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GIVEAWAY: Tell Us Which Celebrity Needs to Improve Their Smile And Win!

Logo_tagline_color_cmyk_medium copy So this weekend was Valentine's Day - which is all about smiling, right?  Unless you're alone, and then Valentine's Day sucks (sorry).  But either way, have we got a deal for you. 

The world is a better place when everyone smiles, and so MamaPop is giving away $500 toward an Invisalign treatment for one lucky reader!  Details after the jump...

I've personally wanted Invisalign for a long time.  Like many of us I wore braces for years as a kid, and then years later my bottom teeth shifted, leaving a pretty ugly crooked tooth.  My dentist recommended Invisalign recently, but my insurance didn't cover it.  But now, just like one of you lucky readers, I'm getting a $500 gift card towards treatment.

Download (2)So here's the deal: leave us a comment telling us which celebrity you think could most use Invisalign and you'll be entered to win a $500 gift card toward Invisalign treatment.  You have until 2/28/10 to enter, and a winner will be chosen at random.  All the legal mumbo jumbo rule-y stuff can be found here.

For those of you not familiar with Invisalign, here's the scoop:

The Invisalign system straightens your teeth with custom-made clear aligners that are comfortable and practically invisible. It was developed with leading orthodontists. And it works – one million patients worldwide have made Invisalign their clear choice. Find out more about why Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces at http://www.invisalign.com.

So come on, which celebrity has the most crooked teeth? Tell us and enter to win!

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Adrianne Fromknecht

Amy Winehouse for sure! Her teeth are so busted looking. She has two front chicklet teeth, some are missing, and the ones she has left are all yellow. I'd say it was from coffee stains, but I'm sure it's from way more than just that! She should just have them all pulled.


FINALLY! Something I love to talk about - crooked teeth :)

No, in all honesty, I think it's a fair tie between Steve Buscemi and Jewel (I know, you were thinking the EXACT SAME THING)!


My husband HATES Tom Cruise's teeth, because one of his front teeth is directly in the middle of his face, which, after my husband made me stare at his picture, I had to admit was true.


Miley Cyrus...I know she's young, but isn't that when people typically get braces?


Mike Tyson has the worst teeth! I know he's a fighter, but jeesh! How long has it been since he's seen a dentist!


Steve Buscemi--oh my sweet merciful heavens, I can't even watch Fargo because his teeth are so. bad.


Kirsten Dunst, Miley Cyrus, Jewel. Take your pick.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Madonna. She's got that front-tooth gap - and I think it jumps out at me in photos because I have the same thing. And it drives me nuts.

Nadine L

Most people won't know her, but Laura Wright.(Carly from GH) Love her, but every now and then her teeth can be distracting.


My vote is for Jewel.


I love Steve Buscemi more than I can personally understand, but his TEETH. OMG.


I just can't bring myself to say it, but poor Jewel and her teeth. Well, I guess she's really not POOR, and she COULD fix her teeth. But, apparently she doesn't want to. So...scratch that...I don't feel sorry for her.

Elliot Yamin! I was a big fan of him on American Idol. I thought he was cute til they would do a closeup of his horrific mouth. Yeah, definitely a 50-footer. I thought I remembered reading about his "new teeth" somewhere...hmmm too lazy to google it.


I think the singer Jewel could really use an Invisalign.

Annette D

My vote is for Hillary Clinton!


my vote is for sarah palin, i'm hoping you can keep her from speaking, but that might not be ethical.


Patricia Arquette or Kirstin Dunst. They both really need their teeth fixed.


jewel has horrible teeth!

Elizabeth DeHart

I would agree with the above posters. Jewel would be a great candidate.


Steve Buscemi

Fawn Amber

I like the crookedness of Kirsten Dunst, it's cute on her... and Jewel has said that she likes her snaggle-toothed grin (go figure!)

I'd have to go with Steve Buscemi I guess.

I want Invisalign SO SO SO much....Hate dentists. Am scared.


Any Winehouse could probably use braces, but why bother? She'd just have them punched out in a barroom brawl anyway. (Which is too bad because she's soooo talented and I love her music.)

nik_har at yahoo dot com



But her teeth aren't really crooked. So Jewel, fo sho!


While I love her music, Jewel's teeth are distracting. So very very very distracting.


Patricia Arquette for sure. Steve Buschemi should just get punched in the face, lose all his teeth and start over.

A Vapid Blonde

Lucky from King of The Hill...And don't even tell me his teeth are cartoons because I have the exact same two front teeth! True story. My husband will concur.


Steve Buscemi


I am going say Jewel, but mostly because I look like a brown haired version of her I am told, and that's right down to our same crooked snaggle teeth :(


Does Austin Powers count?

Beth G

My first thought was Kirsten Dunst and her wacko snaggle tooth.

cindy w

I concur with everyone who's nominated Steve Buscemi.


