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Whoa, Dennis Hopper is Dying AND Divorcing?

1203902573_2962 Dennis Hopper is close to dying and I'm once again reminded I need to occasionally turn off Gilmore Girls' re-runs and the Food Network because I, embarrassingly, had no idea. This is the sad end of a decade-long fight with prostate cancer, and to make it that much more awful, he filed for divorce yesterday -- on his death bed -- from his wife of 14 years.

This kind of stinks of "all about the money" doesn't it? Who makes that kind of decision days before dying if it's not about what will go to whom. (Who? Whom? Eh, I don't know.) And insiders aren't claiming any differently. He wants her out of the will, it's been reported, although it's not entirely clear WHY. On the one hand hand, he's taking "enormous amounts of medication," which can easily affect his decision making. Although the reasoning is foggy, it's unfolded as a pretty shocking turn of events to many personal friends since there have been no recent reports of problems between the two until now. Maybe more will come out, and, if so, will clear up such a ridiculously confusing and crappy situation.

Sadly, Victoria Hopper, is also the mom to Dennis' youngest daughter. He has three other kids, two who live with him in his Venice compound. (Compound? OK.) His children allegedly stand to inherit everything now.

It's kind of heartbreaking that someone's death is now clouded by such controversy and drama and that if this was as unexpected to Victoria as it was to the rest of us, that her grieving has been tainted by all this.

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Do you know what kind of cancer he has? DAMN, this is sad. I had no idea. GAH.


Looks like prostate cancer: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33543972/ns/entertainment-celebrities/


Great Post. And, it is whom, so don't worry about it. Replace the who/whom and figure out if it should be he/she or him/her. If it is the first, use who and if it is the second, it is him. Since you sed to whom, it would be to him. Grammar lesson for today complete! ;p


I mispelled said, lol. Maybe I am not the one to be taking grammar advice from.

katie | motherbumper

Wow. I love Dennis Hopper as an artist and actor and this is sad to read. I really hope he is doing the divorce for the 'right' reasons (that sounds so wrong) and taking care of all three of his children. Wow. He made some amazing contributions to the art world.

Washington "Cubism" Cube

He is in possession of a massive art collection of great value (museum worthy) that has been in existence since the 1950's when his career was beginning. His latest wife wanted to lay claim to the art and break apart the collection, even to the point she had started transporting the art out of the home. She also demanded a reading of his will prior to his death: and while not illegal, considered highly unusual.

I think his chief goal at this stage is to protect the collection. The last I had read he had put his eldest daughter in charge as Trustee; the daughter he had with Brooke Hayward (daughter of actress Margaret Sullivan and Leyland Hayward (Hollywood ka-ching.)

Interestingly enough, Brooke married to society bandleader Peter Duchin: Peter's father was on the road a lot with his own society band, (the mother died in childbirth) so Peter was more or less raised by Annenberg's first wife. He was promised certain properties, etc. When wife #1 died, and Annenberg married Pamela Churchill (courtesean extraordinaire,) the land and monies were never given. This type of thing goes on all of the time.


Washington, that's pretty fascinating. I did find this interview that said he had sold off a big chunk of his art collection to pay for this first four divorces, though. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/3561177/Dennis-Hopper-the-ride-of-his-life.html). It just seems suspect to me to divorce her, which would leave a lot to her anyway I assume, instead of just taking her out of the will to protect the art. It's all very sad and confusing.

Washington "If Silence Is Golden Why Is Duct Tape Silver" Cube

I'm not sure his actions are solely to protect the art. I think she was already going after money of his before he was dead and everyone panicked. Scroll down into this story for more:



Wow if that is what happens to the rich and famous I'm kind of glad to be anonymous and poor.


So, am I reading this correctly? That one of his kids was mothered by his current wife, and three were NOT? Because if that's the case, maybe I sorta see what's going on. Or maybe I'm just looking through jade-colored glasses due to my own weird divorce Frankenfamily!


What!??! I must have been hiding under a rock near yours. I didn't even know Hopper was sick.

Bad news.

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