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Is Katie Price Using Her Daughter To Infuriate Her Ex? My Magic Eight Ball Says Probably.

Katie_price Katie Price, aka glamour model Jordon slash fashion designer for slutty looking equestrians, appears to be antagonizing her ex-husband Peter Andre via their daughter's appearance.

Recently Katie gave their two year old daughter Princess Tiamii a make-over and Katie's sister posted the results on her Facebook page. Peter Andre said he was 'absolutely disgusted' over the make-over she gave their daughter.

I saw the picture and thought it went overboard but I really try hard to not judge other parents. And my four year old daughter loves to play with make-up and sometimes the results are over the tart line so I cut Katie some slack. Though I must say those fake eyelashes? A bit too much in my opinion. But, it's only some make-up and false-eyelashes so whatever.


But the most recent incident, which will be broadcast on Katie's new reality television show 'What Katie Did Next' really made it difficult for me not to get a bit judgey mcjudgerson. Katie straightened little Princess Tiamii's gorgeous blond curls with what I'll assume was a hot iron. Princess Tiamii is two. Her hair is naturally like gossamer angel wings, why straighten it with damaging tools?

Look Katie, I'm trying really hard to not judge your parenting skills but I really sense you really love getting your ex-husband Peter Andre really worked up over these 'little' things. Peter is quoted saying that he had to get Princess Tiamii's hair cut over the Christmas holidays because it was so damaged and that's scary. A two year old shouldn't have damaged hair from what sounds like over-processing / over-styling. When I watch Toddlers & Tiaras (oh yes I do), I cringe while watching toddlers get extreme back combs but most of those kids wear hair pieces anyway, saving their real locks from damage. Take notes Katie.

Oh my goodness, you know when I'm recommending another mom take advice from some of the psycho pageant moms featured on that show? I'm really setting the bar low.

But if Katie is doing these things just to infuriate her ex-husband, that's really sad and immature. I know this behaviour is rampant in divorces but still: think of the children and start behaving like an adult. Though I guess these 'little' things are better than Katie getting Princess Tiamii a tattoo or breast implants.

I can't believe I wrote this entire post without remarking 'what's the deal with that child's name?'


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katie (aka motherbumper) sometimes appears on her own blog but not as often as she should.

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Amen. And, gross. I wonder if she colored that poor baby's hair?
Sick, sick, sick!

Apryl's Antics

Haha. I thought you were calling her "Princess" because of the way her mom dressed her up. I had no idea it was her name until the end. Could be I'm stupid or that I'm just incredulous.

katie | motherbumper

@AprylsAntics - DUDE, the name: I KNOW.

Suzy Q

I have NO IDEA who this person is. Ignorance is bliss!


That poor, poor child does not stand a damn chance.


Just a note: I was actually more upset about the false eyelashes that could have caused an eye infection to that little girl because I'm sure they were NOT sterile. The hair thing doesn't upset me as much. Why? Because 1.) hair is already dead so you can't kill it & it grows back. 2.) hair can't become infected and cause a medical issue. 3.) if you use a tourmaline ceramic flat-iron (which I'm positive she did, I just am - I can tell by looking at the shine) then it actually makes the hair "healthier" by infusing negative ions. 4.) You can use a heat protectant for the hair shaft. The only thing about this that upsets me is she could have possibly burnt Princess's scalp and that could have become infected. So actually, I think both offenses are just as offensive as each other. She is too young for all of this. And I think you are right...she may be using the child as a tool to upset the dad. It's a pity.

katie | motherbumper

@Maria -- good point on the eyelash application, I wasn't really thinking about how they were staying on. GAH. It just makes me sad when I see children being used as pawns and I think that is the case here. Very sad.


"Celebrities" (why is this tart famous??) might need a baby naming review panel. Twenty years from now we'll be swarming with Apples, Princesses and Princes. Ugh.

Jurgen Nation

Oh, wow, that poor kid. As Zakary writes above, she doesn't stand a chance. How are the child's eyes even able to stay open with those eyelashes?
Why are celebrities treating children like tacky accessories?


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