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Heidi Montag is Using More Words Incorrectly

Heidi-montag-before-and-after Last time we spoke of Heidi, she was trying to convince us "obsessed" wasn't two shakes away from "addicted" and absolutely no one on the planet was convinced. She's still talking about the plastic surgery that frightened an entire nation, but this time she's even more out of touch with the English language than before.


This time around she had this to say about her surgeries (and their aftermath, see above), "I'm very fragile....I'm not in a great place right now." Totally (and sadly) understandable since the girl treated plastic surgery like it was a combo meal and no one, not even her husband (surprisingly), came to  her defense. There was this national rumbling of "what....the....hell?" And instead of splashing congratulatory headlines everywhere, the media sort of did the opposite and practically likened her to a circus freak. So, fragile, I get that. Except, she ended the interview by saying, "I'm the happiest I’ve ever been in my life."


Wait, what?

The girl's never been off-the-charts bright, but what is going on with her? Put all the perfection-seeking surgeries and the clearly out-of-touch with her own image hang-ups aside, is there something bigger-picture wrong with her here? She's just flubbing these interviews, making no sense whatsoever and it's becoming harder and harder to make fun of the girl because it's all so heartbreaking and train-wrecky. I kind of liked it better when she and Spencer were just gallivanting around Easter egg hunts and talking about Lauren's sex tape. This is no longer good, clean gossip fodder. It's....sad, you know?

Trust me, I never thought I'd spend so much time talking about the star of a made-up reality show or what's wrong with her, but it's just horrible to witness and let's hope someone gets through to her really soon. 

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Wow... She used to be pretty. Now she looks... yeah, sad.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I KNOW. It is so sad. Horrifying, really, like one of those "too outrageous for TV" videos where you see some poor idiot falling down a mountain and breaking every bone in his body. And you are horrified and disgusted at the same time but you can't look away as his arms flop around like they're filled with liquid.

That's how I feel about Heidi Montag. So sorry for her. So horrified by the surgery and the things that she's saying. But fascinated too.

That poor girl. I hope she can climb out of whatever hole she's fallen into.


Was any kind of mental health evaluation done prior to her getting all of these surgeries? It seems like it would be required, since she was doing so many drastic procedures, at one time. She clearly didn't like who she was, and that was more likely an internal issue than an external one.


Diana, are mental health screenings ever used before elective plastic surgery in Hollywood? While I think they certainly should be I seriously doubt they are. Sadly it seems in America if you have the money you can be as crazy with the scalpel as you want to be.


Actually, I thought they (screenings) were used, in some cases. Certainly seems like a responsible (*Cough*Cough*) surgeon would have utilized such a professional, prior to making an early-20-something look like a woman going through a mid-life crisis (don't you think she looks way OLDER now??).

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