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The New York Times Fashion Blog is a Miss

Tiggmesgg1  When I think of The New York Times, I certainly don't initially think it's the obvious news outlet to cover celeb weight gain or awards fashion, but "The Moment" is the NY Times fashion blog, so that's what it does, at least in part. And, yeah, I've read some pretty great posts over there, but in the last week, they've put up some questionable things (all surrounding the Golden Globes, funny enough), and it makes me wonder if someone else at the NYT doesn't need to step in and reevaluate what writing is representing the parent paper. 

First up, a clueless blogger for The Moment made some off-colored comment on Twitter about the cap Michael C. Hall was wearing at the Golden Globes this past Sunday, saying "Is Michael C. Hall playing Bob Marley in an upcoming movie? Don’t get the hat." Well, he has cancer, and for the last few weeks that's been pretty well-known knowledge that he has cancer. For a blogger for the New York Times not to 1) know that or 2) do a little research about why he's wearing something he's absolutely never worn in public before is a little irresponsible.

He's since apologized, as he should have, but still. Not cool.

Importimagesource=FPICFP_4381423_GoldenGlobes_PressRoom1_FP_08_0955085  Then, I read just this morning, a blog post on The Moment that claimed, "A Rounder Golden Globes" with pictures of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Courteney Cox. Although the brief paragraph attached to the post was mostly complimentary, calling their new curves "sexier" and saying "there was suddenly, amazingly, more womanly roundness to their frames," I have to question the headline. It sounds pretty negative, right off the bat, and I kind of hate that. (I also hate that Courteney's name is misspelled in the piece, you are WRITERS for the NEW YORK TIMES, MY GOD.)

Call me nit-picky, I've been called worse, but if you're the fashion blog for the New York Times, you can do better and you can spell check your posts and make sure you're not insulting a famous actor who is battling cancer. You can do all that and still be topical and interesting.

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Agree. I also read that they are going to start charging readers for online content. I have no idea what that involves.

No one is going to pay for that crap, though.


ROUNDER? WTH? They're beautiful women, sure - but what curves? Kate Hudson's dress had shape - she, herself, is the same as always. Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston work out like fiends...but womanly curves?

Huh. If they have womanly roundness, I'm freakin-A Venus!


Did you all happen to see this as well:


Where the picture of Christina Hendricks was distorted and made her look BIGGER?

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