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Britney Spears Was at the Grammys?

BRITNEY-GRAMMYS I thought I watched the Grammys pretty closely. I even rewound a few moments, including Pink's performance and Beyonce's acceptance speech, so I could try to determine what the hell her dress was made of (soda can tabs?), but I must have missed just enough of the red carpet to miss out on Britney Spears' arrival with (boyfriend?) Jason something-or-other. That's a shame, too, obviously because look at her. That's worth catching a glimpse of.

BRITNEY-GRAMMYS Someone called her dress "daring," which is not quite the word I'd use. "Huh?" came to mind first because what is that, Britney? Who wears a full length pair of tights so happily when you just KNOW that's one rogue nail away from a nightmare. Look, there was already a snag as soon as she arrived!


Sorry, squeamish friends, for such a close-up of Britney's thigh. We don't know where that's been, I KNOW.

Anyway, her hair and makeup look great. Who would believe that's the same wild-eyed, shaved-head gal from years past, and I like Britney. She could have really stunned at the show with a different outfit. It's just so...bad. And so....holey. And so....NOT daring at all, no no no.

What do you think of it?

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What's the rule? Get completely done up, then look in the mirror and remove one thing. A fishnet dress over a onsie, with fishnet stockings. That is a reflection that begs to be taken back to the dressing room and burned.


I love Britney but I think this outfit makes her look either out of touch or desperate to reclaim her place in pop music. Lady Gaga just does it better, bigger and more over the top.


I think if she wasn't wearing the granny pants it would have had more allure... Me thinks the c-sections might be catching up with her...

Snarky Amber

No, Britters. A WORLD OF NO. Do you have a stylist? Or even a three-way mirror? I advise you to invest in one or both of these things.


I wouldn't even be comfortable wearing that in my bedroom, so on the one hand I'm like, "After two kids? You go girl!" and on the other I'm like, "Eeeeeeekkkk, Brit, that's UNDERWEAR."

I think the other hand wins.


That's a dress?

Wait -- define "dress."

God, I'm old.

Washington "Twirl When Wet" Cube

I wonder when Britney watched Pink if she thought, "I lost my weaves doing that."


I would wear it, but would have shredded it first. Then, I could wear it fearlessly. Of course, I would want her body first.

Fawn Amber

Tis hideousness...



At this point, I just want to hold her hand and say "you're doing so well - don't f*ck it up"! So I'll praise the fishnet-dress disaster. At least she's wearing clothes - sort of.


OH! I've figured it out! I've figured out WHY she wore this mess! And WHY her undies are showing!

It's to prove that she is, in fact, WEARING undies! Remember all of those pics, a few years back...where she forgot to put her undies on before leaving the house?

THIS is to prove that she is TRULY rehabilitated...right down to her underpants!


She does look beautiful from the neck up. She does have a nice body but this does nothing for it. She could have totally a rocked a classic Vera Wang instead.


I think she would have rocked it and scored more different/ departure from the norm points in a beautiful dress or edgy gown. This outfit screams "I'm still too crazy to dress myself".


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Since then, as Britney made peace with her boyfriend Jason Travikom, a couple of little parted. All last week, the singer and her beloved vacation at the resort in Mexico, where 37-year-old Jason nursed children Spears is not worse (and sometimes better) than the native father. Recently lovers returned to Los Angeles and, by passing the boys nyanyam and grandmother, decided to arrange a romantic dinner for two. Reserve a table in a restaurant, a couple of privacy and the whole evening enjoying each other's company, reports the Daily Mail. Britney on the occasion dressed in showy little black dress with bare shoulders and boots and high heels. Jason also decided specifically not to show off and went to visit a T-shirt and jeans.

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