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Little Miss Perfect: Pageant Parents Go Way Too Far

ThePageant When TLC released their series Toddlers to Tiaras, people were outraged by the exploitative actions of many of the parents on the show.  Well if you were one of that show's many protesters, wait until you see this.  I am horrified.


We TV has just released it's newest series: Little Miss Perfect.  The show follows several families as their daughters compete for the title of the same name.  Even more frightening than TLC's version, this series features more of the same: spray tanning, fake teeth, choking on hair spray moments.  Let's not even re-hash the quest to be perfect and what that must do to a small child.  The outfits are even more revealing as these families subject their kids to more sexualization, worse than anything I've ever seen.  

Does this look right to you?


How about this disgusting example:

Little girl, dressed in a red riding outfit, chased by an adult in a big bad wolf costume.  Not that horrible, until she strips off a layer and they started grinding on each other and end with her riding him. The judges and audience cheer and laugh.

What the hell?

Little girls are supposed to look like little girls. Little girls are supposed to be protected by the people that love them.  I don't buy this crap that "she loves it!" and "if she wants to quit, we'll quit." The parents that dream up such a horrible dance sequence or decide to spray tan their 6 year old need to be told: this isn't right.

. . . . .
Karen Sugarpants is outraged by selfish pageant parents.

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Even if the child does "love it" as much as the parents profess (something I find very hard to believe, given the attitudes of most of the contestants), how hard is it for them to get through their skulls that they are the PARENTS? You know, the ones who are supposed to have some shred of common sense because they are grown-ass adults who can understand how inappropriately sexualized these children are, even if the kids can't. It turns my stomach to watch these routines, and these are not my children. What is wrong with these adults that they can watch their daughters do these competitions without becoming physically ill? It is NEVER OK to put your child under that level of inappropriate physical scrutiny. It is, in fact, disgusting.




Thank you for that "Little Miss Sunshine" picture. Reminding us how little girls are SUPPOSED to look in bathing suits!
People can defend pageants all they want but the time when they were useful and really rewarded accomplishments is long past. By about 100 years or so.


It makes me sick and I fully consider it child abuse. Disgusting.

Maria @BOREDmommy

Disgusting. What the hell kind of parent is ok with this? Why are they not fighting for their child's innocence? Ever adult in that room needs their ass kicked for not doing something about it. Gross.


That's just uncomfortable to watch - I can't imagine what this poor girl's parents are thinking.

Then again, this is the same child they show in the previews where her mother and grand-mother are constantly giving her lots and lots of sugar to keep her up and awake and bouncing. HOW is this normal?

My daughter has been in a pageant twice (we do the local pageant once a year but for other reasons, like supporting our little community) but it's NOTHING like these national pageants. I don't understand the appeal or the pressure these parents put on their children. It's horrible and disgusting - where's social services for the pageant moms and dads like this?

Accidental Housewife

I'm with Katie with the whole "She loves it" thing. SO WHAT?! Kids "love" a hell of a lot of stuff that is dangerous/unhealthy for them, which is why it's our job as PARENTS to protect them since they don't know any better. Afterall, my four year old LOVES makeup. That doesn't mean I let her out of the house like that. She LOVES jumping off of things. That doesn't mean I provide her with a ladder and access to the roof!

Tricia Honea

I can barely get my kid to brush his teeth and shower regularly. Let alone sit still. Perhaps they should give their child some positive attention at home so they don't go searching for it elsewhere.

Of course they "love" it. It's attention. What little kid pushes that away.


Lotus is right. This is child abuse plain and simple. I might just have the flu, but I feel pretty nauseas after reading this.


my kids love Skittles for breakfast, XBOX 24 hours a day, wearing flipflops in the snow and staying up all night. This is why they have parents. Because they would kill themselves otherwise.


Yup, this is disgusting. Definitely makes me feel sick to my stomach.


unfortunately, this is not "little miss perfect" 's first season. oh no. the crazy is not new.


unfortunately, this is not "little miss perfect" 's first season. oh no. the crazy is not new.


the humping an adult makes me die.

Suzy Q

Thre is no way I can watch that video as you describe it. Too close to home.


Stomach is lurching without even clicking on the link...I'm assuming it's the clip that aired on The Soup last week. Sooo sick and wrong. I remember seeing another clip on The Soup awhile back...where one of the moms (or maybe a judge?) was commenting on the little ones wearing thongs. BLECH!

With this kind of sexualization, is it any wonder that child sex trafficking/porn/abuse is so rampant?!? IMO, the moms that are involved with this must be chasing after their own, never-achieved dreams. And the dads involved in this? Uhhhh...I wouldn't leave my kids alone with such a dad.


What the FUCK?! You'd think that the pageant circuit would be SUPER AWARE of pedophiles, but they let the little girl ride the wolf as a 'talent'? What the FUCK.

Fawn Amber

Agreed with all.

And how cute is Abigail Breslin in that pic? I just want to hug her. So sweet.


That makes me physically ill. I agree with everything everyone has said. I also remember several years ago when a huge pedophile ring was busted in Europe that many of the adults claimed the same thing about children as young as two, "They love it and it gives them pleasure so why is it wrong?" Vomit.

