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Body of Andrew Koenig Found in Stanley Park

Andrew_koenig_imdb Andrew Koenig, an actor most famous for his recurring role on Growing Pains and son of Walter Koenig who played Chekov in the original Star Trek, was found dead in Stanley Park, Vancouver of an apparent suicide. He was 41.

While not confirmed, all signs point to suicide and his father told reporters 'My son took his own life.' Andrew had sold many of his possessions and moved out of his apartment in Venice, California before recently taking a trip to visit friends in Vancouver. One would want to think he did that because he planned to move somewhere new but in light of today's news, he probably had other plans.


Friends reported him happy but not acting like himself while he was in Vancouver. His family had said that he had been suffering from depression but not taking any medications. When his parents received a letter from Andrew that caused alarm, they called the police.

It's heartbreaking to hear this news about anyone, even someone who I only knew through the television screen. He was Boner and yes, I watched Growing Pains. I bet you did too.

Our sincere condolences to the Koenig family.


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Amy (Not Amalah)

Oh this is so sad. I've been sort of following this and was hoping he was just laying low in Vancouver. So sad.


I didn't watch "Growing Pains," but I still don't like learning someone has offed himself. Depression blows.


Tragic. I hope the closure that comes with knowing what happened helps his family and friends in their grief.


It's very sad. I had no idea that the guy who played Boner was the son of Walter Koenig--and I'm a huge Trek fan.

It's worth noting that his friends reported he seemed "happy". Many people assume that those who commit suicide are despondent right before they take their own lives, but usually they are upbeat, in a way, once they make the final decision. So never assume that if a loved one who has been struggling with depression suddenly seems happier, that they're not planning the worst.


Karen, I was thinking the same thing. A friend of mine committed suicide in high school. What pushed all of us over the edge is that he was HAPPY the day before...joking around at the school fair, flinging ice in the spontaneous ice cube fight, rather than hanging off to the side like he normally would. So sad.

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