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New Chuck Trailer to Herald Its Return

ChucksarahYeah you read that title right, guys! There's an all-new, all-great trailer for the rest of Chuck season 3 out now. And it's here. Right here. As in you can watch it in just a second. Fair warning I suppose you could say this spoils some stuff, since it is made up of Things You Haven't Seen Yet. Let's watch it and then talk!

Oh my lord, I do love me some Chuck. I'm not sure how alone I am in that, so you guys should speak up and tell me. I mean I adore this show. Does it have flaws? Plenty. But I can't help it. I adore it. Love it to tiny bits.

So what did we just watch? Well, Chuck getting his Kung-Fu on some more, stealth bombers bombing, people in towels! And that would be a great thing and exciting if it wasn't for what came next.


It also features a bunch of Buy More antics (Viva, Buymoria!), which have been few and far between so far this season and a goodly amount of Casey breaking heads. Of course then there's the end. That final moment.

Monday can not come fast enough!

So who's with me? How much love is there for Chuck in the room? What have you thought of the season so far and where do you think it's going? Let's talk some Chuck around the campfire while we bask in the glory that is the rest of Season Three.

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Clark Kent's Lunchbox

My life is now complete again. Everything will be's alright again March 1st; won't it, Precious?


SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I heart Chuck with glitter and pink puffy hearts and unicorns. It's all over my trapper keeper. Jacki + Chuck = 4evah!
Can you, will you please oh pretty please with cherry on top do a Chuck recap? It would make me whole.

Adam P. Knave

I wish I could recap it but I often can't get to watch the show the same night, and sometimes not even the same week as it airs. If you were willing to wait for a Weds recap of a Monday show? Maybe? I could ask, if more people want it...


Ooh ooh! Me too! Me too! Me too!!!!

What do you mean, though, when you say it has these things called "flaws?" I don't understand.

Adam P. Knave

Chuck has at least one big plot hole per week. It really does. And I'm sorry about that but... there it is. *sigh* Doesn't make me love it less, though!


I also luv me some Chuck. I am really enjoying BR (fanmom squeee) too bad he's a bad guy (spoiler?!?) more towel scenes!

Adam P. Knave

While we don't know for sure where Shaw fits, he might be a bad guy he might be a good guy and we all have theories (if you have hard fact one way or the other DON'T SPOIL US PLEASE) it's gonna be a blast to find out.

Kim S.


And I would love a Chuck recap. While watching Chuck I have been known to titter and squee and sigh and pine, and that is just over the writing. Don't get me started on the eye candy that is all over that show.

Watching Chuck is a little slice of heaven on earth.

Adam P. Knave

I will see what I can do about a Chuck recap but again it wouldn't be until Weds, probably, or late Tues... that still ok?


Wednesdays would be fine for me because I have WoW raids on Mondays and Tuesdays anyway.



EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I love Chuck SO SO SO much. LOVE!!! As much as I love the olympics I'm so excited that we'll be back to my normal teevee next week...

Adam P. Knave

HOORAY! Yeah I have been a bit "Yes yes you can skate, WHERE'S MAH CHUCK!" I admit...


Even my kids have been nagging me about when it is coming back. The level of excitement in my home for Monday is unreasonably high.

Adam P. Knave

That's awesome!


Heck yah! CHUCK! Wooooo!



I would love a recap also and don't matter how late it is really because I don't usually watch the episode until the following weekend.

OMG, the Chuck/Sarah thing is killing me! I want to whack Sarah over the head and tell her to just go for it already!!!

Adam P. Knave

She's been through a lot. Give it time... *laugh*


I'm all for a Chuck recap and the farther away from Monday it is the more it balances the Chuck-less expanse of the rest of the week.

robyn g

Oh, Chuck completely rocks my socks. I, too, would love a recap. I'd also love to write a recap. Just sayin'.



I agree a Chuck recap is a must no matter what day of the week it comes! Besides the more people know about Chuck then maybe the better chance it has of surviving!


I love Chuck!

We turned off our cable a few months ago. Now, every Tuesday night I am glued to the computer watching my Chuck on hulu. My kids have learned to play nicely in the other room while mommy watches Chuck.


How I know I love Chuck: every single week, when it's over, I want more!

Adam P. Knave

That's always a good sign.


I too, love Chuck, and usually watch it online the next day or even the day after, so I'm totally cool with (and stoked for) a late update! :)
Besides, the Grey's recaps don't always go up on time either :P

Adam P. Knave

All right! Starting MArch 3rd, Weds @ noon shall be the Chuck Recap! What should I call it? "What the Chuck" maybe...


Woo hoo for the addition of a Chuck recap! That's all kinds of awesome. As in Captain Awesome-awesome.


I like that Chuck brings the funny, the action, and the romance, all in one hour. Also, how bad ass was last season's finale?

Adam P. Knave

OH the last 6 or so episodes of Season 2 are still the high water mark for the show. One I hope they challenge this year.


I love me some Chuck. Wrote NBC to beg they bring it back for season 3, and agonized all season until it finally premiered last month. That was just WAY too long without Casey!!! Can't wait for Monday...or for your recaps (whenever it occurs).

Adam P. Knave

Recap should be live noon on Weds! Can't wait for Monday, myself!


Chuck is the first (and so far, only) show that I actually hand wrote letters to the network to try and help save. So far, season 3 has not disappointed. :-)

My only complaint isn't even aimed at the show, but at the fanatical shippers who went APESHIT over Chuck and Sarah both "moving on" to other people at the end of the last episode. Hello, there's a reason those actors are "guest stars," it's because they won't be around all season. It's all about the story arc, can't wait to see what they've got in store for the remaining episodes. (and Yay for recaps!)

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