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Johnny Depp Just Lost All His Sexy Points With Me

Johnny_depp  Because, no matter how dreamy he may be, there's nothing sexy about a rape apologist.

In an interview with The Independent, Depp was reticent to talk politics, yet had no qualms about offering his opinions on the case of Roman Polanski, with whom he worked on The Ninth Gate (a terrible movie despite the fact that Polanski is apparently a directorial god). Here's what he had to say:

"[Polanski] is not a predator. He's 75 or 76 years old. He has got two beautiful kids, he has got a wife that he has been with for a long, long time. He is not out on the street."

Roman_polanski_johnny_depp_the_ninth_gate_001  Well, Johnny, thanks for dropping some logic on all us simpletons. I guess only young, single men who are "out on the street" are a threat to society. Certainly men with money, homes, wives and beautiful children never rape women—or even beautiful children.

Or maybe Johnny meant to imply, given his advanced age, that Polanski is incapable of raping anymore? Well, then I guess if people are no longer physically capable of repeating crimes they committed decades earlier when they were more spry, that they should be let off the hook decades later simply because they're no longer a threat to society.

Am I surprised Depp defended Polanski? Not especially, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. It seems no one in Hollywood who has worked with the director wants to believe that they chose to do business with a child rapist. Whatever helps y'all sleep at night.


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Fairly Odd Mother

Oh, wah!!!! I heart Johnny Depp and all his brooding crazy, but it's sickening that he'd support a rapist whose gotten away with it all these years. I may still lust after JD, but I'll punch him in the face at the end of my fantasies.


Well, this pretty much confirms my suspicion that---no matter how good an actor he is, and I will probably always think Captain Jack Sparrow is hilarious--Johnny Depp is a greasy sleaze of a guy in some ways. I have never really enjoyed any interviews he's given; his personality is never as dynamic as any of his characters.


Well, shucks...I guess nobody told my mom's dad that he shouldn't have molested me. After all: he was older, had money, homes, a wife "for a long, long time," kids, and grandkids. No sirree...guess he shouldn't have done it.

Johnny, why did you have to go and be an ignorant jackass?


Urghhhh... I wonder what Johnny's opinion would be if my mailman did the same thing and was now 75? Oh, that's right, he wouldn't have an opinion, because my mailman never made a film.

Scout's Honor

Yep, his sexy points account just went to zero.

Sad that a father cannot see justice is needed even decades after. A message needs to be sent that raping a child is always wrong even if you are very rich and famous and have the ability to flee prosecution.

Johnny? You are officially on mt shit list.

Julie @ The Mom Slant

What FOM said. I'd still take a turn with him, but then I'd take him out.


I don't see a defense of Polanski or his actions at all. I see a disagreement over the term predator. Do I agree with his definition? No. But I don't think this one quote is enough to skewer him forever.

In the video we don't hear the original question asked. We do hear another reporter bringing up the lies told to get Polanski back in the country so he could be arrested. He could have intended his response to be along the lines of "why do you all care about all of this now and not before?" He even admits his own confusion.

Wow this sounds like a hard core defense against the guy and I don't mean it to be. I just feel like everybody is jumping onto the "let's get him!" bandwagon without enough information.

But again, I didn't really care when Christian Bale got all f-bomby with his DP during the filming of Terminator either. Any good DP knows not to walk through a shot!

PS. NOT defending Polanski at all. That guy is gross and has issues. (Just had to put that in there in case there were any questions about my stance on the rape issue)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

That is so disappointing.


Apryl's Antics

You can ignore crimes against humanity as long as there is brilliance. Just ask Woody Allen.

Kari Weber

I agree with Erin, it wasn't JD that dd the raping, seems a bit much to jump on the we hate you forever band wagon when we hear this...
I agree that Polanski should be skewered on a poison tipped spear, but but not my JD...

Amanda B

He has been photographed wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt and I'm sure he's not entirely aware of all that Che did either. He (Che) did many inhumane, abhorrent things in the name of revolution. Before you wear a historical figure on a t-shirt you really should do at least a little research.

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