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SQUEE!!! Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Are Getting Hitched!

Neil_and_amanda_sitting_in_a_tree  I have never been so excited about a celebrity engagement in all of my life.

Author and screenwriter Neil Gaiman and musician/artist Amanda Palmer are also avid bloggers and Twitterers, and watching their romance blossom via blog post and tweet has warmed the cockles of my brittle, black heart these past several months. Now, according to both of their blogs, they are engaged to be married. I literally jumped up and down, for never have I felt such investment in the love lives of people I've never met.

The couple will hit the red carpet this Sunday at the Golden Globes, where the film version of Neil Gaiman's Coraline is up for a Best Animated Feature Film Award. Regardless of the outcome, I have a feeling they're going to be on cloud nine.

A million congratulations to the happy couple.

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This made me feel old and uncool, because I had to look up both people.

What's a blog?


I was very happy to see this! I have been following them on twitter for awhile.


This was, in fact, a topic of conversation in our household just yesterday. Both of us have at least one Gaiman book on our bedside tables, and my partner reads Gaiman's blog.


I'm actually sad, 'cause I have such a HUGE celebrity crush on Neil Gaiman!! He's so brilliant, and sexy in that author way! But I do wish him all the luck in the world (I hope this Amanda Palmer is worthy of him!) :)


Love him and so happy for them both.


such awesome news. i love this coupling and couldn't be happier for them. they will likely have the raddest. wedding. EVER!


Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are Scientologists. Neil Gaiman just has donated $35,000.00 to Scientology AGAIN (November 2009), according to the Cornerstone Newsletter, and has been named a Scientology Founding Patron. Gaiman and Palmer are working as a team, with the Scientology seal of approval. They got paired up to make money, that’s why their relationship was “launched” with pictures, a soundtrack, a self published vanity book of bloody snuff porn pictures of Palmer. These two idiots seem to take a photographer where ever they go to catch every “intimate” moment. What a pair of losers.

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