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Hot or Not? Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera

Renee_zellweger_thumbnail  It's time to weigh in on celebrity fashion choices. What do y'all think of Renee's latest red carpet look?

So usually on "Hot or Not" I try to reserve judgment and let you all battle it out, but I cannot look at this picture on the screen and sit quietly. First off, what the hell is up with her posing on the carpet? She looks like the "before" in an advertisement for Crohn's disease medicine. Second, the dress looks like it was made out of boudoir curtains. Third, the puffy sleeves. You guys, those sleeves are straight out of Anne of Green Gables' fantasies, only Carolina Herrera decided it was a good idea to tack them onto a 21st century cocktail dress. I deem this look DECIDEDLY not hot. But, hey, you don't have to agree with me. Hit the comments to weigh in.

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It looks like an outfit from a New Order video, circa 19-something-high-school.

"I used to think that the day would never come..."



I mean...seriously? At least if she thinks that look is worthy of posing, shouldn't she have at least run a comb through her hair?

Fawn Amber

IDK, as usual, I like the dress that you hate. LOL. But the hair is seriously, just, no. No ma'am.


COMB?! When was the last time she even WASHED her hair, she looks like she smells bad... like patchouli and b.o.

cindy w

The dress is awful, the pose is awkward, her hair is a mess, and GOOD GRIEF WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO HER FACE?? I'm not crazy, right? Her forehead wasn't always that... big and shiny, was it?


i like the dress and think renee is doing nothing to show it off to it's advantage. the dress needs a model with a sleeker look and some lipstick...catherine zeta-jones, cate blanchett, or anne hathaway.


I think it might be really good on someone else... preferably someone who actually has heard of a hairbrush. I can see a taller willowier, elegantier actress pulling this off. Anne Hathaway-ish.


Also I think it needs to be a little more off the shoulders. The sleeves look like they are on their way up to swallow her face.


I think that dress would look better on someone taller... and someone who kept their arms at their sides for the whole night. The one hand on the hip pose makes her look like a ruffled tea pot, short and stout.


I think she looks good from the neck up. The rest, nooooooo.


Not... so not hot.

Did she look at her hair before she got out of the limo?


At least she's not making that horrible pursed-lip face she usually makes.


Does anyone else thinnk of that scene from Napoleon Dynamite when he tells that chick that her sleeves are big?


It's like she's channeling the marrionette pose from Chicago.


The dress...fugly. Renee...crazy eyes. Nuff said.


I think the dress would be great if there were no sleeves, but I'm definitely no fashion expert!


I can't get past the pose to figure out what I think of the dress. What the hell is she doing??


It looks like her arms have gone all muscle-y in an attempt to divert attention from her scary-skinny legs.


I think the length is good as it distracts from her scary looking knees. the rest of it is meh, but her hair is definitely bad.


The dress would be lovely if it weren't for the sleeves. Volume is not your friend, sleeves. I honestly didn't even notice her hair at first, the sleeves were so mesmerizing.


Are those honestly her hands? They look like mannequin hands.

I, too, think that someone taller needs to wear that dress.

With their hair up. And clean.

Washington "Tidy Cat" Cube

As long as her face looks like a puckered cat's ass, what difference does it make what she's wearing?


Awkward, curtain-y, poufy bowl of wrong.


I feel like the dress would look better if she ate a freaking cheeseburger.


I agree with Angela. Don't think much about the dress either way. But can't stop looking at her protruding neck tendons, her knobby knees and her bird claw hands & wrists all b/c she has no body fat. Eat already.


I think the awkward way in which she is standing makes it even less hot.


AAGGH!! Weirdly robotic - she looks like she's trying to shoot death rays through her eyes.

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