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2010 Grammys: Pink Steals the Show

Pink-performs-at-grammy-2010  You all know my undying love for Gaga, and she was awesome last night, but Pink completely upstaged her. Video below the cut for those who missed it or want to relive it:

Just amazing. I imagine it was better live; Pink received an immediate standing ovation from her peers.

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cindy w

So, upside-down, wet, basically naked, and still singing live? Yeah, that's pretty freaking awesome.

Did y'all see the trapeze act she did at the VMA's a few months ago to "Sober"? That one was also really great. I actually gasped a couple of times when it looked like she was going to fall.


If you get the cable channel Palladia, try to watch for the Pink concert. It is AMAZING and has some performances like the one from the Grammy's.


Wow, I wasn't expecting to be moved. You know, moved inside. My msn emoticons can't express how I feel right now!


Dayum!!! On the radio this morning they said this was an act she'd done in her concerts many times. But the lights at the Staple Center where the Grammy's were held made it almost impossible for her to spot herself. She said that she almost fell at one point b/c of this. That girl has nerves of steel! Even if someone just spun me around that many times, no singing included, let's just say it wouldn't be water droplets hitting the crowd.


I didn't make it through the whole grammies but I am glad I did see this performance. That was amazing! I was confused, dizzy, amazed and awestruck by it. Not a bad final score.

Gray Matter

I turned on the Grammys for 2 minutes, fortunately it was the 2 minutes of her performance. THAT is what being a mega-star is all about. I have now developed a total girl crush. She was spectacular.


Very impressive. I didn't get to watch much of the Grammy's but I imagine nothing really topped that.


You think she stole the show? I'd say she earned it.

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