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Spider-Man movie finds director in Marc Webb

Spider-man-4-promo[1]Sam Raimi is gone. Spider-Man 4 - derailed. What would the world do? Now that Disney owns Marvel would they make a play to buy the rights back from Sony, who has them for a while yet? People have wondered, but they can stop wondering. See that? Stop wondering! It's all done but the ink.

Sony is about to announce to the world that Marc Webb will helm the newest Spider-Man picture (source). Helm, most recently responsible for 500 Days of Summer, is going to be the man to step in and reboot a franchise that, over three movies has pulled in over 2.4 billion dollars worldwide.

Sure, we might have not liked Spider-Man 3, hardly anyone did, but it pulled in 890 million worldwide by itself. So, you know, no pressure. Of course, the reports of the deal with Webb lead everyone down the path of "Well, he's also a world cheaper." Which can't be wrong. At the very least, remember that Sam Raimi's deal got him a bit of the backend. Webb's won't.

So he gets less money and has to turn around a huge franchise. I understand wanting to do a Spider-Man movie, but who would really say yes to that? It's more of everything bad and less of everything good. Not the best deal in the world. But I suppose if he said no, someone else would have said yes, so he might as well have taken it. Or something.

And how will Webb's sensibilities treat Spider-Man? No one knows. We're all sure that the movies will restart, however. A new origin story, more teenaged wackiness, the works. Which could be a blessing, but is it me or are we retooling and rebooting these things faster and faster.

I would, however, pay to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Spider-Man. I doubt it'll happen, but I am willing to go out on a mythical limb and draw a line between 500 Days of Summer and Spider-Man 4. Why not?

Also, as a bonus: Create your own "Webb spins a new Spider-Man" crappy pun headline!

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You think JGL would even take the role? I'm not sure he would. But yeah... I might go see that movie with him in the lead. Dude can ACT, son!


JGL as Spidey? - That might actually work. I hated the idea of rebooting this so soon, but now...

best sdhc

Last night i saw the spiderman 3 and i want to say that..It was honestly difficult to sit through this movie. I am a comic book junky, and even for me, it was nearly unbearable. Very disappointed in the way they chose to finish the series.

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