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Weird Movie Snacks: How About Some Fish Balls With Your 'Avatar'?

Movie-fish-balls My kids always give me crap when we go to the movies and I ask for 'layered popcorn' which is when they squirt fake butter on top and in the middle of the tub. Because who wants to eat half of their popcorn and then realize there's no more yellow chemical substance for that last portion? Not I. But layered popcorn isn't half as strange as some of these movie theater snacks -- fish balls and beer anyone?


Salted Fish Balls and Beer

In Barbados you'd order fish balls and Banks beer before sitting down for your tenth viewing of "Avatar." But it's not what you think -- these are balls made out of fish, not the balls off a fish. Besides, would fish have balls this big? Maybe the brave ones! Ba-dum-bum. 


Salty Licorice

I don't like black licorice at all, so the thought of salty licorice seems almost criminal. But a Dutch person wouldn't even consider sitting through "Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel" without a bag of drop (that's the Dutch name for licorice.) The taste is described as "salty, with an herbal, palate-cleansing kick." The bicycles are pretty cute, but those white ones at the top look suspiciously like Tylenol. Come to think of it, I wouldn't consider sitting through "Alvin and The Chipmunks" without a big dose of Tylenol.


Baked Fish Skeletons

Okay, I've gone to the movies in Japan and don't remember seeing iwashi sembei, fish skeletons baked in soy and sugar so I'm going to have to check this one out and see if they're yanking my chain. Although, one of my cousins over there told me she and her friends hated "Love Actually" so those people are whack as far as I'm concerned. 



If you were seeing a movie in Lithuania your beverage of choice would be kvas, a fermented beverage made by pouring hot water over bread baked into croutons, then then left to ferment in wooden tubs and then flavored with mint, berries or raisins. Something tells me it wouldn't be half as expensive or taste nearly as bad as the $5 flat Diet Coke I got at the cineplex. Also, I think the kids would like this machine straight out of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."


Beluga Caviar

Apparently in the nicer theaters in Russia you can get generous servings of Beluga caviar dished out by waitstaff as you settle in for a viewing of "The Spy Next Door." Yes, but can I get that 'layered'?


Red Wine and Coca-Cola Cocktails

This one isn't as weird as it is GENIUS. The Spaniards often mix up this cocktail, called Kalimotxo, at home and then sneak it into the theater. I think after knocking back a few of these even "Tooth Fairy" would start to make sense. The recipe is 50 percent robust red wine and 50 percent cola and 100 percent party.


Tom Yum Popcorn

How can you not like a snack that has 'yum' built into its name? It's like my favorite food, Totally Rad Bacon. They've taken the flavor of Tom Yum, the lemongrass-citrus soup served in Thai restaurants, and made it into a seasoning for popcorn. I wish I'd had a tub of Tom Yum, a plate of Pad Thai and some Thai beer when my kids made me sit through "Garfield: The Movie."

. . . . .
sweatpantsmom likes her popcorn layered, hot and buttery, just like her men.

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Wicked SteppMom

Sounds like you need to view all of your movies at a Movie Tavern type theater: the chairs are huge & comfortable, there's a counter in front of you for your food/drink-which you order from a menu & waitstaff brings to you (and is fairly reasonably priced), and they serve alcohol!!


Double salted licorice is DEFINITELY an acquired taste; the first time my husband gave me one to try, I almost left him.

Once I learned to enjoy it, though? Omigod, Best. Candy. Ever. So live a little, try some. And if you hate it, you can still gets lots of entertainment value out of it by giving it to your unsuspecting friends....

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