I love her, but it's gonna have to be Jewel!

tiffany lane

Jewel used to have crooked teeth, but now her teeth are beautiful.


Probably Jewel. She is pretty but her teeth getting work would add to her beauty.


madonna please !!! thanks for the opp

Sarah D.

I think Jewel could use invisalign, and I would never say such a thing if I did not have crooked teeth myself.


Jewel! She is so pretty but her teeth.....PHEW. If I had all that money, I would have taken care of that years ago. Hoping for the same for my wonky tooth!

Amber G

Kirsten Dunst has very crooked teeth, but I kind of like them because they make her stand out!

Marilyn Wons

Mel Gibson


Kirsten Dunst (I can't even watch Spiderman), Jon Heder (from Napoleon Dynamite), Avril Lavigne (vampire fangs!).


I think that Amy Winehouse needs to improve her smile, she looks like a dying horse.


Elliott Yamin. Or doesn't he qualify as a celeb? :)

Margaret Smith

David Letterman. I hate that gap in his teeth. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

michael woods

The one that comes immediately to mind is Jewel

Suzy Q

I was going to vote for Posh Spice, since she has no smile to speak of. But, if you want the celeb who most needs dental assistance, I vote for Mickey Rourke. If you'll notice, he rarely smiles with his lips open, which indicates that he probably has a problem with his teeth. As do I.


Kirsten Dunst!


I always thought Paula Abdul needed to STOP whitening her teeth because they look so fake. I would have to side with the Steve Buscemi camp. But they are kind of his trademark.

paige chandler

Artie Lange has horrible yellow, drug riddled teeth.

brenda helgeson

Steve Buscemi

Judith V

I was gonna say Patricia Arquette but then I saw Jewel and now I have to say that is the worst.


Anna Paquin. Oh good LORD, Anna Paquin!


ouch, not really the thing i want to say, but from invisalign experience, i think elijah wood (if he ever wanted to close the gap) would benefit nicely. :)

Taylor Blue

I know it's all about her style but I pick Anna Paquin. I think that gap in her teeth is distracting. Ugh.


yea i think mike tyson has the worest teeth


Eva Longoria has some crazy teeth!


David Letterman. Eek!


Steve Buscemi needs it more than other celebrity I can think of.


Hello. Amy Winehouse. I get that mass drugs will make anyone's teeth less than pearly white, but she's got a MISSING TOOTH! Plus, her front teeth look like she stuck some chicklets in her gums.

Mia Brown

I feel like this is so messed up, but I guess I'm going to say Kirsten Dunst? Even though I kind of find her fang teeth charming, I know Perez Hilton for one does NOT.


Steve Buscemi. Amazing actor, but the teeth are entirely too Austin Powers.


I am going to have to vote for Anna Paquin as SOOOOKEH, as well. That gap!


I have to agree - Jewel totally!! Though Steve Buschemi is up there in the bad teeth dept as well!


Mike Tyson, those teeth need to get fixed.


Jewel! You'd think since she has money now, she would have those teeth fixed!

kport207 at gmail dot com


Jewel and Kirsten Dunst. HORRIBLE teeth.


I would have to say Any Winehouse.

Heidi T

Jewel drives me nuts with her smile!


Steve Buscemi.


Jewel definitely needs it.


Mimi O

I'm always surprised when I see a celeb with bad teeth. Sometimes it can be cute... sometimes it looks scraggly. Miley Cyrus, get your teeth fixed for sure!

susan varney

Elliott Yamin of american idol fame


David Letterman has that big gap in his front teeth. It drives me crazy.

Anneli Barnes

I agree ---- poor Jewel. But Kevin Costner's teeth are pretty crooked too............


Yeah I have to go with the Jewel crowd, her's are pretty jacked!


First - could you please follow up this post with another that contains photos of all of these celebs' teeth? Pretty please?
Second - gotta go with Steve Buscemi..


jewel-- she's so pretty and yet her teeth are so distracting....

Eileen Burke

Okay at first glance Tom Cruise's teeth seem perfect, but if you really look at his top teeth his midline is WAAAAAY off, he needs some serious invisalign!


Jewel!! Altho I know a girl who has the exact same teeth as her, its creepy.

Personally my teeth are so ugly I could really use so braces so I actually smile with teeth in pictures.


Yup, Amy Winehouse. She should do it!


Pabst, the current reigning "Worlds Ugliest Dog" who has a horrid underbite!




Michael Strahan retired NFL player and talk show host of NFL today. He has a HORRIBLE gap between his front teeth!

Jennifer Reda

kirsten dunst!

Jennifer Reda

kirsten dunst!

Karen B

I also agree that the gap between Madonna's teeth is hideous in my opinion and takes away from her beauty.


Amy Winehouse - bad even by British standards!

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