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Johnny Weir Skates His Corseted, Spandexed Self Into My Heart

Johnny-weir-vancouver I have to admit I haven't been following the career of Johnny Weir very carefully, although it's been on my list of things to learn more about, along with Kierkegaard and flossing.

But after seeing him skate and reading about his exploits in Vancouver I've become a real, fawning, psychotic fan. What what other skater (male or female) arrives at the rink with a Balenciaga handbag? And then tops that by taking to the ice in a black sequined bodysuit with a pink corset and feathers? Forget about spins and triple-Lutzes -- for his next trick I want to see Johnny climb onto the judge's table in his tighty-whities and a pair of Louboutins. Holla!

Then there was this interview my future BFF gave on Tuesday after his performance in the short program, where he talks about calming his nerves by doing a little dusting. "I was nervous last night. So I Pledged [as in Lemon Pledge] everything in my room," he says. "Some people eat, some people drink – but I Pledge everything." 

And all that cleaning can really tire a girl out, so Weir let off some steam in the same way all of us do. "[My roommate] stayed away all day today so I could run around naked and watch Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Do I love this man? You bet I do. Has he knocked flossing off my list? You bet he has. Do I care if my teeth rot and fall out of my mouth? Not if I can hang out with Johnny and his fabulous handbag.

Johnny, call me.


. . . . .

sweatpantsmom thinks it takes a real man to wear a corset

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Snarky Amber

I love him. I want a pocket-sized Johnny Weir.


I love him because he has sent men's figure skating into a level 10 Gay Panic. Now they all have to skate to bullfighter music to prove their manliness. It's so cute.
Johnny skated really well the other night, actually. He won't place but at least he proved he's not all full of shit.


i am borderline obsessed with him. as of a week ago i really didn't know much about him and then i started watching "Be Good, Johnny Weir" on Sundance and i too felt he was my future BFF, regardless of whether he knows this or not.
he's funny and cute and he makes me Paula Abdul crazy where i say things like i wanna squeeze him until his head pops off so i can dangle him from my rear view mirror.
if you DO get in touch with him, pass my # along as well...
though im pretty sure any chance of friendship is now ruined by this comment which puts me at like stalker level 9.0


LOVE HIM. He's like the best parts of female figure skating (the bitchiness, the drama, the feathers and sequins) but he does man tricks. I can't get enough.

And his show? On Sundance? Oh holy cats. I am completely in love with him.

Washington "I Love Dick Button's Snarkiness" Cube

I saw the Sundance documentary about him, as well. He did one thing that really turned me off. He was ditching his lifetime coach, an older woman who had been working with him since he was five, I believe. For 15 years. He had one of his little "buddies" with him when he was getting ready to blow her out of the water, and there was a lot of prissy giggling going on between the two men while ignoring the coach (and it really made me want to slap his little hanger on who had no business being part of that.) I've seen this behavior before, and it's stupid and cruel. His coach showed a lot of dignity in her response to it.

Beyond that, if he needed a coach change to grow, then he knows best.

He is colorful. I love the Pledge story, which I hadn't heard, but can totally identify with. Is he a great competitive skater? No. Is he talented and artistic and does he have an evolving vision for his public persona? Absolutely. Will he make a wonderful show skater? Yes. Totally. I don't care if a skater can jump and twist four times in a row. Give me flow and beauty on ice.

Weir was one of the better skaters the other night. The other was that Austrian skating to William Tell who also did a lovely job incorporate grace and speed, while telling a story to the music.

P.S. In the Sundance documentary, Weir did show up in stilettos for a fashion shoot. He took a lot of heat for it, too. I wish he would skate wearing McQueen ten-inch pony hoof booties. People would be Lady Gaga for years if he did that.

Suzy Q

That's a tassel on his shoulder, not feathers. He had to switch from the outfit he was going to wear because PETA was having a cow about a little piece of fur.

He is awesomely fun to watch, both on the ice and in his show. He can come Pledge my apartment any time.

PS: His roommate is Tanith Belbin, the ice dancer.


He is better than the men or the women. He needs his own category!


Fo rill.


I vote for Johnny Weir to be the Official MamaPop Olympics Gay Boyfriend, so something along those lines that sounds less awkward. I LOVE HIM!!! Also: CRAZY HOT PICTURE!!!


I love him. He's beautiful. He's my one true love. <3


I think he's incredibly attractive in a really strange way. The best description I've read of his talent is that he's actually more naturally gifted than Evan whatshisface but doesn't really believe in his own athleticism.

Also, Be Good Johnny Weir just rocks.

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