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Friday Combo Platter: Uncaps Edition

Friday_combo_platter Our thread of the week was born out of a simple bashing of LOST and devolved into a pissing contest about who had met what celebrities, which is just as obnoxious as it sounds.

Subject: LOST season premiere open thread

Sweetney: Can y'all RT about that, pretty please? And join me tonight if you can! LOMGST!!! WHEEE!!! Yours in nerdocity, Tracey

Karen Sugarpants: They're STILL Lost?  I've never watched the show but I'll RT for ya!

AdamPKnave: They're planning a sequel. "AND FOUND" where its revealed this whole time they were just in a backroom at the MTA, waiting for pickup.

Jodifur: I've never seen it either but I'll RT

sweatpantsmom: Whew - thought I was the only one who'd never seen it. Will RT.

SnarkyAmber: I also have never seen it. I have a tendency to think popular things/people are stupid. That might have something to do with high school trauma.

Sweetney: Like Glee you mean? Snort. :)

SnarkyAmber: It's a show about people who were like me in high school that happened to become popular.. I don't see what's so hard to understand here. :) It all goes back to high school. #thisiswhyidrink

Sweetney: LOST is a show about people so unpopular they have to live on a really, really fucked-up island, away from the rest of civilization. No, really.

Out-Numbered: What I wouldn't do to live on an Island. Help.

SnarkyAmber: Then I'll probably end up doing what I do with every hyped show. Wait until it goes on sale for crack prices at Amazon and buy the complete series. 

AdamPKnave: So, really, LOST is a ripoff of the claymation Rudolph. Island of Misfit Toys. Etc etc. Then a flying goddamn moose will lead them to saftey. YOU JUST WAIT.

Sweetney: This reminds me: no one has said they want to recap it... which may be because none of you watch it. BUT! If someone does and wants to, speak now or forever hold your peace...

kdiddy: Can I recap it without watching it? From what I understand it's all weird and confusing anyway. Like, "Oh, look! One of the bird things from Final Fantasy! Casserole! Bang."

AdamPKnave: Kelly, when did you start writing awesome beat poetry?

Out-Numbered: Can I recap the last episode of Fantasy Island? How great was that show?

Karen Sugarpants: My recap would be similar to that girl who recaps Star Wars with only having seen bits and pieces: http://www.geekologie.com/2009/01/star_wars_plot_retold_by_girl.php "That guy from Party of Five is hot and so is the jungle where the plane landed like, 5 years ago.  They are still lost but somehow never go hungry.  Oh! And a chick had a baby but I don't know who put it in her.  The end." See, it wouldn't be a very long entry.  :)

SnarkyAmber: My recap would be like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBM854BTGL0

Karen Sugarpants: omg she is adorable - ObeeKanobee.  *snort*

Palinode: Anyone remember the episode of Fantasy Island where some tribe thought Tatoo was their deity? You know, the more I think about that show, the more I think that Fantasy Island and the Island of Lost are the same place.  Like if Sandals Resorts had set up camp there instead of the Dharma Initiative.

AdamPKnave: That wasn't an episode of Fantasy Island, that was at the bar last week. And I still say we need a high preist of plane spotting.

Sweetney: So what I'm getting here is that *I* am going to have to do the recaps. gurgle.

kdiddy: Well, if you're close-minded about the recaps-without-ever-seeing-the-show (uncaps), then I guess you do. *adjust beret*

AdamPKnave: We could just post this thread as the recap...

Jodifur: I could recap it from commercials. Like tonight on LOST:  here is what the commercial that was on during general hospial said happened. But I would have to stop fast forwarding through them.

Sweetney: "uncaps" - man, we should do those. but for a show that no one watches. just randomly draw straws (or the web equivalent) and one of us has to recap a show we've never seen before. hilarity ensues, etc.

AdamPKnave: I'm SO down for that! And I do need something for tomorrow at noon... 

Karen Sugarpants: I'm in for that - that would be funny!

Sweetney: I think the important thing for "Uncaps" would be picking a show with a narrative; ie something like Desperate Housewives -- that has a cumulative, ongoing and developing story -- as opposed to, say, CSI, which is more episodic.

Out-Numbered: Or Silver Spoons. Still makes me smile...


Karen Sugarpants: Carleton!

