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Hot or Not? Anne Hathaway at the 'Valentine's Day' Premiere

Anne-hathaway-thumbnail  Setting aside the fact that the previews for this romantic comedy are making me super stabby, what do you think of Anne Hathaway's Marchesa dress for the premiere?


I dunno, I actually think it's a lovely dress - I just think maybe there should be more of it. What do you think?


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your neighborhood librarian

With a three-foot-high feather-and-sequin headress, it would be accessorized just right. Yeah, it needs another 4 inches on the bottom AT LEAST.

Tanis Miller, RNM

I don't know, if I had gams like that I'd want to rock them out too.

Plus, I'm a sucker for blue feathers every damn time.


Agree with the first commenter. Either more on top - in the form of a showgirl headdress...or more on the bottom - in the form of material (so we're not forced to wonder if she's properly shaved HER PUBIC REGION for the event).


I looked at the dress before reading your comment, and I thought "That's really pretty - what there is of it." It would have looked very elegant with a full skirt jutting out below what there is, or less formal but still much prettier if it hit a little lower, either by continuing what's there or a flow-y ruffle.


i don't know, i think any more length would be way too many blue feathers. i think it looks good like this, because it makes her look rather curvy. then again, i have a girl crush on Anne, so maybe I am a bit biased.


Heck, if I could get away with a dress like that, I probably would :P It could probably use a little more on the bottom, but really, it's a pretty colour and texture, and yeah, mostly I'm just jealous haha.

cindy w

Anne Hathaway herself almost always looks stunning. As for the dress? I think I would like it more if maybe it were just a couple of inches longer. She does have amazing legs, though.


Standing where she is? I can't get past the red rose bustle!


She's got the legs for it, and she's not showing anything inappropriate. She'll have to be careful sitting, but if she can handle it, that's cool. I say she rocks it.

Suzy Q

Two thumbs up. She looks great!


She looks hot. Really cool dress.


HOT! I like it just the way it is.

Fawn Amber

Love it, as is!

Washington "Bluebird of Happiness" Cube

Yeah...blowing roses out of her ass is a tad distracting.

What ever happened to...sleeves? Remember sleeves?

I always think of Princess Grace's wedding dress, buttoned up to the neck and long lace sleeves.

:::wandering off muttering and contemplating getting her hands on an Amish catalog:::


The color is beautiful and looks great on her, but I was disappointed when I scrolled down and the dress just ended so abruptly. I think it would be so much more elegant longer.

Is that a gun in her hand? Just what kind of premiere was this?


I think that dress is perfect the way it is. Which is probably the way it was designed. Stunning, gorgeous & on the perfect figure (Gawd I'm jealous!)


I must be Getting Old, because I believe a dress should be a dress and not just a halter top that covers your ass. Not saying it needs to touch the floor, but even three more inches on the hem would have made it sexy and intriguing, as opposed to "Oh HAI, I can has thighs??"

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