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2010 Grammys: Gaga and Sir Elton John

Gaga_fame_factory  Okay, on second (alright, fifth) viewing, maybe Gaga and Elton were the stars of the show instead of Pink:


 Gaga/Elton or Pink? You decide.

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I love Gaga and Elton John together! Two amazing queens : )

They're both crazy and ridiculous and over the top - but I'd rather watch their craziness than see Taylor Swift perform anything ever again!


Oh wow! Thank god for Mamapop and the internet so that I can see the highlights of this show without having to stay up late. ;)

Pink was awesome, but this, this gave me goosebumps.


and that stupid cow, Kathy Lee Gifford, actually said about GaGa this a.m., "her performance wasn't about talent, though." ergh, hate KLG. Don't particularly love GaGa, but you gotta admit she's fierce.


Pink's been doing the trapeze act all year. The only thing that was different was that she was wet. Gaga and Elton on a one-of-kind piano? Now that's something.


Pink. I mean, even if she DOES do that act all the time, to belt a song out like that virtually naked, wet, and spinning upside down that high off the ground...absolutely Pink.

I think the standing ovation from the audience made their choice clear.

No knocking Lady Gaga or Elton (love them both), but....

Suzy Q

I give them a Tie. The performances were so different and each so mesmerizing, why pick a "winner"?


One word - Awesomeness


The way Lady Gaga looks at Lady Elton at the end of the performance is so real and pure(?) it's like she's thinking, "Holy shit. I'm sharing a piano with Elton fucking John... " I can practically hear her commanding herself to remember this moment.

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