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Michael Vick Makes Atlanta Mad Again. No Dogs Senselessly Mutilated This Time.

1michael_vickLiving in Atlanta and loving football, few were more disappointed than I about the news of Michael Vick dabbling in puppy torture. It was way more upsetting than when a woman alleged Vick gave her herpes while operating under the pseudonym "Ron Mexico" (that was actually pretty funny) or when they found pot in his magic water bottle (that was pretty funny, too).

I'm sorry, but I'm not over it.  Not because he ripped out my still-beating, Falcon-bleeding heart from my chest, threw it on the pavement and clogged on it like a wildly possessed Lord of the Dance. It's not that at all. It is that he tortured innocent animals for sport, and more importantly, for nothing more than his own personal amusement


So what's Mr. Mexico done now?

In a recent interview on 790 AM The Zone, Vick admitted to "complacency" and being "lazy" during his tenure as the Atlanta Falcons franchise quarterback. He said he "accepted mediocrity" and regretted not trying harder.

"Just imagine what I could have been doing if I really would have been applying myself. That's a regret I have."

Ahhhh... I'm also a little weepy about your sadness over your squandered opportunity. Yes... let's walk down regret lane, shall we? Now that I think about it, your head really wasn't in the game. What were you doing? Oh, that's right. You were masterminding, funding and operating a major criminal operation while drowning puppies that were of no use to you. That's a full dance-card, for sure. I mean, how can you electrocute helpless animals for fun and lead your team to a Super Bowl? Michael can't do everything.

As far as Michael's "on the field" complacency, I forgive him for being a young player who (like many young players) thought he knew it all and was doing everything right. I'm not outraged, nor do I care. However, I'm still hung up on that puppy torture thing. I just can't shake it.

VickMichaelmugshot Proponents of Michael Vick say he paid his debt to society, "get over it", "just dogs", that he deserved his chance to play football again. Oh. What fabulous news for all those in prison currently serving a sentence for a major felony. They'll be delighted to know that once they're released from prison, they'll have an opportunity to get their old jobs back while thousands cheer their path to rehabilitation.

By the way, what is your company's policy on hiring or re-hiring felons convicted of sitting atop an organized crime ring?  Mine typically frowns on it. If the NFL adopted a similar policy to most major corporations, there wouldn't even be a debate.

Let's call this what it is: Another case of a high profile entertainer getting a break because of his talent for doing something we enjoy watching. If not, where's the vehement support for Purnell Peace (Vick's cohort)? He had a similar upbringing and background as Vick. Why is no one screaming for his right to redemption? Huh.

Michael Vick's talent and marketable skills are the only reason he's been given a second chance, nothing more. The issue isn't about criminal rights or society's willingness or unwillingness to forgive. If he couldn't throw a football or run fast, no one would give a shit what happened to him.

For those who say this is about race, for some, yes. And it's sad the debate is often reduced to this. For me, this could be Peyton Manning, Yao Ming, George Lopez, Running Fox, Sanjay Gupta, Vladimir Klitschko, Carrot Top or my own father and my opinion would be no different. Would yours? 

And for those who say, "What about all the other sports stars who have committed crimes against humans and still get to play?"  Yep. It's disgusting.  When will these sports organizations stop allowing it? When we stop allowing them to allow it.

Does Michael Vick now look at animals with nothing but love and compassion?  Does he think back on the atrocities he committed and cry himself to sleep every night? (If I knew that for a fact, I might feel differently.) Or is he just going through the motions and following the celebrity PR playbook to the letter? 

I guess that would be a question for his publicist (a former White House aide under George Bush) and the team of public relations experts hired for the purpose of re-branding Vick upon his release from federal prison. They won't lie to you, for sure. PR companies are nothing if not enveloped in truthiness.  I bet they'd be happy to explain the real strategy change-of-heart behind Mr. Mexico's rehabilitation. From what I've seen so far, everything he's done and said (since serving his sentence) has been nothing more than a desperate attempt to recover his dwindling millions.

In Michael Vick's new BET documentary The Michael Vick Project, you can more closely follow his progress and listen to his own accounts of growing up poor and being drawn to dog-fighting. "Gravitated" is the word he used. Sounds fantastic, but I think I'll take a pass. I'm pretty sure it's on the same night I'd rather lick my entire ceiling.


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Apryl's Antics

I might feel differently if he donated all of his income, sans what he needed to survive comfortably, to animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Now I just have this crazy image of you in my head standing on a ladder licking you ceiling.

