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Remember Octomom? Her Doctor is in Trouble

Nadya-suleman-park-kids The doctor who helped impregnate Octomom Nadya Suleman is being accused of negligence by the Medical Board of California.  According to the board, Dr. Michael Kamrava acted beyond the reasonable judgment of a treating physician by repeatedly providing fertility treatments to Suleman.  You think?

The board is recommending his license be revoked or suspended because he acted with "gross negligence" in regards to Suleman's treatment.  He has already been expelled from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. 

The Board concluded, "his failure to recognize that [Suleman's] behavior was outside the norm and that her conduct was placing her offspring at risk for potential harm."


So what are your thoughts?  I can go either way about this one.  Yes, he should have been more responsible.  But also, Suleman is a grown up.  She also should have been more responsible and should have known better.  How do we hold her feet to the fire?  How do we punish her?  What can we expel her from?

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He can say no and he has an ethical responsibility to say no, if not for her sanity but for the welfare of children born and unborn. Ri-di-culous.


I could also go either way. I think that fourteen children, most of whom are pretty young, require more care than a single person, or probably even two people, are able to provide. So, for that reason, I think that it was irresponsible for her to receive all of those fertility treatments, but who is to blame? I am not entirely convinced that it should all be put on her doctor. Like jodifur said, Suleman is an adult.

And if we say that fourteen children (or eight at a time, or whatever the actual issue is) is too many children for a single person, where do we draw the line? How many fertility treatments can a single mother (or a couple, although I wonder if it would be such a big deal if she were married) ask for before she is called out? I think that if only three or four of the eight eggs had implanted in her uterus, we would not even be having a discussion about this woman at all. So nine or ten children may have been okay for her to have, but fourteen is not? It's a fuzzy line, I think.


So I imagine this opens the door for her to sue the doctor – thus getting the $$ she needs to raise these kids. Of course if she sues and wins, the money would come from insurance – eventually trickling down to raise costs for everyone. Nice. Stories like this make me want to turn in my human membership.


Suleman IS a grown-up, but even the Board seems to realize that some of the lightbulbs in the chandelier of her mind are OUT...thereby dismissing her responsibility. Then again - if some of the bulbs are out and she's incapable of realizing how many babies are too many...how is she mentally capable of raising all those kids?

>>>The Board concluded, "his failure to recognize that [Suleman's] behavior was outside the norm and that her conduct was placing her offspring at risk for potential harm."<<<


I have to say that Suleman's behavior in wanting so many children so desperately without any visible means of financial supports makes her seem slightly batshit crazy to me, and I'm not a trained medical official. Don't they have some sort of form that they require you to fill out in the doctor's office? Something like:
Spouse's name?
Income source?
Don't have the above? Probably shouldn't try to have eight kids!


Without getting into a discussion of reproductive freedom and personal responsibility, I will say that when my hubby and I went through IVF, our RE REFUSED to transfer more than two embroyos due to the risk of higher order multiples. He said that he felt he had a moral obligation to the unborn children and my health do so, but that if we weren't okay with that he would be happy to refer us to another doctor. At that moment, I knew he was the doctor for us.

Shame on Dr. Kamrava. He should have known better.


p.s. we ended up having twins, and I cannot imagine for even a minute how it would be with one MORE no matter how much I might love them.

jen from boston

I think ulitmate responibility in a medical procedure lies with the M.D. It's their job to toe the line as to what is acceptable, responsible, safe medical protocol in their field, weed/vet the (crazies) person with the grandiose idea and tell them "NO". Even Dr. 90210 tells a patient every now & again, "Lady, you're not emotionally fit for this boob job". And have you seen that guy? And that's just a BOOB job.

She should have consistently been told "NO" for her request (for the 8 at one clip; I'm not going to touch how many kids a woman should be "allowed" to have or comment on her finances) at every turn. If Kamrava turned her down, then another, then another, maybe THEN it would have clicked that, "You know, maybe this wasn't such a bright idea afterall."

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