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Here's a Shocker: Brittany Murphy Charity Does Not Appear To Be Actual Charity

Murphy_monjack And that Simon Monjack dude seemed like such a stand-up guy in his Matt Lauer interview, too! 

Yes, it seems that The Brittany Murphy Foundation doesn't really have any legal standing as a charity. As mandated by law, a charity must be registered with the IRS and with the state of California. The Brittany Murphy Foundation is not registered as such with either jurisdiction. They also have no non-profit license. The Brittany Murphy Foundation, which purports to fund arts education for children and some other vague shit, would appear to be about as legitimate a charity as if I were to put up a Paypal link on my blog for donations to fight chronic Entitilitus. [Note to self: set up fake Paypal charity on blog today].

Picture 1

Shortly after the bogus nature of The Brittany Murphy Foundation was revealed on TMZ, the site was taken down for "maintenance." Monjack could not be reached for comment, which is certainly strange, since that guy usually can't stay away from any potential media attention.


The foundation's site, however, was just updated with a statement: (excerpt follows)

We began the Brittany Murphy Foundation to honor Brittany's wishes and to give her family, friends, and fans a way of keeping her legacy alive. In an effort to get the foundation off the ground quickly, we established it as a private foundation with plans to apply for nonprofit status down the road. However, after some thought, we have decided instead to wait until we have our nonprofit status approved before proceeding to ensure that we can truly honor Brittany's charitable desires. Any donations made up until this point will be returned until we have all our paperwork solidified.

I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt but...wait, no. I don't really want to give Simon Monjack anything, least of all the benefit of the doubt. What a wonderful legacy to leave for your dead wife: a scam with her name and face on it.


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