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Brittany_murphy Brittany Murphy's stupid widower, Simon Monjack, is popping off at the mouth about filing a wrongful-death lawsuit against Warner Brothers. See, Warner Bros. fired her from the Happy Feet sequel two weeks before she died so she had a heart attack. "They killed her." he says. "You're clearly a moron." I reply. "I'll trade you some magic beans for your cow."

So here's the response from Warner Bros. "Any claim that Warner Bros. Pictures was somehow responsible for Brittany Murphy's tragic death is demonstrably false, reprehensible and defamatory." Yeah, and totally stupid. Don't you wish Warner Bros. could release their real statement? "This guy's a complete jackass who lacks a realistic handle on causation."

Listen. I'm no doctor. But getting fired doesn't cause heart attacks. That's not a bold assertion. Is it? I mean. Lots of people get fired. Lots of people have heart attacks. But there's not a lot of science that links the two together.

So let's think this through. I can see Murphy wanting to be in the penguin movie really, really bad. Who wouldn't? And I can also see her being very upset for being fired. Fine. But a fucking heart attack? Two weeks later? You're 32. You get fired. You're totally devastated. So you have a heart attack? And this is somehow Warner Bros. fault?

Just being curious. I wonder if there's any more logical reasons than "devastation due to being fired" for someone under the age of 35 to have a heart attack.

Snow-on-tree-wallpaper And I'm not talking about shoveling the driveway.


Here's what it sounds like in my head every time I read an article about Brittany Murphy. Drugs. Drugs drugs drugs. Drugs drug the drug drugdruggled drag drug druggedly bedruggled. Drug drug druggity do drugs. And so drugs.


Drugs are fun. Ask Keith Richards. But if there's one thing that's been pounded into all our heads since we were old enough to be little victims of propaganda, it's that drugs will kill your ass dead. Unless you're Keith Richards. But life's not fair. Not all of us get to be Keith Richards. A lot of us get to be Heath Ledger and Chris Farley and Kurt Cobain and so on. You know the list. It's huge. Because all those ad campaigns and DARE cops in the schools? They weren't just fucking around. They weren't just trying to rain on your awesome drug parade. Drugs are fun, yeah, but they'll fuck you up.


So what's the big fuss about with people like Michael Jackson's family and Brittany Murphy's crazy ass widower? Okay. Denial. Fine. I get it. But when you displace blame and put it on a doctor or a movie studio, there's consequences for your irrational denial mechanisms. Maybe you think you're protecting the memory and integrity of your loved one. Okay fine. You're grieving. But you know what else you're protecting?


So, yeah, maybe Brittany Murphy did have a heart attack because getting fired from Happy Feet, like, broke her heart. Or maybe it was just a freak accident. Or maybe the purity of her heart was such that it couldn't keep beating in such a flawed world. There's all kinds of possible reasons. Another one is that it was shocked into stopping by the repeated swell and sway of stimulants and tranquilizers.

Drugs are fun. But they'll kill your ass. Let's start holding them accountable.

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"Drugs are fun, yeah, but they'll fuck you up."



Am I the only one who's not sold on this whole thing? He is acting weird. Now, it could be grief weird and I really hope it is, but he seems desperate for people to not really know what killed her. Maybe he's covering for her. I don't know. I'm just creeped out by the whole thing.


Whereas I thought anorexia drugs drugs drugs drugs bulimity-anorexity-druggity drugs drugs drugs.


I think it's fair to add that it's very likely an eating disorder was at play in there somewhere as well. Even if she was a recovered anorexic or bulimic that could have weakened her heart enough that other "extracurricular" activities (DRUGS) would have more potential to kill her.
It's all just ridiculously sad. I'm with BHJ-- let's not let drugs off the hook.

Fawn Amber

You know what I thought? Enterprising, opportunistic bastard who wants to cash in on his wife's death.

Yeah, and druggity drug drugs too.



Fairly Odd Mother

Yes, yes, and yes. When you start to list how many people have died from drugs, it really is a monumental waste of greatness.


What a giant Douche. Seriously I understand you are hurting but go cry in the corner like a normal person and shut the hell up.



Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Drugs and bulimia are an awesome combination. Bodies love that.

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