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Flashback Friday-Really Bad Fashion Choices

 Generra_Hypercolor  Jodifur, again, with my version on this Flashback Friday.  And today, I want to talk about the really bad fashion choices some of us, well, most of us, well, probably all of us, made during the 80's.  Let's get started, shall we? 

 Hypercolor.  What the hell is this?  Clothes that change colors when cold and warm?  And if a piece of clothing has a principle section on Wikipedia I think there is a problem.  Also, they are ugly. Really, really ugly.  If I want a mood ring I'll buy a mood ring.  My shirt does not need to be a mood ring.

Which brings me to, units, or multiples.  Another terrible, terrible idea.  It's a shirt, it's a belt, it's a hat. It's a 3 inch skirt.  I remember walking into these stores and all the salespeople would model all the different things you could do with the clothes.  Look, skirt, shirt, shoe, belt, cardigan.  Wasn't the 80's the time when we were the most wealthy?  We couldn't afford more than one piece of clothing?  I'm shocked, SHOCKED this isn't around anymore.  I mean, come on, what a brilliant idea this was?


And The Swatch.  The Swatch itself was probably fine, but those stupid Swatch accessories? Like the plastic "Swatch Guards" that you twisted and were supposed to, I don't know, guard your Swatch? Which in essence was just a plastic piece of crap.  And the wall hanging "Maxi Swatch?" (I totally had that in my bedroom. In Lavender.) Swatch was not just a watch. It was a lifestyle.  You could change the band of your watch to go with EVERY OUTFIT.  Who does not need that?

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Fawn Amber

Dude, I loved me some Units. LOVED. I'd be really ok if they made a comeback. Of course, I'd be ok with parachute pants making a comeback too, so, there is that.


During my freshman and sophomore years of high school, everyone wore swatches. Multiple ones. Like, two or three at a time. Granted, we had to wear uniforms, so accessories like watches, bags (oh, especially bags -- had to be a Liz) and shoes were very important.


I had them all! In fact, if they could have made a hypercolor skirt, hat, belt, dress at Units that matched my swatch watch, I would have been in heaven. Also, thank you for bringing up Units. Every time I discuss it, people act like they have NO idea what I'm talking about. I think it's just PTSD.


How can you not have mentioned Coca-cola brand clothing? The only thing that made first period gym class bearable was the fabulousness of my blue and red swimsuit with the logo emblazoned across my non-existent chest every friday.


And those super thick scrunchy socks, like 3 pairs at a time? How did our shoes fit? I always coveted the tie-dye ones.


I wanted all of these but wasn't allowed (or something)... I had the fake version of a hypercolor shirt (which didn't work well, thankfully!) and a fake swatch... poor sad me.

Looking back I think I'm just really glad that my parents didn't give in on trendy things that often!


Ooh, and can we talk about the mile-high mall hair? Bangs to the sky, reinforced with AQUANET!!!!! Of course, the back of your hair was flat, but the front and sides were awesome and flammable.


I was a big fan of slap bracelets, you know, until they were taken off of the market for cutting kids or something. Also, B.U.M. Equipment sweatshirts. Oh dear god, why?

Suzy Q

Members Only jackets. Gah.


You'll take away my Swatch and its accessories when you pry it off my cold dead wrist.


Ahhh, hypercolor. Surely I'm not the only one who got in serious trouble when dad picked me up from "drama practice" (aka, necking with my boyfriend) and found 2 hypercolor handprints on my boobs.


How about french rolls on our jeans??


One thing not listed was the UMAN shirts. I had one in just about every color made. And the B.U.M. clothes...ahhh the good ole days.. LOL


April is right: people just don't WANT to remember Units.
I need those pieces now. It's like Garanimals for adult women (and I'm sure I'm the only one ancient enough to know THAT reference).


I can't believe you forgot legwarmers, worn over jeans, of course.

And glitter on sweatshirts.

And the braided barrettes, with dangling ribbons.

Gah, I'm flashing back to junior high and that is NOT A GOOD THING.


Don't forget denim jackets with little mirrors on them surrounded by glitter puff paint. Hell, puff paint EVERYTHING (Keds shoes, pants, socks, scarves and scary Holiday Sweatshirts). Ooooh, and Bedazzled clothing! Or what about those hair clips that were made out of uninflated balloons filled with tissue paper... or the ones made of neon shoelaces?

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