Oh and the still photo is known as making them look like dolls or something and is completely photo-shopped.


I was watching last week and they give those poor girls pixie sticks and mountain dew to keep them energized. Gross.

Snarky Amber

Wow. That made me feel physically ill.


Ditto on the physically ill. I have a five year old daughter, and absolutely no way in hell would I EVER do anything like this for/with/whatever her. I seriously question the judgment of these "parents." I mean, I may be on the "conservative" side - I only buy one piece bathing suits for her and she doesn't have her ears pierced yet - but this is child abuse, plain and simple.

Another Suburban Mom

I have to admit that these shows kind of fascinate me the way any train wreck would. I also am amazed at how the parents get the kids to sit still for all the cosmetics and stuff. My three year old has a tizzy shitfit if I comb her hair. I could not imagine her sitting still for the rest of the stuff.


I can't watch the video. I am afraid my click will be counted by tlc as no such thing as bad publicity. Is the girl with the red head scarf real?? She looks like a Russian nesting doll.



I agree with all of the above comments - it's SICK and anyone involved should indeed get their asses kicked hard. The enthusiasm of the judges pisses me off even more...What makes me wonder is - how is this even legal? Furthermore, how can it be legal on such a commercialised level?? Go do beauty pageants using inflatable dolls, they will be much more co-operative and appropriate for the purpose.


The adult in the wolf costume is actually the little girls Mom. Not that it makes it any better. But at least it's not a man. I watch these shows because they are very train-wrecky. But really, what ARE they thinking?


You know what else kids love? Eating ice cream at midnight. Watching R rated movies. Being mean to other kids. Playing instead of working. Fuck what they enjoy. Just because children enjoy something doesn't make it right or justify the parents allowing them to do it. It's really sickening and I'd like to remove all the children from the room and Van Damme the shit out of all of them.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

What the...?




I always wanted a boy and I'm glad I got one, but this post makes me just a *little* sad that I don't have a daughter. Because if I did, I'd raise her to be a super bad ass ninja (but only if she really wanted to, which of course she WOULD because who doesn't want to be a super bad ass ninja?) and I'd release her on the stage at one of these events and let her go all apeshit on the judges and the parents and the audience, and then she'd lasso all the girls and drag them to beauty pageant detox and then she'd train them to be super bad ass ninjas like herself and they'd start an army and go after all the evil people who put them in those stupid dresses and bathing suits.

MY daughter would be AWESOME.


It's just freaking wrong. You know if that video was posted somewhere else than for a reality TV show, it would get turned over to the authorities to hunt down the ass who created it. But now it's supposed to be considered entertainment.

As the mom to two little girls, it makes me want to vomit. Truly.

Fairly Odd Mother

I can't figure out TLC's motive in running these shows---are they trying to point out how ridiculous and abusive they are to kids? Are they trying to glorify them? I'm not sure how anyone can even work on this show without trying to scoop up these kids and get them away from the parents. It's really, really sickening and sad and makes me fear for how far things are going to be pushed before someone stops the madness.


I did competitive baton twirling when I was a kid (roughly age 6-14) and also dance recitals--my mom threw a fit when one instructor wanted us to wear kiddie fishnets and an outfit that seriously looked (in retrospect) like Fredricks does Moulin Rouge complete with feather in the hair and faux-bodice lacing. It was a fricking tap class and I think I was maybe 8. It felt good to see my mom get so mad on my behalf because there was no way I was wearing something that trashy (yes, at 8 I thought it looked trashy).

We did have insane makeup for the baton twirling, but our instructor made sure they covered everything, were somewhat modest, and our hair was simply pulled into a tight bun so it didn't get in our face when we were trying to catch a baton.

I do remember seeing little girls in the Miss Majorette category doing the shamtzy kiss and wave with giant curls and mascara (our makeup was Mimi blue eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick, but no mascara). My sister and I always felt bad for them, it seemed like a waste to "compete" in walking, waving, and turning in a circle compared to how high you could throw a baton and do actual tricks that required serious skill.


Honestly how crazy ARE these parents?! When these little girls grow up they are going to have some serious issues on image and what is considered "true beauty".


Um, does anyone else see this as a breeding ground for pedophiles? And people worry about putting pictures of their kids online? This is nuts.


It is not called Toddlers to Tiaras, it is Toddlers & Tiaras.

Deanne Willams


Deanne Willams


shocked disgusted

We censor and bleep everything else, how the h_ll did this get through?!!!!

I'm far from puritanical, but this show 100% promotes the wrong kind of thinking Sick. What's wrong with the parents? I'd rather listen to exploitive music, rap or rock than see something like this on the screen.


the girl in red Photo why would you put up a childs photo if you against pageants when you your self are doing what you are upset about and I know for one you do not have the mothers permission an I have forward you name and the site to Her have a great DAY go steal other girls Photos

Appalled Mother

I didnt get to view the video, it wouldn't let me. But reading the description was enough for me. I have always hated child pageants, it disgusts me how they make their little children dress like 20 year olds!! Aren't they worried about pedophiles? Parents are supposed to keep their young girls away from makeup and skimpy clothes, but these mothers encourage it! It is simply appalling and irresponsible.

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