Jodifur: We could do a soap we have never seen.

Karen Sugarpants: That is brilliant, Jodi.  I don't watch soaps but my mother watched All My Children and my foster mom watched Y&R.

Out-Numbered: I was in a Rock Band with Brian Bloom. He played the original Dusty Donovan on As the World Turns. Then he got his neck snapped on OZ while giving someone a blowjob. Pretty awesome.

Out-Numbered: Oh, and I graduated High School with Debbie Gibson. Is anyone listening to me today?

Goon Squad Sarah: I remember Brian Bloom from Tiger Beat.

BHJ: I got kicked out of a band for being drunk all the time. 6 months later, they opened for Nickelback. True story.

SnarkyAmber: My little sister went to high school with Reggie Bush. That's all I've got for close encounters of the celebrity kind. My sister says he was a total d-bag, only she wouldn't actually say that because she's Mormon.

AdamPKnave: All right. I am going to try an Uncap tomorrow people. Wish me luck. And beer.

Goon Squad Sarah: I wish you beer. I wish you ALL beer. Well, those of you that drink beer.

Clay: I high-fived Tiger Woods at the '97 Masters. That story was cool 3 months ago. 

Jodifur: I met George Clooney.

Karen Sugarpants: I interviewed Anna Faris and Bill Hader. Also met Mr. T & NPH on the red carpet. And iCarly. Oh and I partied with Mr. Dressup in college after his wife died but I think only Canadians know who he is. 

Sweetney: how did we get started on this? not to one-up everyone (cough), but one word: Malkovich.

Goon Squad Sarah: NO. WAY! Also, John, right? Because if not it isn't nearly as cool.

BHJ: I hung out with Sonic Youth and Kim Gordon bitched at me for eating all their cheese.

Goon Squad Sarah: I went to jr. High with Liz Vassey who I wouldn't expect any normal people to know, but she was in Dr. Horrible.

AdamPKnave: When I was in grade school they told me I talked to Jesus. 

BHJ: Fugazi slept at my wife's house and she made them breakfast.

Sweetney: I had Guy from Fugazi over at my apartment and ate hummus with him. He played my guitar. I'm out, we could do this all day, and I'll still be cooler than all y'all. :)

BHJ: And I frequently give Carrot Top the macho gym nod. Game. Set. Match.

Schmutzie: I shook hands with Richard Grieco and went shopping with Dr. Ruth Westheimer. I think it was Mordecai Richler who was a rude bastard to me, but my brain is foggy today. Oh, and I sold Bob McGrath from Sesame Street breath mints, I had an entire conversation with John Corbett, who was such an annoying freak that I ended up excusing myself, and I poked Judd Nelson so that he'd stop blocking the women's bathroom while he played video games with droopy boobed cougars.

kdiddy: I hate famous people. I might have met some, but I had those portions of my brain destroyed.

shelikespurple: I've emailed with Rob Thomas -- Veronica Mars creator not Matchbox 20 guy -- which makes me think I'm cool but probably doesn't make anyone else think that.

* * *

Our comment of the week comes from Apryl's Antics on Pamela Anderson Launches Fashion Line at Behest of Absolutely No One

One of these days, those boob implants are going to snap the skin between them like a slingshot and unsuspecting standers by could face serious, irrepairable harm. That's why nobody but a brave 20 showed.


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Jen O.

Karen met Mr. Dressup? Aw...so jealous.

Miss Banshee

I cannot believe I was too grouchy/crazy/distracted by shiny things to not get in on the celeb encounter one upping. I would have smoked all y'all.


Even though I participated in this, I somehow missed it was all the same email thread. How did we get there?


In 1991 I had dinner with Jim Gurley at a picnic table in a friend of a friend's backyard.


Brian Bloom was hot.


Is there really no one who watches LOST besides Sweetney??? I am disturbed by this revelation.


I'm with Jen O, I'm jealous that Karen met Mr, Dressup.

I work with celebrities on a regular basis and sincerely could not give a crap, I have always felt that they are just normal people doing their jobs. (which is probably why I'm good at what I do.)

But umm, another shout out to Canada: last year Leonard Cohen told me I'm sweet. Which I therefore AM, because, hellloooo?? Leonard Cohen??? He said it????

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