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Grey's Anatomy Explores Trust Issues AND YANG WAS ALMOST NAKED

Sandra_oh First things first. Sandra Oh (my God) was getting it on Thursday night! She was all thigh and little bra and making her awesome orgasm face. And they juxtaposed her and Owen's last sex scene with that emergency surgery and there was so much blood and my mind reeled through a collage of sex and blood and violence and transgression. Grey's Anatomy pushes the fucking envelope. Plus almost shows Sandra Oh naked. But the rest of the show? Eh. It left me kind of lukewarm.

The theme this week was trust but it felt like a writing cop out. I mean. Trust is everywhere you look, so it's pretty easy to have trust permeate the entire show. I don't know. The truth is that I was so blown away by the fat gay opera singer from a couple weeks ago, it's hard to follow that up. Speaking of trust, though, did you notice how the show skipped ANOTHER week last week? How do you expect us to trust you, Grey's Anatomy? When you're only on when you feel like it?

Anyway, trust. Derek did the monologue this week and thank God. My disdain for Meredith is epic. So Derek begins by recognizing the way patients blindly trust surgeons. This is ironic, he tells us, because surgeons don't trust anyone.

And then the rest of the show is one big trust-a-thon.

There's all kinds of trust issues between Webber (Old Chief) and Shepherd (New Chief). New Chief wants us to believe that it was loyalty to Old Chief that made him rat him out for drinking. That's a convenient story to tell yourself, Derek. But it's pretty well established that there's a ton of functional drunks doing a lot of important shit in the world. Safety Inspectors. Airplane pilots. Surgeons. So Old Chief tells New Chief to look him in the eye and tell him his motive for being a rat. "I wanted the job," he replies. What a dick. I'm pretty old school about ratting on your homies. It's a major no no.

Will the staff trust Shepherd as the new Chief? They know he obtained his new position by finking on the Chief for drinking, which is totally lame and back stabby. It's hard to trust snitches.

Can the Old Chief find the strength to trust rehab and a life of sobriety?

There's still little to no trust between Mercy Westers and Seattle Gracers. I wouldn't trust Mercy Westers either. Their orange scrubs are atrocious.

And then, my God, how about that woman waking up in the middle of surgery and seeing Bailey fishing through her intestines? That was a monstrous breach of a pretty basic trust: I expect to NOT wake up during surgery with my guts hanging out.

But then Bailey went off on the anesthesiologist (who she is TOTALLY going to hook up with) about needing to trust him to keep the patient knocked out and then the patient, later, went off on Bailey about never touching her again because... wait for it... she can't trust her (which was totally over acted - the freaked out patient made me giggle). So, if Bailey's not allowed to touch the patient, who will perform the surgery?

Meredith. But can Meredith trust herself to perform such a complicated procedure?

Lexi broke up with Sloan. Then she immediately nailed Alex while Sloan nailed Addison and how will they ever trust each other again? I say even steven.

Then there was that kid (Brad) who was in the hospital for stomach pain but his Dad (didn't trust him) thought he was faking it so he could skip school. But Alex trusts the kid. Will the parents trust Alex? I would. After all, Alex is the one who went to MEDICAL SCHOOL. But what if the parents knew about the lady waking up with Bailey's hands in her guts? That would make things complicated.

Do any of us ever really dare to seriously contemplate the fact that surgeons are just people like us who fuck everything up all the time? Surgeons forget things. Surgeons drop things. Surgeons stub their toes on the dresser. It's scary as hell. You know?

We interrupt these reflections on the humanity of surgeons for a bigger version of that hot Yang picture.

Here's the deal. I want to make a crude joke right now that in some way utilizes the rhyme Yang and wang, but I bet my editors, Sweetney & Amalah, would appreciate it if I didn't. So I won't. But I want to. I'm exercising great restraint.

So Yang, as usual, steals the show because she's awesome and looks good naked with a rose in her mouth.

Check this out. Owen spends a third of the show nailing her. While they're doing it for the third time, Yang ignores a page from Teddy (I can't get with her name being "Teddy". She looks more like a "Sylvia".) Anyway, Teddy needed her for an important heart surgery and Yang blows her off.

Later, Yang does that crazy thing to Owen that women do all the time where they're super pissed at you for no apparent reason. Owen was completely what the fucking?!

Then she finally unloads on him - revealing the only trust issue on the episode that had any genuine depth. She talks about Burke and how she completely lost herself in her relationship with him. And when she blew off the chance to do a heart surgery to fuck Owen for the third time, she felt like he stole a little piece of her.

She's terrified. Love is terrifying. How do we navigate the process of being in love without being completely swallowed by it? It's worth wondering about it.

When Sandra Oh gets all choked up like that, I want to hug her and make her hot chocolate and protect her from evil. I would tell her to relax. I would tell her my motives were pure. I would tell her to trust me.

. . . . .
BHJ will not be surprised when Sandra Oh finally files a restraining order.

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McDreamy pulled a total dick-move.

Bros before... Chief of Surgery positions.


I couldn't concentrate on this episode because there is something weird about Meredith's face and that is all I could think about. I wonder if anyone else thinks the same? Thanks for the recap, I have high hopes for this week and I remain loyal to Grey's and to your recaps.


Sandra Oh does such an amazing job of embodying Christina. When she lost it at the end and told Owen about Burke, it was so powerful, precisely because it wasn't overacted and felt so genuine. God, I love her.


I love her. Ohhhhh I love her.

I still miss George, however.

Apryl's Antics

Once McDreamy gets all powerful and stuff, the nurse that he dated before he post it married Meredith is going to come back to the show with his child. This is a prediction. If I'm right, will someone buy me a prize? I'd like something shiny that does housework.

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