of people and the talk turns to television there's usually at least one person who's seen the show you're talking about and can chime in with an opinion like, "I thought that last episode of For The Love of Ray J was especially touching," or "I just saw The Ellen Degeneres Show and I think she might be gay." But I brought up Leno's show recently at a party and all I got were frozen stares, like the time I asked everyone at a friend's wedding to keep an eye out for my press-on nail that had gone missing while I was serving myself at the buffet table.

But I know someone out there has got to be watching his show, and I'm here to tell you not to throw yourself off of a cliff just yet - as you may have heard, Leno will most likely be moving into the 11:35pm spot currently occupied by Conan O'Brien. I think I just heard someone out there, somewhere, let out a little squeal.

. . . . .
sweatpantsmom spends all her time grasping at straws.

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All I know is they'd better not hurt my Conan.

Jen O.

Finally. I also have not seen even one single second of this show, but I'm still glad it was cancelled because I hate Jay's face. I don't think he's funny and I hate how he delivers a "joke" and I hate his dumb face.


I've seen parts of the show, but not an entire episode. Never could tell how it was different from the Tonight show other than the earlier time slot. Was just really annoyed that it came on every weeknight and that it blocked a potential dramatic show that I know I would enjoy much better.

jen from boston

When you're soley responsible for hurting the 11 o'clock news, that's pretty bad.

Glad they done this, and relgated his humor to just a 1/2 hour, but still think it sucks for Conan. This is a demotion of sorts for him b/c Leno couldn't hack it. Is there really a huge market for Leno that needs to be tapped?


If NBC insists on keeping Jay...leave Conan alone! Put Jay on AFTER Conan, damnit. Is that the same network that has Carson Daly? If so, put Jay on after Carson, too!

Washington "Christ It's Cold" Cube

I have never watched his show....EVER. Not even five minutes of it....I am proud to report.

My feeling is, if he signed a contract to take over prime time tv WEEKLY...he should fall on his sword and he's out. Leave O'Brien and HIS contract alone. Of course, it won't play out that way. Oddly, I haven't heard word one about this domino story in terms of how it would affect Jimmy Fallon. (Not that I care.)

I was reading The Washington Post yesterday and they had an article on this mess. One interesting tidbit they dropped: the national news affiliates were hurting from Leno. More than a few reporting dropping from the #1 late night news slot in their area to #3. That's major. Regarding that, it said the news affiliates made it clear to NBC: do something...NOW...or we go public with this.

If only they would show Jack Paar reruns with Oscar Levine twitching with his rainbow of drugs, trying to light a cigarette. Now THAT I would watch.


How come all the late-night TV dramas involve Jay Leno? First the Carson/Letterman/Leno triangle, now this. Is he really so worth it? Or does he have really good dirt on some execs somewhere?


My husband and I watched it exactly twice (neither planned): a very early one where I remember Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz answering questions about each other. Hokey and awkward. And the second time Kanye West was on right after the whole Taylor Swift thing. Awkward and awkward.

Didn't see a single thing in either episode that could even vaguely be considered funny. Night night, Jay.


Jay Leno needs to retire. The end.

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