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Why I Will Not Be Recapping "The Worst Chefs In America" Or Conversely, Screw You, Cablevision

Foodnetwork_logo  People. I was all set. And then the inconceivable happened. Grab your hankies, this is a sad, sad story.

I, like many people, LOVE Food Network. Since it first premiered, I've been there. I watched Emeril, and Mario, and that vile B.Flay all back in the day before they were famous. I love Iron Chef, both Original Japanese Flavor and the American version. I've worked with Paula Deen, for the loveagod. If there is a fan of Food Network, it's this chick. 

So I heard rumblings that Food Network and HGTV were being yanked from Cablevision, and I laughed. Inconceivable. Unbelievable. Foolish. I mean, they can't take FN away from me, FN was there when I was manic at 4 am and needed something to watch. FN was there after 9/11 when all the other channels turned into news broadcasts. FN is ALWAYS there. They can't yank Food Network. Impossible.

But they did. 

No more Food Network. No more "Chopped" or "Molto Mario" or "The Next Food Network Star." No more "Ace of Cakes," no more "Iron Chef America." Even the shows I didn't like ('Down Home With the Neelys" is so saccharin that it gave me cavities, and Sandra Lee is from Hades) but the thing about FN shows is that it's reliable. Whenever you can't find anything else on TV, you can always watch Food Network. 

Except if you have Cablevision. Then you're shit out of luck. Scripps Entertainment, which owns FN and HGTV blame Cablevision. Cablevision blames Scripps Entertainment. And I blame a bunch of rich men in suits keeping me from watching my favorite shows. I don't care whose fault it is, I want my Alton Brown, and I want him now. FIX IT. 

Apparently, I wasn't the only one to call and email a Very Strongly Worded Letter to both Cablevision AND Food Network. And hopefully by the time this article is off the front page, my beloved FN will have been returned to me. But until that glorious day, I'm including the contacts at Scripps and Cablevision. Damn the man! Save the Food Network!!!

Because I would have recapped the shit out of "The Worst Chefs In America," and now I won't have the chance. And if you don't live in the NY/NJ/CT area and this doesn't affect you? Give Mario Batali a wave hi from me. I miss him already. 


Scripps Entertainment - How You Can Help 


I Love Food Network



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Poor Miss Banshee!!! I cannot imagine life without FN...my 3 year old pops a blood vessell when Sandra Lee or Rachel Ray come on... (the other day, Violet was talking about 'the cheese on top getting crusty and bubbly, and then we will have cocktail time!)

And for the record, Worst Chefs was AWESOME. We laughed through the whole thing, then gasped when an idiot threw out a handful of saffron.


I feel like there are worse injustices in the world, but for the life of me I can't think of them.


Wait, I just realized that my comment sounded like I was making light of your problem, in the absolute bitchiest way possible. Holy cow, NO. Not my intention. See, I'm AGREEING with you. It sucks. I've done it before, when we had to get rid of cable completely for a while. It's no fun. Please don't take my comment wrong. I don't see a way to remove the comment. REMOVE YOURSELF COMMENT!!! BE GONE!!!!!!! Please? It doesn't work!! Okay, seriously, going for a do-over. Just diregard everything else. and read this, and this only:

That sucks. Seriously.


Hey, it worked! First comment deleted. But now that ranty comment makes no sense. Ummmm.... HEY LOOK ALTON BROWN RIDING A UNICYCLE NAKED!!!!!



@Renee! No worries, darlin'! I caught the humor the first time around, it's fine. I was weeping anyway. (KIDDING)


Nope. I was wrong. No comments have been deleted. The internet has defeated me. I am.... finished.


Oh. My. GOD. My heart is shattering into a million pieces for you. I know that sounds totally sarcastic but it IS NOT. FN is my crack. It's my Bob Ross. It grounds me and centers me and inspires me all at once.

I cannot imagine television without it and I truly want to just buy a video camera and set it up in front of my television and leave it on FN all the time and send you tapes.


im in your boat as a NJ viewer. this shocked me as i was watching a marathon of last seasons Next Food Network Star on NYE only to see the red ticker tape at the bottom of the screen telling me that as of 12 midnight i would no longer get my Guy Fieri fix. it went from happy to crappy new year in no time flat. i demand they correct this massive inconvenience pronto!


This means you also did not get to see the very special Iron Chef right before Worst Cooks! That is also travesty because it included Mario & Alton & Emeril and Ted Allan & B.Flay & Comerford from the White House. (although when you catch in reruns you'll have to review it then because it was ---- different).


Grrrr. Just Grrrr. I am so pissed. When I dont have on Noggin (Nick Jr, whatever) I have on HGTV. WTF? Bastards.


Oh and to miss the very special Iron Chef-off on Sunday on FN? I wont listen to who won. I am too devistated.


I sympathize the lose of your beloved FN; as I too, am a FNF (Food Network Foodie). BUT, I can tell you, as one who stayed up to watch that drivel of a show, you missed nothing. In two words - it.sucked. Wasn't what I expected at all, and probably didn't help that I'm not a fan of Anne-in-a-Guy-Fieri-wig-Burrell. Biggest Loser format with lousy cooks and regurgitated personalities. Totally meh.

Major Bedhead

I have no cable at all *sob* thanks to this stupid economy so I'm stuck with watching whatever I can scrounge up online. I didn't even know there was a show called Worst Chefs in America. So I feel your pain. I think I miss FN more than I miss being able to watch the Red Sox and that, my friends, is really saying something.


That is the saddest news ever. I'm so sorry for your loss. When I get home I'm going to go straight to my TV and give FN a hug.

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