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Trying To Handle David Beckham's Golden Balls

Beckham_armani You know how they say you learn something new every day? Today I learned that Victoria Beckham refers to David's family jewels as 'Golden Balls'. As an added bonus, I also learned that some Italian TV presenter tried to check out David's gilded nuts herself -- without asking and on camera.

My mother would be shocked at that TV presenter's lack of manners. Me? Not so much in this world of 'anything for ratings'.

But my mother would have been impressed that TV presenter wore rubber gloves. Me? I wouldn't be grabbing some guys jewels in the first place so the question is irrelevant.

Anyway, there is this Italian TV show called Le Iene, which translates to incredibly pleasant sounding 'The Hyenas', and the show was intrigued with Beckham's recent departure from being a model for Armani. David was replaced by a younger football player, Cristiano Ronaldo who will appear in upcoming campaigns. This fact coupled with rumours about David getting a little help from Photoshop in the junk department on his past Armani layouts apparently inspired this nut-grabbing stunt and the reporter claims she just wanted find out if David was as equipped as the Armani ads emphasized.

Like right here:


Personally I think he looks delicious and I hadn't even gotten to junk department on my check list for acceptable male specimens. Frankly I like seeing David and Victoria Beckham model, they really know how to do 'ridiculously rich and good-looking' well. It's a lot harder than it looks, I'm sure.

So, instead of just wondering about the actual size of his package, The Hyena reporter (special groping correspondent?) slapped on a pair of rubber gloves, walked up to David Beckham as he was being interviewed on camera by an American network, and as they say: she just went for it.

Images taken as the grope happened show David not looking very impressed. Moments after the 'Golden Balls' were breached, his security quickly removed the nut-grabber from the scene.

Now it's interesting to note that David Beckham is currently on loan to the AC Milan squad from L.A. Galaxy. And the station that broadcasts The Hyenas show is owned by the president of the AC Milan football club (in addition to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.) I wonder if these things are related? Hmmmm. Scandalous stunt that draws attention to the show and the soccer star?

Like I said: Anything for ratings. Let's hope she just didn't try to bend it like Beckham because that? That would have hurt.

[image: celebutopia.net]


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katie (aka motherbumper) sometimes appears on her own blog but not as often as she should.

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i tell you they are a bit of a strange couple, but they certainly seem quite devoted to each other. if he turns out to be a cheating scoundrel, i will be beyond disappointed.


@mouthy_broad Well there was that Rebecca Loos story but that was all forgiven (or so I hear) but otherwise I think they are pretty rock solid. BUT even if he was single, I still wouldn't be groping his golden balls in public (well, maybe if I was drunk.) You know, the fact that I didn't even have to google Rebecca Loos' name makes me think I'm more invested in the Beckhams than I'm willing to admit. *sigh*


Well I guess I'm a prude because I find that pretty shocking. Well, I didn't until I tried to imagine it was me someone came up to out of the blue and tried to grab my crotch. I mean... there would be charges pressed, faces punched and rage spewed. Sounds like he took it much better than I would have.

Apryl's Antics

The funny thing is, she was wearing rubber gloves as if some golden ball sweat permeated through his pants and would infect her with golden ball germs. Or does attempting to touch them while wearing gloves make it more clinical like a scientific experiment? I'll be grappling with this all day.


@Alyssa I think if it was a female celebrity it would have resulted in just that. I also think all my time spent reading about the world of celeb has dulled my ability to be shocked by TV stunts. Sad but true.

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@Apryl's Antics I am so glad I was able to distract you from dealing with reality today. You're welcome for the grapple over the gropper.

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oh, for for sure--no grabbing anyone's private bits under any circumstances. oh, the italians. they like to live dangerously.

katie | motherbumper

@mouthy_broad 'oh, the italians. they like to live dangerously.' *snicker* My husband said the same thing (he's Italian, go figure.)


Are we supposed to find this stunt amusing? It's assault. Can you imagine if a male "journalist" decided to find out if a female celeb has breast implants by groping her in public? Assault. How is this any different?


@Katrina - While I'm not sure what reaction the show expected to get for such a stunt, I can't believe how they would think it could be positive. But I do believe that the show staged it to make people talk -- as they say "no such thing as bad publicity". And agreed: if it was a woman celeb and a man reporter - shit would be hitting the fan. Not amusing at all in either instance.

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