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Attention Gleeks: New Glee Promo!

Glee4  SQUEEEEEE! Wait, don't we have two more months? NOOOOOOOO! Promo and careful dissection after the jump (spoilerish, but only if you're super anal retentive about it):

Okay, so let's first talk about what we *do* have in this promo: We have what appears to be Will leading a nightgown-clad Emma (in song) to his marital bed. Yowza! That's a new development. Other than that, it looks like we can look forward to all the same great stuff: Everyone's still getting slushied in the face, Sue's back from Boca and as mean as ever, but with some Madonna cone boobs, and Rachel is still horribly awkward. And we also saw Teri, which kind of sucks, since it means she's still, you know, alive.

Another new development: it appears that with football season over, Finn has decided to don a basketball uniform to better drive Rachel crazy, and I think we got a glimpse at the rumored new love interest for Rachel, the male star of Sparkle Motion Vocal Adrenaline, and AMG THEY KISS. I am really hoping that they're doing this to replace the Rachel-Finn-Quinn triangle. We also caught clips of one of the songs from the Madonna episode and what appears to be part of the set for regionals ("Hello Goodbye" by The Beatles).

Now let's talk about what we didn't see. I did not see one single speck of Neil Patrick Harris, and I demand to speak to management. I further demand a new promo be cut that includes at least 15 seconds of footage starring our gay boyfriend. Also conspicuously missing from the promos is any tease whatsoever regarding Quinn and my cougar bait boyfriend Puck. The rest of the aforementioned promo should just be Puck with his shirt off. I think it would really help drive up viewership.

The most important information of the promo, however, is the new time. Starting in April, Glee will air on Tuesday nights, meaning the Gleecaps at MamaPop will also move a day forward Wednesday. Stay tuned!


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Also missing, Idina Menzel, who is supposed to be guest starring.

And really? Tuesdays? I guess I'm going to have to stop watching the new 90210. (Stop laughing at me, Amber.)


Tuesday? As long as it doesn't interfere with NCIS everything should be okay!

Also, promo totally needs more Artie *sheepish grin*

I totally didn't notice that they were singing next to a bed until you pointed it out!

Andrea (@shutterbitch)

I cannot wait! Thanks for posting this. Even that little bit makes it possible to maybe make it to April. I'll have to come back to this post often though. Watch the clip again. A few times. A day.


NOOOOOOOO! I have class on Tuesday nights! I love watching GLEE live. Am devastated.

Fawn Amber

American Idol AND Glee on the same night = TV Heaven! Sigh.

Oh, and Puck. Still delish. CAN.NOT.WAIT.

Suzy Q

I'm gleeking out over here.

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