Jen O.

There is no portion of my brain that will allow for forgiveness for this. None. This wasn't an isolated incident and, in my mind, makes him a disgusting human being. No excuses.

Sarah @ TM2TS

My husband tried to justify him still trying to play by the fact that "he has bills to pay." I looked him in the eye and went "so, if he had abused and/or murdered people, he should still be able to play because 'he has bills to pay'?" He tried to give me this half-assed answer of "it's not the same thing".

To me, abusing an animal is the same thing as abusing a child. Neither have the ability to stop you from doing so. A child, at least, has one thing in their favor: bruises and scars show, and they can actually tell someone about what is happening. A dog never gets that chance, no animal does.


I want to be forgiving and admit that he's "paid his debt." I also want to believe that he deserves a second chance.

Anyone who enjoys torturing living things and watching them die is not okay. Just because you're sorry that you got caught doesn't make you better now.

Devon W.

I've asked my bf why Vick is still allowed to play in the NFL. His response was, "Because he's a good football player". It amazes me that more aren't calling for his immediate ban from sports. It amazes me that he can return to his 'old job' unscathed. Take dope, though, and you're OUT.

Fairly Odd Mother

I think the exalted status we place on sports stars--whether it be little league, varsity, college,or professional---is bizarre and totally fucked up. What does this tell other kids who are playing sports? It says, if you are good at doing what you do (catch a ball, hit a puck, make 3-pointers, etc), you can getting away with any shit you want. Makes me sick.


I love this post so much.

Allison Zapata

Micheal Vick is a piece of shit, plain and simple. The fact that he is blaming this on the way he grew up is laughable. You are either born with a "sensitivity chip" or not. Someone who is capable of watching ANY living thing suffer is a rotten egg and disgusting excuse for a human being. He should have peanut butter smeared all over his genitals and be thrown in a locked room with 400 rabid pit bulls. That's some entertainment I could get behind.

Apryl's Antics

I hope I didn't give the impression I'd forgive him. I think he should be slathered in bacon grease, cooked on a giant skillet, sliced real thin, wrapped around a nice filet mignon, and served on some fine china to all of the dogs who remain alive today, no thanks to him.



Allison Zapata

"cooked on a giant skillet"

LMFAO *mental image*


This is filled to the brim with trooth sauce.


Amen MayoPie. You said that perfectly.

Fawn Amber

Love and agree with all. I am a HUGE football fan but this whole thing makes me nauseous. I will never support a team he plays for. God help me if he should ever get drafted by my Colts.


I really want to believe that the system is supposed to treat all offenders equally, and that the whole point is rehabilitation.. but.. It is obvious that because of his damn ball throwing skills and millions he got off super light for a major offense. He should never be allowed to play or get paid by the NFL again. He should have to find a job that will take his ex-con a$$ like the rest of the ex-cons.
Yeah, I'm still pretty angry, too, it seems.


I think that anyone who ties this into racism is really disrepecting people who happen to look like Michael Vick who come from poor backgrounds who did NOT choose the dog-fighting, puppy killing, dog-rape-stand-owning crime syndicate life style. He didn't make that choice because of how he looks or where he's from. He made that choice because it's what he wanted.

And now someone gave him a TV show for making that choice. That is sick and disgusting. You can be damn sure it won't be on my DVR or TV. And if I was so inclined to follow his team I'd quit following just because they're allowing that deviant to play.

He's not that good. No one is. And there are plenty of other star athletes that can kick ass without killing dogs. Bring one of them onto the field and send Michael Vick home like a beat down dog with his tail between his legs.

Dude fires me up, and I'm not even a PETA member!!


Thanks for this. It was well said and sums up how I feel about the SOB perfectly.


Thank you so much for this post. It makes me sick that so many people have sort of said, meh, it's done with and are now supporting him on the football field. And when I saw a woman who had her two young sons in Vick jerseys at the grocery store the other day, I wanted to cry. I am going to stop typing now because the thought of him makes me get very stabby. And possibly I think someone needs to give him the same treatment he gave to those dogs.

Tina T.

Whenever I see/hear anything about this walking piece of human waste I think of the claw marks reported to be on the side of his pool made by the drowning dog fighting to live. Somethings cannot be undone. I will never view him as "redeemed" or "reformed". Totally agee with this article. Kudos.

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