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16 and Pregnant Season 2 Is Underway

16_and_pregnantMTV's 16 and Pregnant started a lot of interesting discussions when it aired last year and got people thinking and talking about teen pregnancy and parenthood, sexuality, responsibility, and adulthood.

The show is back for another season and premiered last week, when we met Jenelle, her boyfriend, Andrew, her mom, Barbara, and her baby Jace. Jenelle's challenges as a young mother are nothing new as she struggles to figure out life as mom and a teenager and her relationships suffer.

Tonight, we'll meet Nikkole, who has a concerned and supportive mom.

Nikkole tries very had to keep the peace between her mom and her boyfriend, Josh. Josh exhibits some really disappointing behavior while Nikkole is in labor, which is beyond defensible for even his mother. Perhaps he's acting this way because he is a teenager and scared, or perhaps because he is a total douchebag. Probably both. I watch this and I want to be understanding and perhaps Nikkole's mom could have just dropped it sooner, but I can't get over the urge to kick him in the junk.

16 and Pregnant will air tonight at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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I'm pretty sure Jenelle's baby's name is Jace, not Jason.


I see adults who act like Josh everyday. I think it's a personality type. Not his age.

I fully support a kick to the junk for Josh.


Janelle son name is JACE not Jason.


I was so terribly disappointed to hear that Janell and her family live in my county. Us local women that grew up here almost formed a posse to go kick her in her butt, then stomp a hole in her mama for letting her act that way. I hope she's learning how to be a better mother and woman these days.

I hope all the young ladies (and young men) that watch this show actually LEARN from it.


I watched the two clips you posted about Nikkole, and I don't think I could watch this show on a regular basis because of the amount of raw emotion it displays. But if I had a teenager, I'd probably sit them down and watch it with them every week.


Why does it seem like this season's teen moms are eons behind last season's in terms of maturity?
Jenelle and Nikkole have so much growing up to do. They are both so insecure. Why do I keep watching??
Nikkole was using the "pull out" method? Gah.


This episode seemed the most like a baby having a baby so far, and it was utterly depressing. I need to stop watching this show but I hope every teenager in America is watching it. That Josh kid is a little piece of shit. If I were Nikkole's mom I would have been pushing for his parents to send him to boot camp a long time ago.


I belong to a fan page on Facebook called " Farrah is the worst mom ever" and it breaks my heart to see some of these bonehead comments some of these young girls leave on there. I read an article posted on there about Jenelle claiming her doctor stated it was okay to smoke pot while pregnant...so she did. And all of these girls were defending her. Ugh.


I about crapped when I watched Josh talk to Nikkole's mother the way he did!! First off, I would have smacked the little weasel in the face, but what I found most disturbing was the fact that all his own mother did was tell him to focus on Nikkole and the baby. Wow! Really?? Where was she at teaching him to show respect for his elders?? The "men" on this season are such dirt bags!! I'm glad to see that MTV is showing a little more of the "real" world of teen parenting the season...I just wish Maci would have rubbed off on the girls this season. I think she proved herself to be a great mother, even though she needed to be better to herself and move on from that jerk she was with!!

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