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Oh, Ewan McGregor, Why You?

Ewan-mcgregor I have had a pretty substantial crush on Ewan McGregor for years, ever since I watched his documentary "Long Way Round." Oh, and he also says impossibly fantastic things about his wife and family. Who doesn't find that uber-sexy? But then he recently went on Good Morning America to promote his new film (Roman Polanski's "The Ghost Writer") and had only this to say about Polanski's rape case: "It has nothing to do with me. It's none of my business."

Roman-polanski Well, of course it has nothing to do with you, no-one thinks you were involved, but that doesn't mean it's none of your business, especially if you're working with the guy. Now, I'm all for separating the man from the movie, the person from the talent, but there are certain things (why is this such a hard point to agree on?) that make it a little hard to support someone's work and I think "drugging and raping a 13 year old and then going years and years and years without having to do a single moment of time" falls safely into that category. Call me old-fashioned or something. 

To take such a neutral stance on such a non-neutral issue isn't really all that neutral, you know? McGregror is saying what he did is fine, even if he's not saying that at all because he's OK enough to work with him and then make Switzerland-like comments to the press. God, in what other profession on this planet do people say, "It's none of my business what he did to a teenage girl because he's so talented! He's the best teacher there ever was, and let's let him continue to teach forever and ever." No. Never.

(And before you do anything else, read this ridiculously fantastic post by Amber and tell me how anyone can feel neutral about this?)

Oh, Ewan, you know what would make you really sexy? Speaking out on something so obviously wrong.

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Yeah. I think I'll walk on the safe side of this issue and not take a stance on drugging and raping children. Better to just be opinionless sometimes. Wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea, maybe think your against it and stuff.


Come on. He worked with the guy. He just made a movie which he is supposed to be promoting. What part of selling a movie includes totally trashing the guy who directed it? He may feel as strongly about it as the rest of us, but in what universe do we get to go around defaming our bosses without some very unpleasant consequences?

I'm in no way defending Roman Polanski, or not speaking out against rape. I'm just saying, in this circumstance, can you really blame McGregor? I mean, honestly, at least he didn't try to defend him like most of Polanski's friends have done. To me that does say something about what he thinks of the sleaze.


Maybe he just got put on the spot and forgot his wits???


'Cause I would really like to keep liking him, too.


Well, Alyssa, he worked with the guy, that's the point, and from that same interview seemed pretty thrilled to have done so. I don't think he would have taken the role if he thought of Roman what so many of us think.

Fawn Amber

OK, before I pass judgement, I need to know whether or not Ewan knew about what Polanski did to the 13 year old before or after he accepted the role, made the movie, etc. Because I am going to have to side with Alyssa on this one. My boss may be the biggest douche on the planet earth, but I am not going to publicly trash him now or later. That doesn't mean I agree with him or think his actions are acceptable. It simply means "this isn't my bad." It's not like he's campaigning for his acquittal or something. He is staying out of it. I cannot fault him for that.


I see your point, Amber, but I do have a very hard time thinking any actor wouldn't know of the Polanski case. I should have more clearly made my point that I'm surprised more by him TAKING the role than his neutral answers on Good Morning America.

(And I really have always liked Ewan McGregor.)


I think there are a lot of people who won't comment on something publicly that doesn't involve them. I think it's ridiculous that he was asked the question in the first place, you know?

That being said, I'm at least 4th or 5th in line to nutpunch Polanski.

samantha jo campen

That's like saying "I'm not involved with what Hitler did but MAN is he a talented guy!"

Sorry dude.


I hear ya, Jennie. It's not just that he refused to trash his boss--we all understand that--but his wording makes it seem like he doesn't think the rape of a 13 year old girl is a big deal, which it is. Could have been handled a whole lot better if he'd worded it differently. Rather than saying, "it has nothing to do with me" maybe he should have said, "You should ask Roman if you want to talk about that" "I'm here to talk about the movie" or even "I'm not going to trash talk my boss when I came to promote a movie--did you see how hot Kim Catrall is?" He, perhaps, needed a little better coaching.


I can get behind you on the not working with Polanski in the first place, Jennie. That seems like a topic for debate to me. But his comments on GMA seem to be what I would realistically expect someone to say in his situation.

Fawn Amber

I guess I'm still not understanding...if he took the role, made the movie and then somewhere in the aftermath found out about the rape then...why would he even be asked about it in the first place?

If Roman Polanski made this movie with Ewan AFTER the world knew about what he did, well, that's another story. That's just douchey. I don't care how brilliant a director the guy is, I wouldn't want to associate myself with him in any way.

I'm guessing it's the first case, rather than the latter, but I am much too lazy to construct a timeline. Ewan has always seemed like a stand-up guy and I just have to believe it's the first.


Sorry I can't dislike Ewan... He was doing his job. Maybe it wasn't the best choice of words but he truly is in a hard place... I guess he could have chosen not to work with him.. But then why stop at Ewan... There are plenty of actors that worked with Polanski since the incident happened and plenty of regular people that watch Frantic and the pianist. So that makes us just as guilty as Ewan.

Fawn Amber

OK, curiosity trumped laziness, and I researched...so this happened way back in 1978 or something and everyone knew about it...why are people still making movies with him anyway? It wasn't just this movie, it was also The Pianist and a few others. If we're going to criticize Ewan for working with the guy and then being unwilling to publicly trounce him, don't we have to do the same for the other actors who have worked with him since?

