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My Name Is Black Hockey Jesus And I'm A Grey's Anatomaholic

Chief This week's show opened with the Chief in an AA meeting and I've been to like a million AA meetings. You see there? It's like this post is a 5th Step and I'm telling you all my dirty little secrets. This is yet another example of the way Grey's Anatomy is a mirror held up to our lives. If we merely sit back and let it work, Grey's Anatomy teaches us how to live in the world, like an over eager sponsor, always there, every Thursday, ready to help.

The Chief, in an AA meeting mind you, is discussing the addictive nature of surgery. He talks about how difficult it is for a young surgeon to navigate his or her lust for surgery, that it devours some of them. It devoured him.

But don't cry for Richard. He was fired from his position of being Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace but, today, he's 45 days sober and he's a grateful recovering alcoholic. (Note: it's tough to discern if he's genuinely grateful or not. The peer pressure in 12 Step meetings to be "grateful" is nerve shattering, so a ton of people just say "I'm grateful... BAWK... I'm grateful" like annoying little parrots but I'm digressing).

So the Old Chief leaves the AA meeting, probably not without being heckled for not going to Denny's and drinking coffee half the night (fellowshipping), to see the New Chief about getting his job back. "Nothing doing," the New Chief tells him, "For you see, there's still a huge stigma attached to drunks. Seattle Grace's arms are wide open to all kinds of races, religions, creeds, fringe types, and multiple forms of retardation. And don't even try the gay card because, hell, half our staff is gay. But we're not quite ready to embrace someone with substance abuse in his past."

"Fuck." Richard replies (I'm paraphrasing - my son deleted the show off the DVR and I only have a couple notes.)

But then New Chief offers Old Chief a job (beneath him, with a smirk) and Old Chief says "Are you fucking kidding me? Kiss my ass." But then New Chief says "Well, okay, but today is Lecture Day. How about giving us an inspiring lecture? Like, a goodbye speech?" and Old Chief says "Cool".

We, the audience, are all in the same boat. We're like "What the hell is Lecture Day?" but that's how Grey's Anatomy gets you. Before the first commercial, there's a hook in your mouth and you're a stupid fish who thought free worms just floated through the water.

So then there's a collage of 3 lectures, by Miranda, Callie, and Old Chief, and all of them form a thematic collective that expresses the way a surgeon can survive their addiction to surgery without succumbing to it. Ironically enough, these mini lessons all serve to reinforce the Secret Power found in all 12 Step programs - the only thing against which no addiction can possibly win (and no it's not GOD, suckas. You can call it GOD if you want. Go read Ch. 2).

Aa_fin Briefly, Miranda gives a lecture about her first days of being an intern and how important Old Chief was in terms of her development. She couldn't have done it without him. Then Callie tells her story about fixing the most fucked up pair of legs you've ever seen but getting all kinds of help and inspiration from Alex. Finally, the Old Chief tells his story about how Ellis Grey inspired him to be the best he could be.

"You don't realize how much you learn from each other." Old Chief tells his old staff, blurring the distinction between Lecture Day and Alcoholics Anonymous.

In a world where we're taught to pull ourselves up by our boot straps, where communism and socialism are scoffed at by the American ideal of rugged individualism, Old Chief spills the AA secret: you can't do it alone. You're interdependent. You need each other. Indeed, you'll never make it without each other.

And so it goes with us, MamaPop Reader. For what is MamaPop without you? Without the reader? I'll tell you what. A bunch of loud mouths spewing their opinions to each other. Which we do. And it's kind of fun. But it's a lot MORE fun with you along for the ride, precious reader. We need you. One day at a time. Keep it simple. It works if you work it. Let go and let God. We're grateful for you. Etc.

. . . . .
BHJ scored his wife by 13th Stepping a newcomer.

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YOu know the difference between an alcoholic and a drunk?
Alcoholics have to go to all those annoying meetings.

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