Apryl's Antics

I also hate Roman Polanski, but something Cel said does hit home. Why don't we give shit to ALL the actors who've worked with Polanski since his crime? This really isn't about how Ewan reacted to the question, since Johnny Depp gave a ridiculous answer, as well. It's about the decision to work with Polanski. It just goes to show that the secret society of Hollywood glitterati will protect each other to the bitter end if the chance of appearing in an award winning film hangs in the balance.


I have questioned (internally, externally) others who have chosen to work with him since but this is his latest movie and this is topical because it happened this week (the interview, at least), which is why I wrote about it.

For me, it's not EVEN that they think he's a talented director, but when you associate yourself so closely with someone like this, these questions are bound to come up and by taking such a neutral, politically correct stance when you answer them, it makes you (or, Ewan, in this instance) appear like he excuses what happened, even if he doesn't.

So, yeah, I'd question anyone who would prefer to work with someone regardless how good a director he might be because in doing so, situations like this come up and you may have to compromise what you feel is right in order to promote a movie.

Not to mention, the man shouldn't be making movies. He should be in jail.


Apryl, it's a good point, and definitely what I meant when I said in no other profession would this shit fly.


BTW, Ewan is known to be a ladies man here in Europe, despite being married. He was spotted with actress Mélanie Laurent last week, being..cozy. I know it's not the point of the article, still..


Jennie- I hope lots of people agree with you by not going to see this movie!! Clearly money talks louder than words in Hollywood.


Ewan and Charley are my make believe boyfriends.

I think Ewan is under contract not to comment on the case really. After the movie stuff is all done and gone we will hear his true opinion. Ewan is a good guy.


See, and here I don't think we should even care what he has to say about must of anything... Love him, think he's hot and ohsoyummy, but he gets paid to read lines other people have written. For a reason. I don't really expect my movie stars to have perfectly upstanding morals and ethics. I expect them to act well, or they piss me off. But otherwise I guess my expectations of them as role models or voices or reason are not exactly much to live up to.


I am right behind you, Jennie. My husband and I had a bug discussion last week on why I refure to see the new Alice in Wonderland, though I have been talking about it for months. And now this? Ewan??? I loved you! Big Fish is one of my favourite movies, and now it will never be the same. I personally refuse to see any of Roman Polanski's movies, and have sever reservations about the actors who have worked with him. Sure, he may be talented, but that excuses nothing. Allowing a rape to go unpunished, and even rewarding the rapist with billions in box office sales and an Oscar...this is a ridiculous situation that shouldn't even be up for debate. he should be in jail, and that should be it.


BIG discussion. not bug discussion. oops.


OK then, here goes... I think he reacted perfectly and if I were in his shoes I would have done the same. He took the job knowing full well of Polanski's past and acted accordingly when faced with a -let's admit it- rather unfitting question (in other words - why should he be expected to comment on this publicly? Because he is a celebrity and popular actor who worked with Polanski? Will his point of view change any of the past or Polanski's wrongdoings? What would be the best answer for him to supply??).


Katie, I honestly don't think it's an unfitting question. If you or anyone else were to take a job for a known rapist (of a child, nonetheless), I think it is perfectly acceptable during an interview for someone to ask, What do you think of his crime? What's your stance on what he did? When your boss is a rapist, you don't think working for him makes you seem OK with his crimes?


Not to mention, he should be in jail and wouldn't be allowed to manage anyone, let alone a movie set if he were. To ignore that as an actor, that this man should be in jail for raping a child and isn't in jail because he's famous is downright ridiculous, it just is.


Jennie, you have pinpointed the absurdity of the situation - this man should have been should have been thrown in prison to begin with! Is it McGregor's fault he wasn't? No. Then why not boycott the film altogether and refrain from interviewing its actors? Why engage them in 'friendly banter' on such serious topics? I'm trying to figure out what difference Ewan's opinion makes in all of this and what weight his opinion carries (I say NONE WHATSOEVER). As I said, we might just as well question the purpose of the interview altogether...


Nope. He answered the question perfectly. It's not his place to comment on it. You might be overdoing it on hating every actor that doesn't publicly stone the man.


Ewan is a professional actor. He gets paid to be in movies. Sure he is famous enough to be able to turn down roles and still make his mortgage payment, but a little controversy is good for the box office and publicity. Having the director of your upcoming movie under house arrest in Switzerland for a rape committed in 1978? Man, that's like GOLD to publicists!! Media!!!!

Sure he's not going to "comment" but will people be clamoring to interview him hoping for ANY "comment" non or otherwise? Sure!! Can he also promote the film and get his face on every channel?? Yes!!

This is a business. And if you are under some illusion that people make movies out of the pure goodness of their (ethical, principled) hearts just in order to entertain you --- well, then I probably shouldn't bring up Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny....


I just saw Moulin Rouge for the very first time this weekend, and I fell in love with Ewan.

You can't go taking him away from me so soon!!! I'm still in my honeymoon period.

I demand you take this down and repost it in a few months when I'm over my infatuation... Or, I mean, I politely request...

I shall pretend I never saw it. There. Solved.

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